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Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

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Founded in 1998, Clean Sheets is a magazine devoted to encouraging and publishing quality erotic fiction, poetry, and art, providing honest information and thoughtful commentary on sexuality, and fostering an ongoing discussion of sexuality in the lives of individuals and in a global society.

Adults Only

Naked In Antarctica - essay by Susannah Indigo

"There are many ways to uncover your true erotic nature and check in on just how brave your sensual, bohemian shadow self might be. Do you share your erotica reading habits openly with friends and family? Ever consider joining in on the Naked Bike Ride? How about a little non-sexual nudity for art's sake?"

Like Sisyphus at the Chateau Marmont - poetry by Alexis Rhone Fancher

"You lie. I believe. I submit, you deceive / My body turns to you like a dahlia seeks the sun / and then you run."

Lily in June - fiction by Alex Cioran

"Lily is on top of me, wearing sunlight in her hair. Her breasts are bouncing. What I like most is to see her breasts bouncing like this. The way the softness shutters. I also like her to press her breasts together, to squeeze them up and then let them fall. This, as she's moving on me, too. I'm simple in my tastes, and I'm glad for that. I don't need to have my balls squashed by high heels. I just love my wife's breasts."

words curling under, picking up speed - poetry by Martin Durkin

"waterfall of wet words falling in rush between your shoulder blades / down your spine, splashing off the tailbone of smooth pebbled skin / hitting the open air in a swirl at the mouth of an open cliff"

Remember - fiction by Kennedy True

" Even though you pretend you're not paying attention to me, you, of course, are. How could you not? How could you be in the same place as me, in the same house as me, in and out of the same room as me, and not? How could you look at me and not think about the way my throat used to feel when my mouth was full of you? "

A Rare Experience - poetry by Marina Kris

"It wasn't a lollipop or a Twinkie or a corndog / but my lips on the mouthpiece / of a three-fourths empty champagne bottle we snuck from the adult table."

Lily Lick's Love Signs - astrology

"If there was a land of Aquarians and you could go there, it would be a place where the men were men, the women were women, and all their partners in every conceivable combination were as satisfied as satisfied could be."

A Rare Experience - fiction by Annabel Eastland

"I opened the book to a random page and found myself gazing down at a line drawing of a naked woman with her legs spread wide open, her pussy obscured by the heads of three men leaning in for a good look. "

When I was a young girl - poetry by Cyndi Gacosta

"When I was a young girl I fell in love with another a girl of ten I never got to touch / so, from a bench, I watched with her laughter strung around / my heart."

The Plan - fiction by Felicity Clearwater

"Your eyes opened in surprise, and I watched them closely, as Laura came from the direction of my bedroom. She was wearing a shimmering summer dress and her feet were bare."

Treasure Trove - poetry by David Rutter

"One single drop Of your precious sex / Falls from my lips To lie Abandoned / On your taut skin"

Product Review: Tingletip - reviewed by Lily Lick

"This little device packs a pretty big punch in a very multiple orgasmic kind of way. "

Fish - Van Rijn (art) / Words by Annemarie Ryders

"I dreamed of fish, I say. I stare at the ceiling into the dim light. Tons of fish. They are unloaded on the beach. The buckets topple. Thousands of fish squirm above and beneath each other. They twitch, they thrash their tails. I am naked."

disrobing - fiction by Lady Dragonfly

"You wander naked into my bedroom where I wait for you, fully clothed, because I love the way you undress me slowly, unbuttoning button by button, unhooking hook by hook, lifting fabric and shifting things and leaving things on, then ripping them off in a moment of urgent passion as you realize that they really are in the way of your intentions."

a female thing - poetry by A. Lure

"She’s opium, an opening / of geranium petals / her hair incense sticks / her sex a bed of coals, a bowl of strawberries"

Feelings - fiction by Michael Bracken

"Perhaps Alan understands. He pauses to remove the babydoll so that I am naked and he can admire my body. I would not resist him even if I could, but I do not eat and I hardly weigh a thing, have no muscle tone and am easy to manipulate."

Three poems about cunnilingus - poetry by F. Michael LaRosa

"On these sheets is my truth of you / woman on top, man the starry eyed receptacle / his senses smothered in salted honey"

Strokes of Raw Sienna - fiction by Martha McKinley

"But had he ever acted on any of these urges...other than acting them out in our bedroom? For whatever reason, his fantasies turned me on. They were so absurd, and far from making me suspicious, when he brought them up in bed at night, I wanted to play along. I became the big-bosomed Aussie who smothered him with her tits, or the wide-assed African who yanked on his hose".

Encounter - fiction by Bluette Renard

"I am wearing heels and stockings, a short black dress which hugs my body. I am on my way to a dance. I adore women of a certain type-- this type. She is a female incarnation of James Dean. Jeans, white T-shirt, hair slicked back...a sensual curl to her lip, channeling Elvis. She's a townie. I'm a geek. I already want her."

Good Girls Don't Tease - fiction by Verity Blackthorn

""If the writing was especially titillating or if he was in a good mood, he'd spank her after this exchange. It gave her reason to reach for further depths of depravity." "

Porn on a Plane - poetry by J. Pierce

"Anonymous iPad porn / at 35,000 feet / 50 shades of / throat clearing"

All material in Clean Sheets is copyrighted
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