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About Aquarians (January 20 - February 18)

by Lily Lick

Aquarius is a Masculine Fixed Air sign ruled by Uranus the planet of independence and rebellion (watch out!). It's the Eleventh sign on the Wheel and sits opposite Leo. Being named for the constellation Aquarius (the Water Carrier) doesn't make them wishy washy, but it does allow them an excuse to just do whatever they feel like doing...maybe you, maybe me.

It also means that they float the middle of the stream more than most. But this either or, maybe maybe not, think I will think I won't way of operating is self-oriented; you better behave right by them. When it comes right down to it, they're going to do whatever or whoever they feel like doing...maybe that's you, maybe this time it's me but it's always going to be someone they choose when they're ready to choose.

If there was a land of Aquarians and you could go there, it would be a place where the men were men, the women were women, and all their partners in every conceivable combination were as satisfied as satisfied could be. They are a devoted, friendly bunch; open-minded, tolerant, and playful. The less easy going in their circle may perceive their spontaneity as them being annoyingly unpredictable and their ability to move on as an inability to commit, and they're a little bit right. As in the moment as the next person when it suits them and still non-committal is just another way to describe that feeling that haunts them that there might be something shinier and slicker over there. Aquarians are intellectual, enjoy good conversation, and can dish out a double-meaning better than most.

All that free-love stuff associated with Aquarius is intriguing isn't it? Well, go with it if you want, but don't bother with any pretense if it's you that's up to something extra-curricular. If you're screwing the neighbor, or your boss, or your old girlfriend or boyfriend, the pizza delivery guy -- whoever -- don't lie about it. You probably won't have to stop it, but you'd better tell the truth. Aquarians are delighted by the differences of the world. Ever fuck someone when you were completely naked and they were fully dressed? Probably an Aquarian -- there's really nothing left but to love them just the way they are. Seriously, they're never going to change. The ankles and calves are Aquarian hot spots. Who can resist delicately turned ankles and tapered calve muscles flashing briefly beneath a long but slit high skirt; slipping out of the rumpled bed sheets; stretched and straining in muscled masculine glory to reach the very highest shelf? Offer the massage, oil the calves, rotate the ankles, and they will be most appreciative of the knowledge that even though you know what's on offer at the juncture of those fabulous legs, you are willing to start way down at the bottom and work your way up.

©2015 by Lily Lick

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Lily Lick's Love Signs is a combo of Lily's two most favorite things: sex & astrology. And speaking of favorite things, go try her new e-book!

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