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Clean Sheets RSS Feed

Ocassionally we've received questions about when, if ever, we'd make available an RSS Feed for Clean Sheets. Clueless about what that might actually be, but thinking it sounded a bit like a power supply, we were often tempted to respond that we were, after all, a free site, and they should buy their own batteries for vibrators.

Turns out it's a fetish of a different sort, and that nearly every unedited vanity blogger finds it included in their basic software subscription, allowing friends, relatives, and attorneys for their divorcing spouse to effortlessly track postings and reward the very best with a clean printout and an evidence tag.

Figuring that we're at least as vain as any blogger out there, and carry a bit more actual content to boot, we've set up a feed url here:

Paste it into Thunderbird or your favorite RSS reader, and you should get the new stories from the table of contents each time we update. Puzzled by how to do this? For the most part, so are we -- fact is we practically stole the whole thing from our friends at Janes Guide. They, however, actually learned a bit about it before putting it in place, so there's a great explanation over there about getting started with RSS -- go take a look.

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