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Lily Lick's Love Signs -- ebook
Sex & Laughter
Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

Writing Contest Winners

Protect Free Speech - Join the ACLU
Protect Free Speech Join the ACLU


Aids Memorial Quilt
Keeping watch, twenty years later

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We love to hear from you, and for a long time we maintained an open, clickable email contact address. Sadly, this resulted in spam exceeding 1000 messages on most days, and seemingly increasing in number daily. We are staffed by volunteers, and it simply isn't possible to find the real messages in all that garbage. Please, if you are tempted to send us a message for any purpose other than communicating about the magazine with the editors, resist the temptation. We can say with certainty that anything that is not a legitimate message to the editors will be deleted, probably unread.

If you want to submit material for publication, those addresses are here.

If you want to contact the editor-in-chief and managing editor of the magazine, send the message to "editors at". Replace the " at " with the "@" symbol, and eliminate all the spaces. Note that "editors" is plural.

We regret the hassle, but unless we cut the spam, we can't respond to anyone.

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