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The Best of the Best Meat Erotica

edited by Greg Wharton

release: November 2002
erotica / fiction anthology
softcover, 5.5X8.5
248 pages

Hungry? This year's—and perhaps the decade's—most imaginative and thought-provoking erotic anthology serves up a mouth-watering feast of desire, lust and ravenous hunger, carnivorous appetites, and deliciously sexy adventures. 20 courses: wicked, shamelessly naughty, outrageous—and at times—not to be believed. Put the kids to bed, set the table, grab an extra-large bib, and get ready... DINNER'S SERVED!


Foreword: What the Heck is This Book? - Greg Wharton
The Horse Butcher's Son - Helena Settimana
Too Close to the Sun - Lawrence Schimel
Beefmasters - Jeremy Russell
Bacon, Lola & Tomato - Susannah Indigo
The Meat Forest and the Wine Lake - Peter Huston
The Butcher's Boy - Lukas Scott
Pig Heaven - Jerry Erwin
Getting Bucked - Tom Bacchus
Last Pan of the Season - Debra Hyde
The Housemaid's Tale - Stephen Albrow
The Bird Feeders - David Nickle
Wolf-Boy - Mel Smith
A Rotten Obligation - Steve Berman
Vegan Lesbian Boarding School Hookers in Bondage - Lisa Montanarelli
Meatier - Simon Sheppard
Suddenly, Last Thursday - M. Christian
Fugu - Bianca James
The Glue Factory - Marshall Moore
Shell Game - Jim Gladstone
Love in the Time of Cold Cuts - Ian Philips

The Best of the Best Meat Erotica
softcover, 5.5X8.5
248 pages

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