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Blue ribbon Erotica Reader's Association: Calls for Submission -- No, not that kind of submission, the writing kind! Our favorite site on the web to find out where and how to submit your erotic writing for publication.

nerve° -- literate smut. Very New York, but very well written, nicely designed, and easy to navigate. No longer a completely free site, requires a subscription for many things.

Nightcharm -- reminds us of a hard-hitting gay male version of our own site; while we're certainly not identical, there's a similar attempt at honesty, exuberant sexuality, and intelligence. They're probably a little raunchier. We think you'll like them.

Savage Love -- Dan Savage's outstanding, funny weekly column of sex, weirdness, and invention.

Sliptongue Magazine -- Updated bi-weekly; pen and ink illustrations, erotic fiction, epigrams, a serial, vocabulary guidance, and archives of all. Nice, clean navigation, and an attractive design.

Slow Trains -- Susannah Indigo's literary zine, which exists as a celebration of great writing, with an emphasis on fiction, essays, and poetry that reflect the spirit of adventure, the exploration of the soul, the energies of imagination, and the experience of Big Fun.

Strange Horizons -- A speculative fiction zine, includes science fiction & fantasy articles, poetry, galleries, reviews, and editorials.

Suspect Thoughts: a journal of subversive writing -- A quarterly zine devoted to fiction and creative nonfiction writing about "sex, violence, pleasure, pain, murder, necrophilia, rock and roll, shift changers, alternate realities, ghosts, beauty, desire, longing, and yes, love."

Yellow Silk -- The classic Journal of Erotic Arts, on the Web with back issues, books, reviews, and more.

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Alternative & Other Good Things

Asia Carrera -- award winning, well-designed, funny, very personal, sometimes touching site. It's very much adult film star Asia's world on the web. Kudos for (among other things) two wonderful phrases -- a subscription portion called "Asia Carrera's Really Boring Pay Section," and a reference to the lower eschelon of the adult web sites as "banner filled circle jerks."

Blue ribbonSusie Bright -- Susie Bright, editor of the Best American Erotica series, maintains an interesting blog, along with her personal Web site. Book information, tour dates, gossip, favorites, photos and more.

Betty Dodson Online -- personal Web site for Betty Dodson, PhD., author of Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving. Everything we could ask for on a sexual professional's site. A lot of good material on sex generally, and masturbation in particular, three wonderful videos teaching female masturbation, and several forums; all presented with style, honesty, and a sense of humor.

The Church of Tantra -- Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of tantra and forgot to even ask, including just how to obtain a 'sacred orgasm.'

Daze Reader -- features frank, uncensored discussion about sex, with an excellent weblog of sex-related articles around the Internet.

Hoot Island -- sexy, funny, interviews, parody, erotic stories, pictures, one of the best link sections anywhere, and "outbursts" by island czar Wyyrd. As far as we're concerned, nobody does funny and sexy better.

Iron Rose -- "BDSM Education & Information is our passion" --if you are into BDSM as a consensual art, or wish to be, this is a great site to visit; you'll also be welcome if you've come to learn and not to sneer, regardless of your commitment. A substantial library, forums, interaction, and a store, all carefully monitored to stay friendly and safe.

JEN n DAVE's Home Page! -- a refreshing view of sex; the real, here-to-have-fun, not-a-glossy-package, smile-on-your-face kind. Lots of free pictures, a web cam, some commentary, and a lot of personality. You have to work hard not to love it.

Society for Human Sexuality, Seattle -- Devoted to acceptance and understanding of all sexual orientations and all consensual and safe sexual practices.

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Amazon -- The Earth's Largest Bookstore is not only a great place to get your favorite erotica and sex books, but did you realize that they sell toys, gardening supplies, music and more? Check it out and see what you can find today!

Blue ribbon Babeland -- Seattle's woman-owned, woman-friendly adult toy shop. In operation since 1993, Babeland is one of the finest toy stores on or offline. Babeland is also the official sponsor of Clean Sheets, so tell 'em we sent you!

Custom Erotica Source -- one-stop shopping for a written-to-order erotic tale. Fill out the questionnaire indicating what you want, choose a staff writer or a "name" author, select an illustrator (if you wish), pay the good folks, and they send you (or your special someone) a custom erotic story.

Good Vibrations -- toys, books, audio, and an antique vibrator museum! A San Francisco co-op with two retail stores, several catalogs, and a great Web site.

Intimate Gifts -- products from Intimate Gifts are shipped very discreetly and they have a very generous return policy. Check out their attractive and exciting vibrators, videos, lubes, board games, books and so much more.

Iron Rose -- BDSM products -- see the description under "Alternative."

Libida -- A place where women can explore and express their sexuality. Toys, books, videos, erotica, columns and a lounge for chatting -- everything in this new site is geared primarily toward heterosexual women.

Powell's Books -- an Oregon-based bookseller that offers new and used books with discounts.

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Sexual Health & Education

Coalition for Positive Sexuality -- The CPS was developed by a group of high school students who felt a need for more positive sex education. Tired of educational policies that restricted teachers from discussing issues such as safer sex and homosexuality, these teens took matters into their own hands and created "Just Say Yes," a booklet explaining everything the Chicago school system was not allowed to discuss. This site is a continuation of the work that began in 1992 with that booklet.

Electronic Frontier Foundation -- EFF is one of the leading organizations in the fight to protect the civil rights of Netizens worldwide.

Feminists Against Censorship --Not all feminists are anti-sex! This site will tell you more about FAC and other groups that are fighting for free expression, both on the net and off it, from bookstores to libraries, in Britain and America. Join with other feminists in defending the right to speak freely!

Go Ask Alice --Go Ask Alice is a wonderful interactive sex-advice site. Visitors can submit questions to Alice and then check back to see the answers (updated every Friday). Ask Alice began in 1993 as an internal service for Columbia University Students and was opened to the public when it proved to be so popular. Be sure to check out the extensive archives -- your question may already be answered!

National Coalition Against Censorship -- Be sure to check out the "special projects" section of NCAC's Web site where you'll find the Committee on Sex & Censorship. The committee, which includes such noted writers as Judy Blume, Susie Bright and Erica Jong, brings a feminist perspective to censorship debates on issues relating to sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender roles.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America -- Planned Parenthood is the world's largest and oldest voluntary family planning organization. This site provides everything from history (the books of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, were among the first to be burned by the Nazis) to up-to-date sexual health information to a directory that will help you find the Planned Parenthood nearest you.

Scarleteen -- Straight answers to sex questions for teens (and their parents) -- an excellent resource for accurate, interesting explanations and discussions of all things sexual.

Sexual Health Network -- The Sexual Health Network is a clearing house for information, advice and discussion of sex and disabilities. The site covers both non-sexual disabilities such as paralysis and sex-specific disabilities such as impotence, both physical and psychological disabilities. It appears that inclusiveness is primary, the prime function of the Network being to assist anyone who is having difficulty with their sex life for any reason.

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Guides & Link Sites -- "The most comprehensive directory of BDSM Web sites in the world." Strictly a links site, but a very well designed one. Loads quickly, very neatly categorized, navigation is excellent, the index is well laid out, it has what appears to be a good search engine, and the advertising was minimal and tasteful when we visited. Definitely in the category of "do one thing and do it well" sites.

Erotica Index -- a Yahoo style index for erotica. It has both links by categories and a good search engine, and the webmaster appears to have worked hard to screen deceptive sites out of the listings. The layout is good, and the advertising was non-deceptive and appropriately placed when we visited.

Blue ribbon JanesGuide -- our favorite of the on-line guides, Jane's Guide provides detailed reviews of sex Web sites, evaluating design, honesty, and quality (and, of course, sexiness). Truly a thinking person's guide to sex on the net.

Lady Lynx -- "Links to Adult Sites designed for women," specializes in links to sites of interest to heterosexual women. Console free, no deceptive advertising when we visited, and the navigation is very clean. Good source for beefcake photo sites.

World Sex News Daily -- sex news from around the world.



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