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Good Girls Don't Tease

by Verity Blackthorn

Alice leaned off the bed far enough to catch the edge of her bra strap and whip it up into her hand from the top of the pile of her clothes on the floor, then huddled back under the duvet to put it on. The room was cold, and Ben was making her bed the most attractive thing she could think of. Fuck class. All she wanted to do was stay right there all day long, fall back asleep, then have slow, lazy sex before wandering out for a curry maybe. She wiggled over closer to Ben, ran a hand down his side. When that elicited no response she wrapped her legs around his and began rubbing herself up against him.

"Don't you have a lecture to get to?" he asked without opening his eyes.

"Maybe. It's Marvell. I can skip Marvell; I'm not going to ever write on him if I can help it."

"That's why you should go, just in case you do have to write on him. If you're going to skip, skip Donne or...who was that fellow that wrote about ejaculation all the time?"


"Skip them. You know enough to fake an essay. You need to be able to do the same with Marvell."

Alice huffed and rolled onto the floor. There didn't seem a point in going if she was only going to sit in the back of the lecture hall sipping lychee juice spiked with cheap vodka and writing porn while one of the array of grizzled professors lectured over slides of woodcuts and etchings. The writing was satisfying in its own way, but doing it in public made her wet and frustrated, and she usually came out of the session desperate for sex. Sometimes she showed Ben what she wrote, afterwards. He was usually both appreciative and angry, told her that she should be paying attention instead of letting her mind wander.

"But literature makes me horny!" she'd whine.

"Everything makes you horny!" was his response. It was true.

If the writing was especially titillating or if he was in a good mood, he'd spank her after this exchange. It gave her reason to reach for further depths of depravity.

Slowly she shrugged on an undershirt, shirt, and sweater, then went digging through her closet for a skirt. It was wet out, and she was always cold. As she shuffled through a drawer for socks, Ben sat up, hair ruffled like a cockatoo's crest.

"Don't put on any panties, ok?"

"Sure. Is there a reason why not?"

"I'm going to make your lecture more interesting for you. Now be a good girl and leave them off. Wear socks, too."

He watched her from the bed as she pulled on a pair of heavy thigh-high socks, then pulled her skirt down to cover the tops and settled on the edge of the bed to comb out her hair. He didn't have anywhere to go; it was his free day.

"Can't we just spend the day in bed?" Alice whined as she braided up her hair. "I'll make you not regret it."

"We did last week," Ben said and straightened her collar. "And if you don't go, then you won't find out what I've got planned for you."

Alice sulked as she gathered up her books, pencils, notes, then slipped on her shoes. He looked so warm and comfortable, naked in her bed. But she'd never been able to change his mind, once he made it up.

"Ok, I'm ready to go."

He slid out to sit on the edge of the bed and beckoned her over. As she stepped close he took her arm and pulled her down across his knees. Alice felt her skirt pushed up and cold air on her ass, then the hard stinging smack of his hand coming down on it. She squealed in pleasure and felt her pussy get instantly wet, but he didn't continue. Instead she heard her nightstand drawer scrape open, and the rattle of him shuffling through the contents.

"What are you doing?" she asked nervously.

"Be a good girl and hold your cheeks apart," he told her.

Embarrassed, she reached back and spread her ass open, the shame making her even wetter. She heard the snap of a bottle being uncapped, then cold and wet as his finger traced around her rosebud. It slipped inside for a moment, and she jumped before pushing back against his hand, wanting more. He slid it out, and she groaned in protest, until something soft and rounded began pressing small circles around her hole.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked her.

"My butt plug?" she asked.

"That's right. Do you know where it's going?"

"In my ass?"

"Aren't you on the ball today." He began to push slowly. She opened to the toy, felt it pop into her and settle comfortably. Ben smacked her ass again before pulling down her skirt and setting her on her feet. "You're going to wear that all through lecture, and you're going to take notes this time instead of writing dirty stories. When you get back you're going to show me your notes, and if they're actually good notes for once, and if you can convince me you want it enough, I'll put something bigger in your ass in its place."

Alice wiggled in excitement and felt the plug slide inside her. "Like your cock?"

Ben grinned evilly.

"If you can convince me you really want it." He lifted up her skirt and drew her to him, leaned down, set the tip of his tongue against her clit, and flicked just once. It sent a pulse like electricity through her legs, made her clench around the toy so that she could feel it inside her. She pressed against him for more, but he drew back and let her skirt fall. "If you're really good. If you're not, you won't be getting any more of that. Now get to lecture."

She grabbed up her bag and her keys and had made it halfway out her bedroom door before he added, "and no playing with yourself until you come back." She raspberried at him in annoyance before closing the door.

None of her housemates were around as she thundered down the stairs and out the door, which was a relief. She would have blushed scarlet with the knowledge of the toy inside her. Ben had made her wear it around the house before, for short periods of time, and the shame had only excited her more. He'd done other things like that, had her wear nipple clips to class or no panties under her skirts. In her opinion he didn't do it frequently enough. She always came back dripping and desperate, and he would tease her into a frenzy before giving in to her begging and finally fucking her.

The plug felt firm and large inside her, pressed against interesting spots, so that she was kept in a constant state of arousal. She felt especially self-conscious as she walked quickly towards school, past people she almost knew but not well enough to have to stop and talk. None of them could know, but she felt like all of them did. Her pussy was dripping wet, the lips rubbing at her clit with every step.

She was early. The lecture hall was nearly empty, and she threw her bag down in the backmost corner, where she would be ignored. After setting out her notebook she slipped a hand into her skirt pocket, through the hole where the seam had come loose, and ran a finger over her pussy. The seat against her ass only pressed the plug in deeper, and she ground against it for a moment, considering the consequences of playing with herself. She wouldn't be able to finish, not in public; already she could hear the tramp of feet in the atrium outside the lecture theater. There was no not telling Ben, because she'd tried before and always failed. And then there would be no more tongue or hands or cock, and he would make her keep the plug in for lord knew how long. Not worth it. She pulled her hand out of the hole, and dug for a pen.

The lecture was eternal. At each slide change she pressed herself further down on the plug, just to center her attention. She wanted to write a smut letter to Ben, telling him all the things she wished he were doing to her at that moment, but instead she scrawled out notes: birth date, death date, places, names, key works. She wanted Ben right there, bending her over her notebook and pounding into her ass as hard as he could, filling her up and then spunking deep inside her. The fantasy took her away, then she realized that they'd progressed three slides without her taking any notes, and she scrabbled to catch up.

When she got back to the house he was in the kitchen, dressed and at the stove.

"Want some lunch?" he asked. There was an omelet in the pan, and as she watched he folded it deftly and slid it onto a plate.

"I want to be your lunch," she said, and went down on her knees in front of him. He wasn't wearing boxers: his cock popped smoothly out, and she took its entire length into her mouth, choking as the round head hit the back of her throat.

"Someone's horny," he observed. He pulled her up and put his cock away. "Sit down and show me your notes."

She fumbled the notebook out of her bag, flipped to that day's page, and handed it over. The plug tingled in her ass as he slowly scanned her writing.

"It looks like you got a bit distracted near the middle," he observed.

"It was all rehashing, there was nothing to write."

He snapped the book closed and slid it back into her bag.

"Do you want something?" he asked.

"I want you to fuck my ass, please," she answered.



He grinned at her. "You're going to have to get better at that. I'm quite tempted to say no."

"Please, Sir! I've been going crazy all through lecture, and if you don't do something I'll just explode! I can't sit still, I can't think!"

"I suppose that's good enough. Go up to your bedroom and get on your hands and knees on the bed and wait."

Shivering, Alice ran up the stairs. It was a blessing that no one was home. She was hoping things were about to get loud.

She kicked off her shoes but left her socks -- Ben liked socks -- then closed the door and knelt on her bed. He'd made it after she left, and she couldn't help but noticing that he'd left her bottle of lube and her larger plug, the one that was almost too large, on her nightstand. She shivered a little, then pulled her skirt up so that her ass was exposed. It never hurt to be ready.

His footsteps echoed in the stairwell, sending jolts of excitement through her legs and up into her pussy. The door opened and closed, and she could see him just out of the corner of her eye standing next to her.

"Don't you look like a little slut on your hands and knees," he said. He ran a finger over her pussy. "God you're wet." She pressed back against his fingers, and he slid them into her and rubbed for a moment before pulling them back out. "Do you want it in your pussy?" he asked.

"In my ass, please, Sir!" she said. She heard his clothes hitting the floor softly as he undressed, then his cock was in front of her face.

"Get it nice and wet then."

She sucked slowly, running her tongue up and down against the underside, feeling him get harder in her mouth until her jaw ached. He pulled out with a pop and moved around to where she couldn't see. She felt his hands on her ass, a tingle as he wiggled the butt plug.

"Are you ready for this to come out?"

"Yes, please, Sir," she moaned. He tugged at it gently, and she felt the pressure relieved. Then the head of his cock was pressing in its place, large and hot.

"What do you say?" he asked.

"Please fuck my ass, Sir!"

He pressed harder, and she felt the pop of the head going in, then the long smooth thrust of the entire length. It felt huge, and made her entire body tingle. He took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her hard and rhythmically and ever so deep, sliding out until just the head was left inside before ramming back in. She pushed back against him and he held still for a minute, letting her fuck herself on his cock. For a moment she pulled away, let the head pop out, and rubbed against it so that it just kissed her anus, but every time he tried to press it back in she eased away.

"Are you teasing me?" he asked.


He grabbed her hips and slammed back into her, and she collapsed onto the bed with a squeal.

"Good girls don't tease," he said, and jackhammered into her.

She loved the feeling, the pressure, the heat, but all too soon she felt his cock stiffening, his muscles jumping, then the hot wetness of his come deep inside her as he pressed in as far as he could. He stayed, throbbing inside, until his cock softened, then slid gently out. She went to roll over, but he held her still.

"Let's keep that right where it is for a bit, shall we?" he said. He reached for the plug on her nightstand, and she squealed as he pressed it to her abused hole. "Relax. We both know you want it." It was true. The plug eased her open wider, then went in with a pop. She loved the feeling of being stretched, the sloshing of his come inside her. She rolled over onto her back and looked up at him, glassy-eyed.

"You've been very good this time," he observed, and spread her legs apart.

His tongue came as a surprise; she was expecting fingers first. He lapped one long stroke up her entire pussy, then flicked gently against her clit. It was what she'd been waiting for all day, the feel of his tongue against her swollen, begging center, and with the plug tight inside her she nearly came right then.

"Not yet," he paused to say. "Count to sixty first, then you may."

She counted in time with his flicking tongue, centering all of her attention on the feeling of it stroking against her clit, drawing her closer and closer to climax, until on number seventeen she felt a shuddering deep in her pelvis and began to spasm.

"I....I'm sorry!" she gasped as she orgasmed, and he responded by pressing his fingers into her G-spot, intensifying the climax, until all she could see was white light.

Some moments later she realized that he'd come up to lie next to her. He leaned over and kissed her, and she tasted herself on his mouth, warm and salty.



"Would you...mind if I wanted to try eating out a girl?" she asked. "Just once. You could watch if you wanted." He laughed deep in his throat.

"Do you ever stop?" he asked, and kissed her again.

"When I'm asleep I do."

"No you don't. When you're asleep you hump my leg and try and jack me off. They should find a way to bottle you and sell you as a cure for low libido."

She was quiet for a little, trying and failing to be annoyed. He was right.

"So can we try a girl together? Please?"

He sighed, but it was a happy sigh. "I'll see what I can do."

©2012 by Verity Blackthorn

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Verity Blackthorn writes erotica as a reward for plowing through more research-heavy work. She divides her time between the UK and Virginia.

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