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Past Exhibitors:

SexArt - by Mister (03/30/05)

Luscious paintings of voluptuous women.

Drawings - by Barbara Bernath (02/23/05)

Whimsical artwork of very happy women.

Studio Imago - (01/26/05)

Photography by C. Owen Johnson.

Hippie Goddesses - photos by hippiegoddess.com (12/15/04)

"The women here are unshaven, without makeup, and photographed romping in the great outdoors. I love this site, and I love the message of natural confidence and beauty that it is all about."

Condoms, useful and beautiful - fashion by Adriana Bertini (12/01/04)

Through the Years - art by Maria Lopez (10/13/04)

Photographic exhibitionism at its very best.

Fine Art & Fantasy - Thomas M. Kurek (09/29/04)

Beautiful women, in dreams and in fog.

Sweet Desire / Sweet Surrender - art by Eric M. Chapman (07/28/04)

Strawberry - art by Pedro Marques Pereira (07/21/04)

For ease of loading and viewing, the older Clean Sheets gallery archives are split into sections containing twenty-five (or fewer) past galleries.

The first twenty-five The second twenty-five

Meztelen, artistMeztelen Images with the same feel as Jazz - dark, moody, and a little seedy without being explicit. These multi-layered works highlight the mystery of eroticism. Meztelen show cases nine of his rich images in his Clean Sheets gallery.

Steven Ian Intimate and sometimes surreal glimpses of lovemaking. This gallery features eight of Steven's images that attempt to capture the simplicity of sex and demonstrate the physical and mental connections it brings. 

Erato, artistErato These exuberant paintings manifest a distinctly Mediterranean style and elegance. Twisted forms and poetic lines are joyfully presented in an uplifting and almost spiritual manner. The Gallery is delighted to showcase ten of Erato's paintings.

Dmitri Poltavski, artistDmitri Poltavski These graphic representations of yearning and beauty demonstrate the wonder of sex and eroticism. Dmitri's gallery contains ten starkly sensual images. 

Lady Alejandra, artistLady Alejandra Self portraits that bridge the gap between photographer and subject, muse and provocateur. We have ten evocative works from Lady Alejandra in this gallery.

Oleg Sheludyakov, artistOleg Sheludyakov Simple, but not simplistic, erotic images in a style reminiscent of John Lennon. Clean Sheets is delighted to feature nine images from Oleg.

Cyndee Bessant, artist Cyndee Bessant Working in various media primarily on paper Cyndee creates charmingly honest and personal pieces. A warm and intimate style reflects both her subject matter and her loving enthusiasm. We have nine of Cyndee's delightful images.

Reed VanQuehl, artistReed VanQuehl Imaginative and innovative digital work that draws inspiration from pin-up artists of the past and pushes technological and erotic boundaries. We have seven awe-striking images in Reed's gallery.

May Masturbation Celebration -- Mason Mclowill, artistMasturbation Celebration II This gallery culls some of the best work featuring masturbation from the Gallery Archives and presents some new twists on the subject! There are almost thirty images in this breathtaking gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Calvato, artistCalvato Sensuality, spontaneity, a little bit of bondage and a touch of mystery make Calvato's gallery a complete erotic experience. Come see ten of Calvato's amazing images in his gallery.

Artasi Jaan, artistArtasi Jaan An aspiring doctor, Artasi brings a unique perspective to her uncomplicated pencil drawings. We have four of her simple, uncluttered images in this gallery. 

Juan Carlos Rivas, artistJuan Carlos Rivas  
This gallery provides a sensuous peek at the not-so-secret lives of women. We have nine captivating images that show the beauty and eroticism of every day. 

Mitritch, artistMitritch
These photographs show the artist's remarkable talent with color and shadow. Mitritch's gallery features nine of his bold works.

Michael Rosen, artistMichael Rosen  
Part of a special Clean Sheets feature on this astounding photographer, the Gallery is delighted to feature Michael's work. We have five of Michael's amazing black and white images in this special gallery.

Ludovic Goubet, artistLudovic Goubet
Searching for sensuality, Ludovic attempts to find the passion within all of his subjects. We have six starkly beautiful works from Ludovic in the gallery.

H. Samarel, artistH. Samarel
Samarel creates fantastic works best described as cyber-erotica. Every image is a thoughtful combination of artistic vision and technical skill. Clean Sheets is delighted to feature seven of Samarel's digital masterpieces.

Laurie Toby Edison, artistLaurie Toby Edison
Laurie uses the delicate caress of her camera lens to reveal the eroticism within her subjects. These nine images from Laurie celebrate the beauty of every women.

The first twenty-five The second twenty-five

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