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Past Exhibitors:
The second twenty-five Clean Sheets galleries

For ease of loading and viewing the Clean Sheets gallery archives are split into sections containing twenty-five (or fewer) past galleries.

The first twenty-five The most recent twenty-five

Corrie Ancone, artistCorrie Ancone
Surreal images with themes drawn from imagination and mythology dominate Corrie's sensuous work. Clean Sheets is honored to display nine of Corrie's pieces in this gallery.

Tallulah, artistTallulah  
The richness of Tallulah's images capture viewers and transport them to a luxurious, more sensuous world. We are delighted to exhibit nine works from Tallulah in this Clean Sheets gallery.

Steven Ricks, artistSteven Ricks  
These images demonstrate Steven's near-boundless sense of fantasy and his fascination with all things imaginary. Steven's Clean Sheets gallery showcases five of his sensual and imaginative works. 

Amelia G. & Forrest Black, artistsAmelia G. & Forrest Black  
Amelia and Forrest bring a delightful sauciness to their work. These artists show the beauty of the men they portray...in a smart and highly erotic way. Clean Sheets is pleased to display nine fantastic works from these two artists in our gallery.

Melissa Ulto, artistMelissa Ulto  
Intelligent erotica that showcases Melissa's talent at manipulating light and color. We are delighted to showcase eight pieces from Melissa in this collection.

Jordi, artistJordi  
Simple lines and clean colors bring to life works inspired by popular culture. Jordi merges eroticism and fun with delightful results. We are pleased to display seven works by Jordi -representing a joyful and playful celebration of sensuality.

Denise Williams, artistDenise Williams  
Denise employs a technique of carefully layering levels of paint, which provides amazing depth to her images. These elegantly crafted works are depictions of strong women showing their subtle erotic power. Clean Sheets is delighted to showcase six of Denise's rich images.

C.L. Wilson  
A barrage, a collage, of colors, lips, smiling fresh, inviting -- a new style of gallery for C.L. Wilson's fresh art work, combined with the fine poetry of Rahkyt. In his second gallery with Clean Sheets, we have four of his images.

Mclowill, artistMason Mclowill  
Real women...with no facades or preconceived notions. Caught at their most comfortable moments. We have then images from Mason that celebrate the beauty and joy of every woman. 

Bernard Leduc, artistBernard Leduc  
Amelia and Forrest Beautiful images of seduction and surrender. These works show the artist's phenomenal sense of color and balance -and translate in any language. Clean Sheets is delighted to feature a gallery full of twenty-six of Bernard's images.

Norachai, artistNorachai  
Soft images pay gentle homage to the wonders of living and the beauty of the body. Norachai has created intimate works that both soothe and excite. This remarkable gallery features ten of Norachai's paintings in oil and watercolor. 

Toni Barca, artistToni Barca  
Amelia and Forrest "Black and white erotic line drawings that whisper evocative tales." We have fifteen images from Toni in the gallery. 

Kevin Hundsnurscher, artistKevin Hundsnurscher  
"Pick your fetish -- stockings, fruit, wildly high heels, or a touch of flame?" Kevin's work is sure to entice you with it's glamour. Twenty-three images in the gallery to chose from...which one will you fantasize about?

Sean Simmans, artist Sean Simmans  
"A colorful, extravagant vision of luscious bodies deep in the heart of lust." The bright colors will draw you in, but the eroticism will make you stay. We have a gallery full of twenty-five eye-popping images from Sean.

Adrian Welch, artistAdrian Welch  
"A series of dreamscape vistas, straight from the gothic depths of the subconscious." We are delighted to display twenty-four images from Adrian's collection.

Bob Dornberg, artistBob Dornberg  
"Impressionism and sensuality mix in a colorful swirl of erotic paintings." These images show their erotic strength in their rhythm and gentle colors. Bob's gallery features fourteen of his fabulous works. 

Brad Wallis, 
	artistMasturbation Celebration  
"Self-love is being exalted this month, and the gallery is certainly not going to be left out -- listing the best of our artists, with the best of artwork celebrating masturbation." This special gallery from May 2001, features thirty-one amazing images from fourteen different artists -including a number of works making their debut appearances!

Christian Mondin, artistChristian Mondin  
"I show femininity with humor. Landscape, flowers, dancing -- all an invitation to contact with subtlety." We have fifteen of Christian's delicately erotic works.

Arne Jahn, artistArne Jahn  
"He fixates the game of devotion and dominance, leading his models on the narrow road between lust and pain." The gallery is delighted to showcase fourteen images from Arne that blur the line between pleasure and pain.

Stefan Blondal, artist Stefan Blondal
"His art takes the beholder into a world of fantasy and adventure, with the beauty in the high seat, often as a visionary tale around the woman." We have fifteen of Stefan's sensuous paintings, including one image debuting on Clean Sheets..

Brad Wallis, artistBrad Wallis
"Men on men, petals on women, women and water, shadows and light -- visit the dreamy realm of a talented photographer's sensuous images." Clean Sheets is proud to display twenty-two images from Brad.

Kaleo, artistKaleo  
"Through the creative process and artistic exchange, his eyes were opened to the infinite possibilities within the world of photography and his passion was born." We have fourteen impassioned images from Kaleo.

Ivana Ford, 
	artistIvana Ford  
"For many of the women the ideal is to celebrate the outward display of strength and power without negating their unique brand of femininity." Ivana has fourteen images of strong women in her Clean Sheets gallery.

Melvin Moten Jr., 
	artistMelvin Moten Jr.  
Melvin Moten's photographs are reflections of fantasies, both his own and those of his subjects. We are pleased to display seventeen images by Melvin in this gallery. 

The first twenty-five The most recent twenty-five

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