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Clean Sheets has climbed into bed with Babeland!

Babeland is currently the official sponsor of Clean Sheets, which means you'll see lots of their information all over our site, as our exclusive toy supplier link. They carry everything from vibrators to dildos to harnesses to butt toys to cockrings to restraints to lube to condoms to dental dams to videos to ...well, you get the idea.

Support Clean Sheets by shopping for all your sex toys and supplies at Babeland!

Read about our reviewers very favorites things from Babeland:

Speed, from Wicked Pictures - reviewed by Zhia Avi

"The beautiful women in Speed are strong and tough -- they kick ass and take names -- and then they make their men wear condoms."

Satin Bondage Kit - reviewed by Aria Braverman

"Tie up your woman, tie up your man, or even tie up yourself... no kidding, try one wrist tied loosely to the headboard while you're masturbating, or tie your ankles together for a whole new experience."

Pirates Pleasure Ring - review by Sam Garcia

"I only wish we had some kind of new intelligent-sex-design of our bodies coming around so we could all have this concept built right in to our form in order to give greater pleasure to all lovers."

Icicles Glass Plug - review by Zhia Avi

"This beautiful, smooth, heavy plug is sexy as hell."

Lelo Sensua Suede Whip - review by Zhia Avi

This is a delightful, beautiful and soft sexy red flogger that's perfect for your play bedroom scene.

Siri (Clit Vibe) -- Babeland review

"This tiny vibrator is so perfect that I wish I had designed it...for the asthetic and erotic pleasure of having created the beautiful vibe that every woman wants to have handy for play with her partner."

Orgasm in a Box - review by Zhia Avi

Friends, lovers, even you -- who doesn't want an orgasm in a box?

Toyfriend Vibrator -- Babeland review

These colorful sex pals can vibrate up some holiday joy.

Better Than Chocolate Vibrator -- Babeland review

An elegantly designed vibrator that follows your curves.

Candy Colored Glass Dildo -- a Sexy Work of Art - by Zhia Avi

An original work of art from Babeland that can leave you with post-orgasmic joy.

A mind-blowing, clit-massaging sex toy: The Form 2 from Babeland

"This is the smallest, most powerful vibrator I have ever experienced -- the two prongs/ears feel almost like firm vibrating fingers that you can be endlessly creative with."

Laughter and Depth -- A Review of Two New Babeland Toys

"The Sqweel is just an adorable sex toy. It makes you laugh with its rotating tongues, and then it gets you hot."

Romancing the Rabbit

"I was starting cold, but that's okay, since I warm up pretty quickly, so I just lubed up, slid the Rabbit in and started playing with the controls. It took some experimenting to get the angle and stimulation right, but once I did, it was only ten minutes to Nirvana."

Look, Honey -- No Hands! (A Review of the We Vibrator)

"We played with the We in a variety of positions and angles, and found that the best position was -- well, all of them!"

Getting Wet and Wicked with Babeland

Babeland waterproof toys that are guaranteed to get you wet...and also sure to get you off!

Getting Off Quick with Babeland

O'My Natural Lubricant

Falling in Love With Babeland

G-spot Spelunking: Finding your Little G for a Big O

Tunnels of Love: Slip into Something Extremely Comfortable -- Penis Sleeves from Babeland

Get Your Heart on With the Sweetheart Vibe

The Pinch of Pleasure: Nipple Clips

But, Santa, Naughty Is Nice! Gift Suggestions from Babeland

A Girl's Best Friend - The Rabbit

Give a Little, Get a Lot: Valentine's Day @

Have Yourselves a Kinky Little Christmas

The "Wheel of Torture"

T-t-t-turn Me on Toys in Babeland

Toys in Babeland: Playthings for Sexy Consumers - a Clean Sheets interview with Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning

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