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Lily Lick's Love Signs -- ebook
Sex & Laughter
Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

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Protect Free Speech - Join the ACLU
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Aids Memorial Quilt
Keeping watch, twenty years later

Erotic Tales: Serialized


American Violet - by Patricio
"She ties the rope to her right ankle. She goes to the little curtained cubicle off her bedroom -- her cell, she calls it -- the rope trailing behind her, and fires up her laptop. There's a fragment of a story that she once read in some murky corner of the Internet, she can't recall the address but she's been thinking of the story-writer's pseudonym ever since the man spoke to her at the roadside. So she inserts his name into the search engine: English_Villain."

American Holidays - by Mike Kimera

"I know from her tone that we have started to play. I am surprised, but out of long habit I go to her and wait, eyes downcast, for her instructions. I love surrendering to her like this. My cock is already thickening and my heartbeat is elevated. It is so exciting not to know what will happen next."

Man in the Moon - by Adrianna de la Rosa
Once she saw the man in the moon from her lover's house. Standing at the windows looking out over the dark sea, she looked up at the face of the full moon and saw what every renaissance artist saw; the face in three-quarter view for the first time. This might have been enough for her. Her lover stood behind her holding her wrists at her back, exerting a gentle pressure."

Blue: The Color of Desire - by Patricio (Patrick Linney)
He doesn't wash you. For the first time, he doesn't wash you. You stand naked at his study door, your hands behind your head, your legs apart. And for the first time, when he emerges, he doesn't take you to the bathroom. He looks you over, and sees nothing written on you. He goes behind you: nothing.

Carmen Who Lives at the Lake - by David Surface (2001)

"Then she took her breasts away, and before he realized what was happening, he felt Carmen take his cock into her mouth for the first time. His whole body jumped like she'd touched him with a branding-iron." (3 parts)

Slow Trains - by Susannah Indigo

"She's lost between the sensuality of the moment and the urge to look furtively around for voyeurs. What would someone say if they saw her -- put your skirt back on, young lady, this is a family train?" (4 parts)

The Reinvention of Velvet, Softly - by Susannah Indigo
A grown-up lost little girl sets off on a sexual journey that has her traveling from the snowy mountains of home to the Island of Daddies. The Reinvention of Velvet is an intense BDSM trip into the erotic slipstream, offered in five serialized parts and on audio.

Oysters Among Us bookOysters Among Us -- erotic tales of wonder

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