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It's Bare..It's New...It's You

by Adrian Whitmore

It's Bare...

One evening, when she emerged naked from the master bath, I noticed there was something distinctly different about my wife, Karen. It took a moment to dawn on me what it was. After being together for many years, the last four married, it became clear to me that I had grown a little too complacent seeing her naked. I'd thought I knew every curve and freckle. It was a pleasant surprise then, even a little shocking, to realize that she'd shaved her pubic hair completely off. She'd done no tentative thinning, no sculpturing, just made herself perfectly bare and smooth. The familiar dark triangle between her legs was gone, revealing a sensual, divided bulb.

I hadn't asked her to do it. In fact, the thought hadn't even occurred to me. What her inspiration or motivation might have been, I don't know and haven't asked. But it was clear that she'd suddenly revealed something new about herself to me -- something mysterious, and even a little naughty.

There are moments that any long-term relationship is built upon. We share little incidents of revelation and discovery that shake up the old patterns of daily life and remind us why we stay together. But at that particular moment, I wasn't reflecting on our past intimacy. I was just focused on seeing her vagina, unobstructed and raw, for the first time. It was like I was seeing my wife truly naked for the first time.

Our usual foreplay often includes oral sex, but on that night oral sex was the whole of our foreplay. Her pleasure became my pleasure. She wanted to display herself to me and I wanted to see it all. It was a simple thing, but it was so erotic to both of us that we skipped the preliminaries. She leaned back on a pillow at the edge of the bed, lifted, spread and held her legs apart. I kneeled down to view and explore a new world.

It was a lovely new world. The delicate pink folds lay invitingly between mounds of soft skin, in their unashamed detail, previously unseen beneath the curling fur of a mature woman. Was that it? Was it some primitive urge of my bygone youth, some genetic male desire for tender virginal pussy that made this so appealing? I don't know. There was just something about the cleanness of her, the smooth texture. The thought of touching, tasting and fucking her bald wet cunt made me ravenous and very hard there on my knees beside the bed.

I parted her pussy lips gently with my index finger and found her already glistening and slick inside. I leaned closer and used my tongue to stroke the firm nub of her clitoris. She turned from a pale pink to a more fiery red, her entire vagina blushing and puffy. Sure, I'd seen porno shots of shaved women, but this was the real thing right in front of me. Actually having a woman before you, her legs open and inviting, her most intimate self warm and wanting you, is an entire mind-body experience nothing else can match. She gently moaned as I pressed my tongue harder against her and pushed my chin firmly between the soft, wet flower of her crotch. This was eating pussy, in all its soft, sticky glory, and I loved it.

She grew increasingly wet. I pulled away a moment to rub her clit with my finger, churning the creamy, white froth inside and around her swollen pussy. I continued to circle with one finger as I slipped another inside her, rubbing both the upper and lower portions of her cunt. In a short while, she gasped and contracted with a shiver, bringing her legs back together and holding them at the knees. I stopped and let the wave of climax flow over her.

She'd told me that an oral or masturbation climax for her is not as intense, but they seem more so to me because I do not feel them the same way as when penetrating her. Maybe it's because I'm not as preoccupied with my own pleasure but, when I'm really down there, my face, tongue and fingers near her and inside her, I can better feel her orgasm. I can feel her tighten and flood with her own sort of cum, I can see the goosebumps on her butt and legs, I can look up at the swollen peaks of her nipples and feel her shivers more intensely. That night, there seemed nothing between us, a change I could have hardly imagined by her simple act of shaving. It seemed to remove another physical barrier between us and make us more intimate.

I stood up, slightly bent at the knees. She spread herself for me again as I touched my now semi-erect cock between her legs. I rubbed the tip of it inside her wet folds as I grew harder, leaned down and took a pert nipple into my mouth. She closed her eyes. I eased up and back, slipped my rigid cock inside her, up to the base, until my belly rubbed her pubic bone and my balls pressed against her bottom. I could look down and actually see her pussy lips moving back and forth with my cock. I could pull out slowly until her suction would falter, then shove my swollen head and shaft back inside.

It wasn't long before this passionate lovemaking became serious banging. She started groaning, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!" That's when a man becomes little more than a machine, pounding himself back and forth, enjoying every minute, but trying desperately not to come. It was hardly a disappointment, however, when finally I couldn't hold myself back and the hot bursts shot from my cock inside the unseen, wet space between her legs. I was so excited that night that one orgasm wasn't enough to deflate my erection. If anything, the thought of fucking her naked, cum-filled pussy made me even more horny and I kept going. From above her, I could see my dick move in and out, now covered in slick, white-gray cum, and her cunt was incredibly slick. I could feel the cum run down my balls and we fucked this way for quite some time before my second ejaculation left me literally weak in the knees.

It's wonderful to find I can continuously rediscover the woman I married. Just when I think I know her preferences and limitations, she surprises me with something new. Since then, Karen has routinely kept herself shaved. Given the effort involved, I feel safe to suspect she likes it that way and, honestly, so do I. I won't go so far as to say this will improve everyone's lovemaking, but it did ours. If you think you know what your partner looks like naked and you've become a little too complacent about it as I had, a little time with a razor is an inexpensive and temporary way to really shake things up and see your partner in a whole new way.

©2001 by Adrian Whitmore

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Adrian Whitmore is the carnival mask of a freelance artist and Web content-provider based in Kansas City. Adrian has designed and written for various Web sites, most notably for artists at



Men shaving their pubes is growing in popularity, too. Taking a razor to the whoopee tube and his two bald buddies may seem dangerous at first, but take courage. Many women seem to love bald guys. Besides, it's all in the grooming, right? After you've shaved yourself clean as whistle, two good tips are to use a loofah sponge and wear loose underwear. A synthetic or natural loofah style sponge has a coarseness which cleans out the pores and helps stop bacterial infections. Wearing boxers after shaving bare can prevent fabric from pressing against the groin and prevent ingrown hairs.

If you've never shaved there before, the best way is to trim off as much hair as you possibly can with the edge trimmer of an electric razor, then use the tapered head to shave off what's left. You can use a wet razor in the shower or bath, but the less the razor has to cut off, the fewer strokes are needed. Don't use soap as a lubricant. Use a shaving gel or foam or even a thick hair conditioner, then after shaving wash the area thoroughly. Cleanliness is most important, because hair holds in moisture and creates and holds odors.

The street talk says it makes you look bigger, too, and paring away that tangled bush and scraggly ball whiskers makes the skin more sensitive. Bald can be beautiful.

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