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Lily Lick's Love Signs -- ebook
Sex & Laughter
Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

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Keeping watch, twenty years later

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All book purchases made through this page using our new secure credit card processor, CCNow, will benefit Clean Sheets and help keep the magazine free to our readers. Please note that we no longer use Paypal, specifically because Paypal decided that we sell "obscene" items (erotic books!), and it is against their corporate policy to support sites that do so. All purchase prices include free shipping within the United States.


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From Porn to Poetry cover

From Porn to Poetry: Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind - $14
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From porn to poetry, with voyeuristic cats, rivers of butterflies, symbols for intensity, and the details of how to suck, Clean Sheets wraps you in heat, laughter, sex, and truth until the image of taking a rainy day guided tour of the vulva seems likes the best idea you could possibly have.

With hot new stories from popular writers like Susannah Indigo, Bill Noble, and William Dean, along with the best of Clean Sheets from Mary Anne Mohanraj, Heather Corrina, Jane Duvall, David Steinberg, Dorianne Laux, Jamie Joy Gatto, Helena Settimana, and dozens more, this joyful celebration of erotic stories, essays, how-to's, poetry, and a woman being tongued to orgasm while reciting the names of the North American capital cities, will be sure to delight, inform, arouse, and surprise.

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From Porn to Poetry 2 cover

From Porn to Poetry 2 - $13
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There is porn and there is poetry and a hundred passions in between, including a woman’s rave on how to look at other women, Mad Ida who falls in love with the wind, the gravity of coming of age with your best friend, an atheist who praises God only during sex, twenty-five new things to do while your lover is tied up, and the secret membership requirements for the Lucky Dick Club.

With hot new stories, humor, thoughtful essays, and sexy poetry from forty-six writers, including Kim Addonizio, M. Christian, Marcy Sheiner, Jane Duvall, Greg Wharton, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Lawrence Schimel, Emanuel Xavier, Susannah Indigo, and Dorianne Laux, this joyful collection dances to the rhythm of the drumbeat of passion, delivering sensual pleasure and erotic reading delight.

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Many Kisses cover

Many Kisses: Stories of Dominant Love - $13
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There are men with riding gloves and women in red dresses, kissing on concourses and crawling in ice palaces, fully submitting to their passions and lust. From the land of kink through the emotional journey of love and loss and unending desire for dominance, we travel with the women in these stories through fairy tales and fantasies and a sexy, sometimes harsh reality, ultimately drifting toward a wondrous trip into the erotic slipstream that reinvents dominant love.

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Oysters Among Us cover

Oysters Among Us - $14.95
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Oysters Among Us follows the erotic and soulful adventures of a group of friends and family who live in Boulder and San Francisco, as they begin to answer the important questions of this millennium:

Can you be too rich or have too much sex? Does it even count if it's only online sex? If you appear naked at the mall, is it always necessary to sing Amazing Grace? Are sex quests better than everyday vision quests? Is it better to dance with snakes, or to follow the instructions on a Mary Kay sign when making love? What happens when grandpa starts counting back through his lovers and recreating the Book of Love? Why isn't the Baseball Position described in the Kama Sutra? What do people actually bring to a Better Than Sex party? And in the end, when everyone has partied in the Blue Room until dancing naked in the rain seems an everyday activity, and has had enough sex to last at least through the weekend and has reached toward their dreams, does the "boom" on the final flight represent danger, or the erotic future in Rome?

An imaginative romp through real life and dreams, with some of the hottest writing around that can make you laugh at the same time it grabs for your libido, Susannah Indigo's Oysters Among Us is pure erotic entertainment, gracefully layered with profound truth and exploration.

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Blue cover

Blue: The Color of Desire - $12
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"Blue, visit me on Thursday, with a story or a poem written somewhere on your body. Don't knock. Enter at ten o'clock in the morning. There is a kind of vestibule. Take off your clothes, put on the blindfold you'll find on a hook, and wait. Blue, if we begin this, it may be impossible to end. So if you don't visit me, I shall understand."

Blue visits. Enters. Obeys. And so begins the most intense erotic relationship of her life.

Blue: The Color of Desire is an extraordinary BDSM tale of obsession and lust, poetically written on the body, travelling from a simple classroom through Cuba, England, and into the land of mastery, passion, and pain.

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From Porn to Poetry 2
From Porn to Poetry 2


Chocolate Love Cream Chocolate Love Cream from Toys in Babeland


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