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Lily Lick's Love Signs -- ebook
Sex & Laughter
Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

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Protect Free Speech - Join the ACLU
Protect Free Speech Join the ACLU


Aids Memorial Quilt
Keeping watch, twenty years later


Current information on World AIDS Day

Somebody's Child, Somebody's Love - by Susannah Indigo

On World AIDS Day, with art and stories and beautiful expensive bracelets.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt

World AIDS Day

Seasons of Hope - Susannah Indigo
The film is not flawless, but it's very good, full of high energy and great voices, and the soundtrack is an essential addition for any fan of musicals. For a film that one critic described as: "It's about AIDS. And it's a musical," it's a remarkable achievement.

World AIDS Day

40,000,000 Infected: 00,000,00 Cured - Susannah Indigo
And while we're in education mode, did you know that there are actually doctors and pharmacies in the U.S. who will not prescribe/fill birth control pill prescriptions?

World AIDS Day

Angels in America: On World AIDS Day - Susannah Indigo
Read an update on what's happening around the world, and how thousands are honoring the day.

World AIDS Day

Survivors - by Kim Addonizio
He and his lover were down to their last few T-cells and arguing over who was going to die first. He wanted to be first because he did not want to have to take care of his lover's parrot ...

The Safe Sex Shag - by Susannah Indigo

The Resident Advisors in the co-ed dorms tend to tape packages of condoms on the outside of their doors, the better not to be bothered late at night for a selection from their constantly-replenished university-supplied stash. But the very best reminder of the need for safe sex, my son tells me, is much more subtle than any of that.

World AIDS Day -- December 1, 2001

Tested - by Marcy Sheiner
Three years later I am still getting tested
Six months, say the clinicians
Eighteen years, a counselor friend told me

Dulce et Decorum - by Uther Pendragon

"Now, now," she said. "Moving against my hand doesn't count. Hold yourself back until I get this done." Despite her words, I felt her hands quiver when he moved. And her palm brushed against his shaft as her fingers slowly unrolled me.

Keeping Watch: Twenty Years Later - by Susannah Indigo
The theme for World AIDS Day this year is "I Care, Do You?" I don't doubt for a minute that every single Clean Sheets reader cares. The question then is, what can you do?

World AIDS Day -- December 1, 2000

What's Abstinence Got To Do With It? - by Jeff Beresford-Howe
"What we care about is our kids, and the kids around them. We want our kids not to fuck. Not to fuck anyone from the opposite sex..."

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