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One Breath at a Time - reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/23/08)

A tale with safewords and go-words and a man who smells like Switzerland.

Sin in the Second City - reviewed by Gwen Masters (01/09/08)

An excellent book about Chicago's most elegant and famous brothel at the turn of the last century.

Since You Asked - reviewed by Susannah Indigo (12/12/07)

A review of a new book from one of the top five writing "voices" on the Web.

Animal Attraction - review by Gwen Masters (10/10/07)

"If you've ever cuddled a furry little kitten, paced the floor with a sick horse or taken pity on the smiling face of a stray puppy -- and of course, if you like your men hot, your couplings explicit and your writing top-notch -- Animal Attraction is a must-read"

Erotic Interludes: Road Games - review by Jean Roberta (09/26/07)

A review of a hot lesbian anthology that's like a wild rollercoaster ride.

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica - reviewed by Jean Roberta (08/01/07)

From the sweetly domestic to the edgiest tribal tales, a collection from thirty-two of the best gay erotica writers.

Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing - review by Jean Roberta (07/25/07)

A hot new book from one of Clean Sheets' long-time favorite writers.

Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration - reviewed by Gwen Masters (06/13/07)

"A tour of the Internet that isn't afraid to discuss the dark taboos as well as the G-rated material."

He's on Top/She's on Top - review by Nola Summers (05/16/07)

"A delightful collection of slightly twisted, but always hot little stories."

The Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica 1920-1940 - reviewed by Jean Roberta (05/09/07)

A review of a remarkable collection of vintage lesbian erotica.

Butch is a Noun - review by Jean Roberta (03/07/07)

Thought provoking essays about gender expression.

The Big Surrender -- Slave to Love - reviewed by William S. Dean (06/28/06)

"Sexy tales of erotic restraint."

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, Second Edition - Reviewed by Jean Roberta (05/03/06)

Bravo for sequels...

Sex & Laughter and Writing Naked - reviewed by Sam Garcia (03/29/06)

"Just one minute of looking at my book and you (lovely woman with time on her hands in the airport) instantly know that I am 1) a guy who reads, 2) a guy who reads sexy stuff, 3) a guy who reads sexy stuff about 'substantial' women, no stereotypes for me!"

The Finer Points of Pain and Pleasure - reviewed by Julian Robinson (10/05/05)

Acupressure and orgasm...

But, Santa, Naughty Is Nice! Gift Suggestions from Babeland - by William S. Dean (11/30/05)

Naughty is nice -- and here are the gifts to make that happen!

Rapt and Unwrapped: The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica - reviewed by William S. Dean (12/14/05)

Hot stories for cold holiday nights...

Three Kinds of Asking for It - reviewed by Shanna Germain (12/21/05)

Three erotic novellas about ultimate sexual fantasies.

Lend Me Your Ears: SoundsErotic Hits a High Note with Audio Fiction
- by Shanna Germain (02/08/06)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink - reviewed by Jean Roberta (11/16/05)

"Grace and elegance are characteristic of Midori's style of feminine dominance. As she points out, the difference between 'fetish' photography and 'fashion' photography these days is often simply a difference of context."

A review of great ear-candy, for Valentine's or any other day.

Six Positions: Sex Writing - reviewed by Tom Cardamone (10/19/05)

A frank and entertaining international road trip of clubs, baths, and sex parties.

Any 2 People, Kissing - reviewed by Shanna Germain (07/06/05)

"By the end of the first story, I no longer gave a damn what words she used to tell her tales, as long as she kept on telling them."

Dem Lab Studios Presents S/M Tech - reviewed by Julian Robinson (06/22/05)

"S/M Tech promises to provide newcomers with an innovative and welcoming way into the world of kinky fun and games, while teaching a trick or two to those who think they know it all."

Velvet Heat: Erotic Poetry for the Carnal Mind - reviewed by Betti Mustang (06/15/05)

"The more you read it, the more erotic the images become. Human curiosity, human observation, human desire."

Paying For It - reviewed by Gary Meyer (04/27/05)

A guide by sex workers for their clients, including this bit of wisdom: Don't wear scratchy wool pants if you expect a lap dancer to grind her shaved pussy into your groin.

Best Black Gay Erotica - reviewed by William Dean (03/23/05)

Sluts and sleepwalkers -- including the inimitable Samuel R. Delaney.

Red Hot Tantra - reviewed by Susannah Indigo (03/16/05)

A rich collection of sexy stories and learning experiences.

Suffering the Consequences - reviewed by Julian Robinson (02/16/05)

"The punishments are simultaneously agonizing, edifying, and arousing."

Satyriasis: Literotica 2 - reviewed by William Dean (01/19/05)

"Ian Philips is a very well-read, very blasphemous, dirty little piggy."

Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z - reviewed by Shanna Germain (12/29/04)

"It uses spanking as a platform from which to explore the 'Three Ps' of sex play: power, pain, and pleasure. Through these stories, the collection looks at what we give up -- and what we gain -- in pursuit of these things."

Love Under Foot: An Erotic Celebration of Feet - reviewed by Nola Summers (11/24/04)

Sexy down to your very toes.

The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir - reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/17/04)

A rave for the ballerina who found God through anal sex.

Fantasy Made Flesh - by Jean Roberta (09/08/04)

A review of Deborah Addington's primer for erotic role play

Mr. Benson - by Julian Robinson (09/22/04)

A review of John Preston's tale of discipline.

The Ties That Bind - by Jean Roberta (08/25/04)

A review of Guy Baldwin's SM/leather/fetish lifestyle book, based on his columns in Drummer.

Kushiel's Dart - by Jacqueline Cary Reviewed by Jean Roberta (07/14/04)

"Rarely has a prostitute character been drawn with such moral integrity and determination. Her clients, her friends and her enemies are all equally memorable and complex."

Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories - by Steve Berman Reviewed by William Dean (07/07/04)

"Obsession and the scuttling away in fear of obsession are difficult things to be good at in fiction. You're reminded of Lovecraft, of Clive Barker, and Graham Masterton; reminded of darkness and the odd vortex of desire for the utterly different."

Sexual Photography Beyond the Sex Ghetto: Love & Lust - by Donna Ferrato Reviewed by David Steinberg (06/30/04)

"What a simple, yet radical, idea -- that a book unafraid to show photos of hard cocks, bare pussies, fucking, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, group sex, public sex, gay sex, SM sex, even animal sex -- could place that directly sexual material in a context that went beyond sex to celebrate passionate life more broadly, passionate life that does not separate love from lust but wraps the two together in one life-affirming, boundary-annihilating package."

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain and Illness - edited by Miriam Kaufman, M. D., Cory Silverberg, and Fran Odette Reviewed by Valentina Bonnaire (06/23/04)

"One of the most beautiful sex scenes I ever saw in a film was during my training to become a psychotherapist. The man was physically disabled, and the woman wasn't. Once he left the wheelchair and got into bed with her, the sex they had together was so glorious, it rivaled any I had ever seen before."

Heat Wave: Sizzling Sex Stories - edited by Alison Tyler Reviewed by Gary Meyer (06/09/04)

"Summer's not about delayed gratification. Summer's about right here and right now. Balconies, beaches, patios, pools -- any place is the right place and any time's the right time. Windows are wide open. Modesty's not an option."

Not the Disney Version: Valeria - drawn and written by Brian Tarsis Reviewed by Jean Roberta (05/19/04)

"This is slave Jennifer's account of the courtship (or apprenticeship) phase of her relationship with her Mistress, the dark and mysterious Valeria. The story of their adventures would be an interesting one-handed read as a novel in words alone. As a novel in cartoons, it provides a delectable combination of pleasures."

Paradox II - by Rosemary Laurey, J. C. Wilder Reviewed by Jean Roberta (05/12/04)

"Each story includes luscious and detailed sex scenes which dramatize the central relationship while advancing a suspenseful plot. "

Enhanced: An Erotic Story in Two Voices - by Mackenzie Cross and Dani Benjamin Reviewed by Jean Roberta (04/28/04)

"The Dominant narrator met the girl, the submissive wife of another Dom, at a business function. 'Sir' is surprised at the pleasure he gets from observing her, and her husband offers her to him for one evening."

A Taste for Blood - by Diana Lee Reviewed by Jean Roberta (04/14/04)

"The issue of polyamory is raised when Ryan encourages Carissa to seduce the woman of her choice, just as Ryan intends to continue finding new "pets" (mortal lovers). As she explains, a promise of monogamy which is actually meant to last forever just cannot be kept, but multiple lovers can be juggled in honest and respectful ways."

Up All Night: Adventures in Lesbian Sex - edited by Stacy M. Bias and Rachel Kramer Bussel Reviewed by William Dean (04/07/04)

"Traversing the geography of a lover's body and the world-at-large, these twenty-nine stories are packing sizzle and verve, from the Amtrak tracks to the dirty brick wall, from the intimate playrooms where floggers snap to the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the dance club, from the tenderizing grating of pussy-stubble to the velvet licks of sixty-nines."

Short Attention Span Erotica, Part One -- Quickies 3: Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire - edited by James C. Johnstone Reviewed by William Dean (03/17/04)

"Short, fast, punchy and all male, this third in the series of Quickies crackles and sizzles with seventy-two zipper rippers that are all written at above cruising speed."

Hot + Bothered 4: Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire - edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky Reviewed by William Dean (03/10/04)

"While we can rationalize and spin and lump together all we want, in the end we have to agree that erotica and desire can be two distinct things. Desire can bother. Desire can get you hot. Desire can be evoked by the graphic and by the subtle."

Outbursts: A Gay and Lesbian Erotic Thesaurus - by Allan D. Peterkin Reviewed by Jean Roberta (03/03/04)

"Strangely enough, 'Canadian' is listed as a euphemism for any gay male. Perhaps it is not surprising that this use of the word seems unknown in Canada, although 'Lebanese' for lesbian (which was widely used in the 1980s on the Canadian prairies, where actual immigrants from Lebanon were rare) is not listed at all."

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Essays on Queer Desire and Sexuality - edited by Greg Wharton Reviewed by Gary Meyer (02/25/04)

"He observes how interracial couples are subject to their own set of sexual expectations: 'As a very young, very slender, very blond and not very masculine white boy with a conservative-looking, older black boyfriend in a suit, I must be the one with my legs in the air. Whether it was true or not.'"

Erotic Tickling - by Michael Moran Reviewed by Jean Roberta (02/11/04)

"The reader is encouraged to try using various objects beyond fingers: feathers, brushes, bracelets and other jewelry, mirrors, fabric, furs, home-made 'ticklers,' and bondage equipment."

Desperate to Be Touched -- Best Women's Erotica 2004 - edited by Marcy Sheiner Reviewed by William Dean (02/04/04)

"Women's sexuality is Woman herself. Ever-changing, ever-constant, ever unpredictable. It's no writer's gloss-over or sociologist's shrugging, moot question to ask 'What do women want?' It's no lie to answer 'They want it all.'"

Hot Pink Overdrive -- Best Lesbian Erotica 2004 - edited by Tristan Taormino, selected and introduced by Michelle Tea Reviewed by William Dean (01/28/04)

"Fresh, powerful, erotic as hell, and creatively engaging, these fictional evocations of lesbian lust, love, and lingering kisses couldn't be hotter if they had just been slipped out of the microwave."

"Damn, Baby, You Know I Love That" -- Intimacy: Erotic Tales of Love, Lust, and Marriage by Black Men - edited by Robert Fleming Reviewed by William Dean (01/14/04)

"Sadly to say, there are still some folks whose exposure to male Black writers is confined to appreciating how many times they can loosely rhyme words with 'booty' and 'fuck.'"

Make Me! -- The Darker Passions: Frankenstein - by Nancy Kilpatrick (writing as Amarantha Knight) Reviewed by William Dean (01/07/04)

"It is not the sheer terror which is unleashed in the retelling, but the painful pleasures of the whip and thick shafts to plug the softer orifices of hero and heroine."

The Reunion - by Laura Antoniou Reviewed by David Steinberg (12/03/03)

"What distinguishes Allen's photography from so many other images of people who fall outside conventional notions of male-female polarity is the depth of her understanding of, and identification with, the people she is photographing."

A Library Between the Covers: The Lesbian Sex Book - by Wendy Caster, revised by Rachel Kramer Bussel Reviewed by Jean Roberta (10/29/03)

"The cleverly-named entry, 'What Do Women Want?' answers Sigmund Freud's question thus: 'Although not every woman desires every experience every day, women want lovemaking and down-and-dirty sex, cuddling and bondage, monogamy and promiscuity, women and men, fluttery kisses and serious fucking, celibacy and constant sex, to take and be taken.'"

The Leather Daddy and the Femme - by Carol Queen Reviewed by Jean Roberta (10/22/03)

"Carol Queen's erotica, like the woman herself, seems to wear a perpetual smile. This is the queerest of queer porn, including hot scenes of queenly males and butch dykes getting it on with femmy vamps and macho men in every conceivable combination."

Sizzling SF: A Review of The Bachelor Machine - by M. Christian Reviewed by William Dean (10/08/03)

"The machines, the bio-engineered, the alien, and the passionate humans in this collection of stories are, indeed, on a trip to tomorrow where the lusting may not always be easy, but the resulting orgasms are transcendent."

Photo Sex: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age - edited by David Steinberg Reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/17/03)

"Steinberg is to be commended for providing a gateway to the work of so many outstanding artists -- if this is the first book of sexual photography you buy, it's guaranteed not to be the last. Photo Sex takes a giant step toward creating the kind of world where it could take its rightful place on coffee tables, a world where sex and art stand side by side."

Darkly Delicious: Black Rust - edited by Chad Michael Ward Reviewed by William Dean (09/03/03)

"Strangeness, fear, and doubt about reality work on our psyches as aphrodisiacs. Shadow becomes lover, monster becomes the desired, and in the headlong plunge into a maelstrom of obsession and revulsion, we merge with the unknowable in hot caresses, wet unions, and erotic shivers."

Kiss of Fire: The Romance of Sadomasochism - photographs by Barbara Nitke Reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/13/03)
"Look at the classical grain painting Nitke's camera has made of Ann and Ivan, a tall, elegant couple with equal-length flowing hair. They're nude in bed, fucking. Eight and a half months pregnant, Ann is on top, leaning backward. They are serene, content, complete."

From Porn to Poetry 2 - edited by Susannah Indigo and Brian Peters Reviewed by Janice Callisa (08/06/03)
"It's a handy multifaceted book -- I could be political ('here, you should read the poem called 'The General's Dream''); I could be humorous and dirty at the same time ('try reading 'God of Fuck,' it's hilarious'); and in one case I read the poem 'I Do' out loud, which will probably get you laid immediately just by the heat contained in it, with nary a dirty word to be found."

Photo Sex: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age - edited by David Steinberg Reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/17/03)
"Steinberg is to be commended for providing a gateway to the work of so many outstanding artists -- if this is the first book of sexual photography you buy, it's guaranteed not to be the last. Photo Sex takes a giant step toward creating the kind of world where it could take its rightful place on coffee tables, a world where sex and art stand side by side."

Darkly Delicious: Black Rust - edited by Chad Michael Ward Reviewed by William Dean (09/03/03)
"Strangeness, fear, and doubt about reality work on our psyches as aphrodisiacs. Shadow becomes lover, monster becomes the desired, and in the headlong plunge into a maelstrom of obsession and revulsion, we merge with the unknowable in hot caresses, wet unions, and erotic shivers."

Kiss of Fire: The Romance of Sadomasochism - photographs by Barbara Nitke Reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/13/03)
"Look at the classical grain painting Nitke's camera has made of Ann and Ivan, a tall, elegant couple with equal-length flowing hair. They're nude in bed, fucking. Eight and a half months pregnant, Ann is on top, leaning backward. They are serene, content, complete."

From Porn to Poetry 2 - edited by Susannah Indigo and Brian Peters Reviewed by Janice Callisa (08/06/03)

"It's a handy multifaceted book -- I could be political ('here, you should read the poem called 'The General's Dream''); I could be humorous and dirty at the same time ('try reading 'God of Fuck,' it's hilarious'); and in one case I read the poem 'I Do' out loud, which will probably get you laid immediately just by the heat contained in it, with nary a dirty word to be found."

Nymph - by Francesca Lia Block Reviewed by William Dean (07/16/03)
"In a time when publishers seem to want to push erotic writing into edgier, grittier, violent pornography, we can be thankful that writers such as Block and publishers such as Cecelia Tan's Circlet Press still have the courage and inner beauty to offer up the kind of erotic literature that anthologist Alberto Manguel calls 'an exploration of the world from a central and utterly private place.'"

Fuck Me Like a Nova: Erotic Fantastic, the Best of Circlet Press 1992-2002 - edited by Cecilia Tan Reviewed by William Dean (07/02/03)
"Gathered here are twenty-three stories by twenty-three authors representing the what and who you should know if you claim to be a fan of erotic writing that stretches boundaries of the imagination, concepts of gender and grope, futuristic fucks and soul-expanding sucks."

It's Not About the Whip: Love, Sex, and Spirituality in the BDSM Scene - by Sensuous Sadie Reviewed by Julian Robinson (06/25/03)
"How refreshing to read about a woman contemplating a pre-date pornsweep of her abode. How perceptive to observe that, while a male executive having a session with a dominatrix is a cliché, a female executive seeking some relaxing bondage and discipline is practically unheard of."

Pulling Taffy - edited by Matt Bernstein Sycamore Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (06/18/03)
"Matt Bernstein Sycamore's first novel, Pulling Taffy, is a whirlwind of sex, drugs, and speed, leaving the reader reeling from the nonstop action, adventure, and high-flying pace."

Variations On A Kiss -- Quixotic Erotic - edited by Tamai Kobayashi Reviewed by William Dean (06/11/03)
"[S]he stacks her stories of desire, hunger, fascination, exploration, and erotica like multi-colored Legos into a dreaming woman on horseback, secure in her own heroic love and reaching for, we can hope, a soon-reached star."

Slave Trade (Book One) - by Susan Wright Reviewed by Julian Robinson (06/04/03)
"Tijuana club kid with an attitude Rose Rico is sold out by a one-night stand and finds herself (to stunning literary effect) imprisoned naked in a transparent cube stacked amid hundreds of similar cubes filled with slaves en route to their alien masters and mistresses-to-be."

Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity - edited by Chloe Brushwood Rose and Anna Camilleri Reviewed by William Dean (05/28/03)
"Brazen Femme is 276 pages of stories, essays, poems, comic strips, and in-your-face-and-mind writings that take the high prize for audacity and pin the blue winner's ribbon just below its erect pink nipple without benefit of anesthesia. Despite being about and by femmes, this is gutsy, ballsy stuff."

Your Space or Mine -- Sacred Exchange - edited by Lisabet Sarai and S. F. Mayfair Reviewed by William Dean (05/21/03)
"For some, it's as light and passing as the shiver when shy eyes meet piercing gaze across a mall. For others, it's a daily need to surrender or to overwhelm and travel to places which those of average passions can never attain. The taking, the giving up, the bended knees, and the electrical charge of utter control."

One Hand Slapping -- Solitary Sex, A Cultural History of Masturbation - directed by Thomas W. Laqueur Reviewed by William Dean (05/14/03)
"The ancient Greeks, always so philosophically practical, believed that the gods first taught satyrs to masturbate to relieve their rampant sexual frustrations."

The Best American Erotica 2003 - edited by Susie Bright Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (04/30/03)
"Two other stories in the top five include a long excerpt from Nicholson Baker's The Fermata, wherein a woman spends much of the story sitting with a dildo up her ass in her flower garden, and the simply titled story "She Gets Her Ass Fucked Good." Reading the top three stories, I'd say there's a definite theme going here."

Vox - by Nicholson Baker Reviewed by William Dean (04/23/03)
"Vox was the naughty book that lawyers proved Monica bought and gave to President Clinton as a means to stir his libido"

Dark Rendezvous: Best Black Women's Erotica 2 - edited by Samiya Bashir Reviewed by William Dean (04/02/03)
"In these stories we finally get to meet the black lesbians, bisexuals, and kink mistresses we know exist, but who have remained mostly in the shadows."

Accidental Playboy: Caught in the Ultimate Male Fantasy - by Leif Ueland Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (03/26/03)
"Ueland sometimes seems surprised and often amused at their willingness, usually eagerness to pose, though some certainly gain his trust and affection, and the ones he becomes close with are the ones who truly stand out, however briefly they reign supreme in his life."

What It Is -- Speaking Sex to Power: The Politics of Queer Sex - by Patrick Califia Reviewed by William Dean (03/19/03)
"I want to raise Patrick Califia to a small personal pantheon inhabited by writers such as Gore Vidal and Camille Paglia. To me, these three authors know about sex intimately and can write about its myriad influences in intelligent ways that surely transcend biological appurtenances and male-female mindsets."

Bad Girl - by Alison Tyler Reviewed by Gary Meyer (03/12/03)
"What makes a girl bad? She dances with darkness -- danger is her aphrodisiac of choice. Her favorite kind of sex is the unexpected. Amsterdam bores her because nothing is taboo there. And she knows just how to please a woman."

The Best of the Best Meat Erotica - edited by Greg Wharton Reviewed by Nola Summers (02/26/03)
"Beyond the carnivorous theme that runs throughout, the common string that holds this package together is that the stories are sexy and they are different. It is more smorgasbord than simple book –- a pansexual table setting of hetero, gay, and lesbian writing."

Orgasms for Two - by Betty Dodson Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (02/19/03)
"My saving grace is the knowledge that the best way for any intergenerational partnership to thrive is for the older person not to possess the younger one sexually -- Eric is just starting out on his sexual journey -- I want him to enjoy a varied sex life with women of all ages."

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men - by Bill Brent Reviewed by Jean Roberta (02/12/03)
"Getting a hand all the way into your butt doesn't confer on you any mystical wisdom, worldly knowledge, or sacred intimacy unavailable from other parts of the experience. In fact, you're more likely to achieve some of these things by focusing on the overall person, not just on the activity."

Phone Sex: Aural Thrills and Oral Skills - by Miranda Austin Reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/22/03)
"As much as the opportunity to act out their fantasies over the wires, the callers are seeking absolution. A phone sex operator gives them permission and -- more than that -- she's the rare woman who, rather than walk out the door in horror when they confess what turns them on, pulls up a chair and says, 'Wow, that's really interesting. Tell me more. Hey, you know, I could get into that!'"

Erotica Nawlins-Style and All That Sexy Jazz: Sex Noir - by Jamie Joy Gatto Reviewed by William Dean (01/15/03)
"New Orleans, or Nawlins or The Big Easy, is an erotic, steamy, more Old World city than the rest of America. That charm, that strangeness, that fun-loving sexuality is captured by Jamie Joy Gatto in a new collection of erotic fiction titled Sex Noir. "

The Sparks That Smoldered to Flame: Odd Girl Out and Beebo Brinker - by Ann Bannon Reviewed by William Dean (01/08/03)
"Twenty-two year old Ann Bannon helped open up a view on what was then called 'the twilight world.' As she strolled and explored the curling streets and hang-outs of Greenwich Village, as she watched the woman-with-woman couples also strolling along, Ann realized that here was a world she identified with, a world waiting to be written about, openly, even proudly."

Asia Bondage - photographs by Steven Speliotis Reviewed by Julian Robinson (12/25/02)
"Rope is an active partner in Speliotis' stunning fine art photographs of passionate bondage. Winding, wrapping, confining, constricting, it does far more than limit movement and restrict posture. It adorns the female form; it complements her curves while invading her most private, most sensitive regions."

Americano - by Emanuel Xavier
and Tell Me - by Kim Addonizio Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (12/18/02)
"The subjects they're writing about -- drinking, drugs, sex, prostitution, abuse, God, love, loss, anger -- are surely all as old as the world, yet here they are brand new, in language that soars, as Emanuel Xavier might say, from the salsa of their souls, to the cha-cha-cha of Tito Puente, and their words are...stark mirrors of self-examination...looked into without blinking."

Stocking Stuffers - edited by David Laurents Reviewed by William Dean (12/11/02)
"This is the first anthology of gay erotic Christmas stories, and it's surprising to find so many have been penned by the top names in erotica: Tom Caffrey, M. Christian, Lars Eighner, Lawrence Schimel, Simon Sheppard, Felice Picano, and others...the tales sparkle with wit and creativity while also presenting meltingly hot sexual encounters."

Blue: The Color of Desire - by Patrick Linney (Patricio) Reviewed by Adrianna de la Rosa (11/27/02)
"This is how we fall in love. Something happens in a series of small gestures. Like the crinkles forming at the edges of a smiling eye you learn to love by the repetition of this crinkling, the way it looks on a cherished face. Because it is always love we are after, no matter what. No matter what language we couch it in. Even though sometimes this looks like whips."

Frigid Tales - by Pedro de Jesús Reviewed by William Dean (11/20/02)
"Have you stood on a street corner and desired? Have you questioned the meaning of polite manners and wondered what they hid? Have you mentally fumbled about what to say when the conversation turns to sex confessions? If your answers are yes, then you will find yourself hidden, too, among de Jesús' mercurial stories. "

Leash - by Jane DeLynn Reviewed by Julian Robinson (11/06/02)
"Whether Chris is suffering a solitary ordeal, patiently awaiting the release of cell-phone's ring as she sits naked, handcuffed to the radiator in her loft, or challenging her dominant to punish her with hundreds of cane strokes in a battle of wills, DeLynn understands how to inflame the reader's imagination with a few telling details, how to evoke, rather than merely describe..."

The Darker Passions: Dracula - by Amarantha Knight Reviewed by William Dean (10/23/02)
"Pick a dark night, slip into your cozy chair, light a candle, open your mind, put your tongue in your cheek and a hand inside your undies. This, as the saying goes, ain't your great-great grandmom's Dracula."

Sexy Island in the (Main)Stream -- The Erotic Mysteries of Elizabeth George Reviewed by William Dean (10/16/02)
"Elizabeth George weaves the sexual aspects in so keenly and integrally that it's simply part of the world at large policed by her CID protagonists, working-class Barbara Havers and posh lord Thomas Lynley."

Bondage on a Budget - by Alison Tyler and Dante Davidson Reviewed by Gary Meyer (10/02/02)
"Bondage on a Budget takes a lust-crazed look at the plethora of pervertibles all around us -- if you're feeling hot and bothered, everything's a toy. Chopsticks, candles, frozen peas -- chances are if it's in this book, it's within grabbing distance."

Carrie's Story - by Molly Weatherfield Reviewed by William Dean (09/25/02)
"It is the slave auction that most people focus on as the beginning of this eloquent novel of erotic S/M, but, to my mind, it all begins crisply with Denis de Rougement’s quote before the Preface: ‘Passion and expression are not really separable...'"

Best Fetish Erotica - edited by Cara Bruce Reviewed by William Dean (09/18/02)
"Voyeurism, exhibitionism, and inflatable sex partners share literary space with a fetish for horsepower (automobile, not barn-play), a 'thing' for the ever-seductive 'evil grin,' or the fascination of smoking."

110 Stories: New York Writes After September 11 - edited by Ulrich Baer Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (09/11/02)
"The best of these pieces by novelists and poets write about it the way that all great writing happens -- they come at it sideways, or with complete indirection, sometimes in metaphor, and write about love, selfishness, lust, dieting, the lives of the rain, and in one case, from the perspective of a rat in the sewer below the towers."

The Sexual Life of Catherine M. - by Catherine Millet Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (09/04/02)
"Millet offers no excuses for her behavior, and says that she rarely gave it much thought during her thirty years of redefining the term 'sport-fucking.' She is fifty-four years old now, eight years monogamous with the same man she practiced open-marriage with during her adventurous years. And what an adventure it was: she did it in the garden, she loved it on tabletops and car hoods, she was fond of Metro stations, museums, storerooms, and the more men involved the merrier. She liked it up the ass as well as the pussy...but she never did it with a dog..."

Stacking in Rivertown - by Barbara Bell Reviewed by Steven Landsburg (08/21/02)
"Somewhere there was an adored mother who fed her on scraps from dumpsters; somewhere else, an abusive suburban family. All too recently there were the years as a prostitute in the service of a viciously sadistic pimp, and somewhere in the haze of memory, a half-remembered murder."

Speaking Parts - by M. Christian Reviewed by William Dean (07/31/02)
"By his own admission in the Preface to Speaking Parts, M. Christian confesses he never set out to become a male lesbian erotica writer. We know how it is, Chris; sometimes these things just happen."

Sex Disasters and How to Survive Them - by Charles Moser and Janet W. Hardy Reviewed by Ruston Daughtry (07/03/02)
"The first chapter starts with: 'I can't get this cock ring off!' Another ouch -- while studly types may think this is a good thing, you ought to be aware that more than four hours of stiff weiner can be dangerous as hell."

See Dick Deconstruct - by Ian Philips Reviewed by William Dean (06/26/02)
"This is a book that practically shouts out to have rounded corners, faded covers, dog-eared pages, and, yes, even artful stains."

Bethlehem Road - edited by Nancy Crowe Reviewed by William Dean (06/19/02)
"Lesbian-centered literature celebrates another of its new voices in Nancy Crowe. Rejoice! And read."

Sex: Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography - edited by Tony Mitchell Reviewed by Julian Robinson (06/12/02)
"You can feel the biting tension in the ropes, smell the sweat flowing underneath the form-fitting latex, hear the swish of the riding crop, tremble as your Mistress approaches your helpless form, revel in the exquisite torment you're about to mete out to your panting slave."

For the Boys: The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II - by Max Allan Collins Reviewed by William Dean (06/05/02)
"The pinup had primed, over five years of prick-teasing, the largest single explosion of sperm known to military history."

Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica - by Lori Selke, with foreword by Lily Burana Reviewed by Kell Brannon (05/29/02)
"In this book, by my count, there are: 38 orgasms (with aftershocks and extras implied; we women are so lucky that way), 4 fistings, at least 28 strap-ons (think 'rugby team'), 3 clamps, 2 butt plugs, a steel pipe and a gun barrel, used for penetration, handcuffs, a tattooing of a submissive, 2 scalpels, and various paddling implements."

The Poison Tree and The Death Pit - by Tony Strong Reviewed by William Dean (05/22/02)
"For those who like their mysteries with sexual spice and even a bit of casual kink, Tony Strong's style, wit, sass, and sensuality are surprisingly entertaining with all the requisite clues, red herrings, and twists in the tale."

Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure - by Sadie Allison Reviewed by Kell Brannon (05/15/02)
"Tickle Your Fancy is the sort of brave book that doesn't tiptoe or make assumptions...helping the reader envision logistics that may be new or awkward, like straddling a dildo on a pillow (and succeeding)."

The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica - edited by Maxim Jakubowski and Marilyn Jaye Lewis Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (04/24/02)
"Perhaps not surprisingly, almost every photo involves women's bodies (not that I'm complaining about this!). Women are featured indoors, outdoors, clothed, naked, alone, with other women."

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl - by Tracy Quan Reviewed by Jenn Wilson (04/17/02)
"I was fascinated with Nancy's transition from willful teen runaway to callgirl, climbing rungs of a career ladder which, in spirit, many of us can identify with."

Best Bisexual Women's Erotica - edited by Cara Bruce Reviewed by Joy James (04/10/02)
"If you don't already consider yourself bisexual, or want to be, you will after you read this book, which has an almost evangelical quality in all the selections. Sex is good; more sex, even better; and the willingness and the desire and/or need to explore bisexuality, the best of all."

A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis - by David M. Friedman Reviewed by Brian Peters (04/03/02)
"Likewise, the dangers of masturbation make considerably more sense (well, for males, anyway) if semen is believed to be produced directly from scarce neurological tissue, rather than generated in the testes -- that is to say if the penis is connected to the backbone and draining the brain directly."

Earthly Powers - by Anthony Burgess Reviewed by William Dean (03/27/02)
"Earthly Powers is a book impossible to sum up in fewer words than Burgess uses in his long but entirely entertaining novel. If you're a person of depth, of character, and of experience, you will find yourself portrayed, if not on every page, surely in most chapters. And if you are not such a person, read it anyway, and borrow from such an articulation of longing and life. "

Best Women's Erotica 2002 - by Marcy Sheiner Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (03/13/02)
"Marcy Sheiner has made her taste for darker material clear in the first two books in the Best Women's Erotica series (perhaps to combat the notion that, a la 'women's fiction,' women's = sweetness and light), and this year's collection is no exception."

Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs - by Michael A. Rosen Reviewed by Gary Meyer (03/06/02)
"Erotic photographer Michael A. Rosen's work has come full circle -- all the way from S/M, radical sex, and the most unconventional penetration imaginable (e.g.; an American flag flying from a penis) to the most vanilla cuddles."

Erotic Travel Tales - edited by Mitzi Szereto Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (02/27/02)
"Just looking at the gorgeous cover of this book can incite instant wanderlust -- a beautiful woman undressing (on clean sheets, of course!), her bed possibly floating down the canal toward what we know are fabulous cafes full of exotic men and women like she's never known before, all of whom might seduce her and show her the time of her life."

Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm - by Kim Cattrall Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (02/20/02)
"I have to admit that as soon as I heard that Kim Cattrall and her husband were writing a sex book, I wanted to read it. Why? Well, for no more compelling reason than that Kim plays my favorite character, Samantha, on Sex and the City."

The Clitoral Truth - by Rebecca Chalker Reviewed by Shanna Germain (02/13/02)
"A few days after attending (and being completely blown away by) The Vagina Monologues in my hometown, I opened the daily paper to read a scathing review of the performance. At one point in the review, the writer asked this question: "Haven't we moved beyond talking about body parts?"

Oysters Among Us: erotic tales of wonder - by Susannah Indigo Reviewed by Anne Tourney (02/06/02)
"As an adult reader, I relished the voluptuous delights of Oysters, but the book also took me back to the reading experiences of my childhood. The novel's free-flowing structure let me indulge my oldest fictional fantasy: that the characters have lives of their own, and that they continue to exist after I've closed the book."

Sex for the Clueless - by Marcy Sheiner Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (01/30/02)
"Sheiner comforts readers with glimpses into her own sexual forays, such as this one about her first sex party: 'I went because I was curious, and I stayed because the shock of seeing nearly two hundred people engaging in sexual behavior in the same place at the same time jarred me into a state of intense aliveness.'"

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage - by Midori Reviewed by William Dean (01/23/02)
"Lovers and S/M players will find this book an inspiration, as well as a manual on how to weave and tie intricate patterns of rope to turn their beloved into a presentation gift of sensual delight."

Narcissus in Chains - by Lauren K. Hamilton Reviewed by Alex M. Quinlan (01/16/02)
"The incandescent descriptions of the world around Anita that first captivated me have been turned from the color of autumn leaves to the feeling of a man's flesh in her mouth."

Favorites from Favorites (01/09/02)
"But we like our lists a bit on the down and dirty side -- and we like 'em full of girls and guys and hot smokes and mindblowing orgasms and wild dreams."

The Burning Pen - by M. Christian Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (12/12/01)
"'Pornography changes the world,' Pat Califia is quoted as saying, and this smart, complex book is an excellent place to read about how and why that just may be true."

Of the Flesh: Dangerous New Fiction - edited by Greg Wharton Reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/05/01)
"Urgent need won't wait for later, for some time, some place that's safe. Susannah Indigo knows this well. Her heroine in "Night Dreams" who says I wear my breasts so that men want to slap them, meets her ideal mate. They're perfect, he tells her, before painting them with mustard in a fast food joint."

Guilty Pleasures: True Tales of Erotic Indulgence - by M. Christian Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (11/28/01)

"I have my own confession to make; I get off on true stories. I get off on erotic fiction too, but when I know something's true, it makes it just that much hotter, that much more naughty."

Eros: The Meaning of My Life - by Edith Cadivec Reviewed by Naomi Darvell (11/21/01)

"Much of Eros consists of what Cadivec says are letters from her lover, Senta, who vividly writes about what it felt like to discover that spanking and whipping excited her. She describes a scene when she has been beaten herself and is imagining another girl being beaten."

The Lifetyle: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers - by Terry Gould Reviewed by William Dean (11/14/01)

"Swinging is not about finding that single-most desired other person and clinging to them, come hell or high water, for a lifetime. It's about sharing sexual enjoyment and pleasure with any number of people that you find compatible, likeable, or just fun."

Real Live Nude Girl - by Carol Queen, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/7/98)
"Everything made me horny, even things I'd never seen before, even things I thought I'd never do. I was desperately thankful the lights were out."

The Gold Cell - by Sharon Olds, reviewed by J. Hartman (10/21/98)
"Olds' work is intensely personal, almost embarrassingly so-- revealing things about herself (and her family) that most people would be afraid or ashamed of saying..."

Skin - by Dorothy Allison, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (11/4/98)
"I can't write that!...Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Pornography, pornographic, I am, it is....No one must know."

Desire - by Robert Arden, reviewed by Diane Kepler (11/18/98)
"The book's prologue explains how humanity has suffered, among other things, a "viral Armageddon" that has caused the dangerous practise of "body fucking" to be criminalized."

I Am My Lover - edited by Joani Blank, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (12/2/98)
"These women open themselves up to us, and that is beautiful. Both physically and emotionally, they lay themselves bare on the pages of this book. That vulnerability is gorgeous."

What is Love? Richard Carlile's Philosophy of Sex - by Richard Carlile (edited by M.L. Bush), reviewed by Christophe (12/9/98)
"Richard Carlile, early 19th Century radical, was one of the long string of optimists who thought sex could be made to carry a flag."

Goblin Market - by Christina Rossetti, reviewed by J. Hartman (12/16/98)
"Goblin Market purports to be a tale of sisterly love and devotion; but lurking below the surface-- barely below the surface-- is a tangled web of sensual imagery, sexual metaphor, and religious chastity."

Behind Closed Doors - by Alina Reyes, translated by David Watson, reviewed by Todd Belton (1/12/99)
"Wouldn't a kinky choose-your-own story be a real hoot? When I found out that Behind Closed Doors was such a book, I knew I'd have to buy it."

A Midsummer Night's Dreams - edited by M. Christian, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (2/3/99)
"It's suited well / to an erotic twist or two: these lovers pressed / against the mossy ground..."

Doc and Fluff - by Pat Califia, reviewed by Cliff Winnig (2/10/99)
"Hot, raunchy, unabashedly hardcore queer S/M. There's sex between women and sex between men, all of it extreme, with the rules of consent being a grey area in more than one instance."

The Mad Man - by Samuel R. Delany, reviewed by J. Hartman (2/17/99)
"The book called into question my definitions of sex. I know this marks me as naive, but before I read it, it had never occurred to me that someone could derive sexual enjoyment from, for instance, drinking piss."

Herotica 6- edited by Marcy Sheiner, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (3/3/99)
"Sex within committed relationships. Hmm. Well, I don't write a whole lot of stories like that..."

Seductions- edited by Lonnie Barbach, reviewed by Bill Noble (3/10/99)
"In "erotica," the current fad is hard- edged and aggressive, focused on intensity...Lonnie Barbach gives us something kinder. We can care about the characters she anthologizes."

Bittersweet Journey: A Modestly Erotic Tale of Love, Longing and Chocolate - by Enid Futterman, reviewed by Elaine DiRico (3/24/99)
"If only my relationships with the men in my life could be as simple as my relationship with chocolate."

April Fool The Cat in the Hat- by Dr. Seuss, reviewed by Raymond Sullivan (4/1/99)
"Some of you may be wondering just what Dr. Seuss has to do with sex. 'C'mon,' I can hear you saying, 'just what does Dr. Seuss have to do with sex?'"
April The April 1st Extra Edition

The Edge of the Bed: How Dirty Pictures Changed My Life - by Lisa Palac, reviewed by Elaine DiRico (4/14/99)
"So, what would be a politically correct fantasy for a feminist?"

My Tiny Life : Crime and Passion in a Virtual World - by Julian Dibbell, reviewed by J. Hartman (4/21/99)
"[I] a fascinating and personal exploration of sex, gender, and identity in an online community. It goes into more detail, and does so more insightfully, than any other such analysis I've seen."

Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones- edited by Mary Boenke, reviewed by David Steinberg (4/28/99)
"Each of these parents has been called upon to let go of the wealth of gender-based images, conceptions, hopes, and plans they have had for their children, to redefine as fundamentally as gender defines all of us in this society, who their child really is."

On a Bed of Rice : An Asian American Erotic Feast - edited by Geraldine Kudaka, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (5/5/99)
"It may expose you to cultures you've never encountered. And it'll probably even turn you on."

Aphrodite's Daughters: Women's Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul - by Jalaja Bonheim, reviewed by Elaine DiRico (5/12/99)
"It calls to mind the ancient tradition that when one opens to a lover, one invites the Goddess, and be warned!"

Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love
Between the Cracks: The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse
, reviewed by Bill Noble (5/19/99)
"Here are two passionate anthologies from two poles of the sex-positive world."

The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Sexual Passion and Fulfillment - by Jack Morin, reviewed by Elaine DiRico (6/9/99)
"It is about precisely this: what arouses you, why it does, and how to make that better."

Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses - by Isabel Allende, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (7/7/99)
"I repent of my diets, the delicious dishes rejected out of vanity, as much as I lament the opportunities for making love that I let go by because of pressing tasks or puritannical virtue..."

Naked Libido - edited by Marianna Beck, reviewed by David Steinberg (7/14/99)
"In contrast to most commercial pornography...Naked Libido encourages us to think of sex, sexual fantasy, and sexual desirability in multiple, more individual, more creative ways."

Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sado-Masochism - by Phillip Miller & Molly Devon, reviewed by Elaine DiRico (7/21/99)
"[F]or anyone interested in "The Scene,"...this is the Bible. It explores every aspect of sado-masochism that I have imagined...and a few that hadn't occurred to me."

Insomnia (Black Lace) - by Zoe le Verdier, reviewed by Grant Bogart (8/11/99)
"You have to love Zoe's writing. There is dark sex-- bondage, humiliation,-- in some stories, but done in a tasteful, non-woman hating manner. It is real writing. Real seduction. Real characters."

Centuries of Sex: The Mammoth Book of Historical Erotica - Edited by Maxim Jakubowski, reviewed by Jean Roberta (8/25/99)
"This collection of 38 the kind of history book that would have kept you awake in high school-- or awake in bed at night, reading by flashlight so your parents wouldn't find out."

Ferocious Romance: What my Encounters With the Religious Right Taught Me About Sex, God, and Fury - by Donna Minkowitz, reviewed by Brian Peters (9/8/99)
"While she finds herself addressing...demons by adopting the ritualized self-control of an SM "top," she finds her Christian right counterparts addressing their demons in the violent, and surprisingly sexual, imagery of ecstatic worship."

Full Exposure: Opening Up To Your Sexual Creativity & Erotic Expression - by Susie Bright, reviewed by Bill Noble (9/15/99)
"In this book she survives feminism, bomb threats, electrocution, and passionate affairs with a kaleidoscopic array of men and women, and explores motherhood and the vast sexual silences we pull around ourselves."

The Bald-Headed Hermit & The Artichoke: An Erotic Thesaurus - Compiled by Allan D. Peterkin, reviewed by Kathryn Ptacek (9/22/99)
"Toronto psychiatrist and journalist Peterkin has put together a seductive volume, consisting of the mundane four-letter words and phrases you see scrawled on walls, as well as some fairly cryptic stuff..."

Utopia Unlimited - by Charlie Wise, reviewed by J. Hartman (10/13/99)
"If you think comic books are for kids, or if the phrase conjures up images of spandex-clad musclebound oafs and women whose breasts are larger than their heads, then you haven't seen the good stuff."

Exhibitionism for the Shy: Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot - by Carol Queen, Reviewed by Elaine DiRico (11/10/99)
"Exhibitionism is empowering, even if you only do it alone. Knowledge is power, after all, and self-knowledge is the finest kind."

The Book of the Penis, reviewed by Grant Bogart (11/24/99)
"In being brave enough to throw this book together, the author deserves pioneer recognition. It's a great book to dip in and scoop up some pleasure from, and certainly great for plot ideas."

The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order - Edited by Marcelle Karp and Debbie Stoller, reviewed by Lady Cyrrh (1/19/00)
"Basically, the attitude is this: I'm proud to be a girl, but I'm also a tough, shit-kicking girl who likes sex, can mosh and snowboard as well as a boy, has unlimited life prospects and career choices, and takes no guff from the male gender."

The Greatest Show on Earth, by David Steinberg (2/2/00)
"There are so many different sides to Charles Gatewood's photography that it's easy to go a little crazy when you look at any long succession of his images."

The Best American Erotica - Edited by Susie Bright, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (2/9/00)
"Okay, so you already know we're thrilled about the inclusion of two stories in Best American Erotica 2000 that were first published in Clean Sheets"

In the Box Called Pleasure - by Kim Addonizio, reviewed by Kris Bierk (2/16/00)
"Not only are these stories impossible to classify into a ready-made commercial genre, they also blur the style line between poetry and prose. Rarely are her stories strictly linear, never are they plot-driven."

The Diary of Anais Nin: Volume Six 1955-1966 - edited and with a preface by Gunther Stuhlmann, reviewed by Jianda Johnson (3/8/00)
"I prepared for a luscious deluge of whimsical sexspeak. Instead, I found a reflective, self-aware treatise on the beauty and value of sexiness."

The Guide to Getting It On!, by Stacy Hellen (4/5/00)
"If only the Gideons were putting free copies of this book in every nightstand drawer in every motel in the world!"

Betty Page Confidential - Photos by Bunny Yeager, Introduction by Buck Henry, reviewed by Gary Meyer (4/12/00)
"This was a more innocent time. Pin-up was not pornography and girlie pix weren't gynecological."

Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them - by Hanne Blank, Reviewed by Jianda Johnson (4/26/00)
"Blank begins by addressing 'fatphobes' from all walks of life...and finishes the tome with a bang-- literally!"

Desires - edited by Adrienne Benedicks and Shivaji Sengupta, Reviewed by Debra Boxer(5/3/00)
"We find characters who are passionate, scared, sexy, lonely...spilling milk, riding elevators...contemplating mortality, nipping at each other's crotches and charging at each other's imaginations."

Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex - by Katharine Gates, Reviewed by Gary Meyer (5/10/00)
"'In Plush We Thrust.'- Unofficial motto of"

Viscera - Edited by Cara Bruce, reviewed by Mary Anne Mohanraj (5/17/00)
"Many of the stories in Viscera focus on taboo, erotica and death...all presented with their polar opposite-- the life-giving force of sex. Pleasure mixed with pain, as well as shame, grief and fear."

The Girl in a Swing - by Richard Adams, Reviewed by Richard Todd (5/31/00)
"Yet those who have passed the book by on account of its being an erotic story of the supernatural... have rejected a work of the greatest depth and power. It contains among other things, some of the most achingly beautiful prose in modern English literature."

Amorphik: An Erotic Constellation - Edited by Simon Sellars, Reviewed by Kris Bierk and Brian Peters (6/7/00)
"Legend has it that American composer Charles Ives sometimes remarked, after writing a particularly dissonant, rule-breaking chord, 'There, that should clean their ears out.' If that spirit can become erotic literature, Amorphik is it."

Strange Sisters: The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction - by Jaye Zimet, Reviewed by Gary Meyer (6/28/00)
"In a labor of love, art director/book designer/obsessive collector Jaye Zimet has reproduced two hundred vintage paperback lesbiana covers for our delectation."

Erotic Feast M.F.K. Fisher: A Poet of the Appetites - by Susannah Indigo (7/12/00)
"The art of seduction is closely related to the art of knowing yourself well, and both of them are best developed by living your life boldly, awakened to your senses. There is nothing sexier than a person who is confident in their tastes and desires..."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast By Hook or By Cook, The Official Nevada Brothel Cookbook: Cat House Cuisine Concocted by Nevada's Finest Working Ladies - edited by J.R. Schwartz, reviewed by Gary Meyer (7/19/00)
"But in Nevada, ask for salt and pepper and you may find you've hired a pair of playmates with pleasantly contrasting skin tones. In By Hook or By Cook, the Silver State's Working Ladies share their secrets to doing it in the kitchen."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Listening To Winter- by Molly Fisk - Reviewed by Kathleen A. Kelly (8/2/00)
"The poet's voice lures us like our lover's touch; kisses at our collarbone, lipstick at our earlobes, nails at our cheekbone. The sensation is delicious in its anticipation, sated in our coupling, destroyed by desire's own betrayal."

Male Lust: Pleasure, Power and Transformation, reviewed by Jeff Beresford-Howe (8/9/00)
"The only thing worse than academic writing is self-help writing, and the only thing worse than self-help writing is anything that mentions Andrea Dworkin or compares and contrasts GI Joe and Barbie."

Yellow Silk II: International Erotic Stories and Poems - edited by Lily Pond, reviewed by Susannah Indigo (8/16/00)
"The first thing I want to know about an erotic anthology is simple-- what are the sexiest parts?"

Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier , reviewed by Kris Bierk and Brian Peters (8/23/00)
"Marijuana can be a sexual mentor and a sublime electrician, bringing the lights of Broadway to women who have spent years in frigid darkness. All the women in my immediate family learned how to climax by smoking grass."

Aqua Erotica - edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj , reviewed by Bill Noble (8/30/00)
"Listen up-- this is the best collection of erotica in the last three years. Never mind that it has a cover photo that'll make you melt. Never mind that it's completely waterproof."

Red Light: Inside the Sex Industry - photographs by Sylvia Plachy, text by James Ridgeway, reviewed by Gary Meyer (9/13/00)
"Red Light is top-notch journalism-- the opposite of exploitation. Weaving imagery, testimony, and commentary, it illuminates a thriving enterprise that many wish would stay in the dark."

Digital Diaries - by Natacha Merritt, reviewed by C.J. Czelling (9/20/00)
"She really understands the erotic potential of underwear. Some of the photos in tights are more erotic than her blow-jobs."

Black Feathers: Erotic Dreams - by Cecilia Tan, reviewed by William Dean (10/04/00)
"Time is timeless when it comes to dreams. Cecilia Tan proves beyond a doubt in Black Feathers that she can weave dreamstuff with the best of today's erotic writers."

It's a Dirty Job: Writing Porn for Fun and Profit! - by Katy Terrega , reviewed by Shanna Germain (10/11/00)
"I'm going to spend my days having sex on paper. Lots of sex. And I'm going to get paid for it."

The Loving Dominant - by John Warren, reviewed by Naomi Darvell (10/18/00)
"Odor, being one of the most subtle senses, has an intense impact directly on the most primitive portions of the a cycle-gang rape fantasy, I use the odors of oil, gasoline and rubber to emphasize aspects of the fantasy."

Macho Sluts - by Pat Califia, reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (10/25/00)
"The kind of arousal Macho Sluts generates isn't the same as, say, looking at naked redheaded girls. It is more an internal arousal, a feeling of cool ice and white hot fire that shimmers down my spine. It makes me want to take my favorite flogger in hand, curl the tails through my fingers, light candles, and lay my sweet slave girl out on clean white sheets for an evening's ritual worship."

Secret Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous - By Andrea Love , reviewed by Count of Shadows (11/15/00)
"The composer Franz Liszt was one of many who left his satiated and sleeping mistress, wrote a farewell note, dressed and lept from their hotel bedroom in Paris. As he paid the bill, he handed a further amount to the manager explaining, 'This should cover the cost of the furniture she will break when she wakes up and discovers I have left.'"

Swimming Sweet Arrow - By Maureen Gibbon, reviewed by Shanna Germain (11/22/00)
"For anyone out there who has ever argued that erotica is not 'real writing' or 'real literature', I would like to present Swimming Sweet Arrow, by Maureen Gibbon. This coming-of-age story is erotic literature at its very best: intelligent, poignant, unflinchingly honest and hot as hell.'"

The Lusty Lady - Photographs and Texts by Erika Langley, reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/29/00)
In 1992, a young photojournalist moved from Virginia to Seattle. Intrigued by the city's burgeoning topless scene, she decided to do a project on strippers."

Sex & Single Girls: Women Write on Sexuality - Editor, Lee Damsky, reviewed by M. Bailinson (12/06/00)
"I understood that her not being able to see allows her a freedom from the prying eyes and small minds of those around her-- though her fully-sighted boyfriend is often challenged to rise to the occasion, in more ways than one."

Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices - by Brenda Love, reviewed by William Dean (12/13/00)
"Maybe you need to bone up on your Pseudozoophilia? I personally know women who thoroughly enjoy this sort of fantasy game, where a partner plays the role of an animal during foreplay and sex."

The Erotica Project - by Lillian Ann Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson, reviewed by Susannah Indigo (12/20/00)
"And the book is indeed powerful. Some of my favorite erotic writing is short, poetic pieces that work best if read out loud -- writing that lands with the impact of a good poem."

She Came In Drag - by Mary Wings Reviewed by William Dean (01/10/01)
"Wings' mystery tales are filled with her bewitching writer's craft -- detailed settings, twisty plots, well-defined characters, and some of the most sizzling lesbian erotica you'll find on today's mainstream book shelves."

Embraces: Dark Erotica - edited by Paula Guran reviewed by Greg Wharton (01/17/01)
"And like the 14 year old boy -- drawn most easily to horrific and erotic stimuli -- that I sometimes still think I am, I enjoyed curling up in bed with a blanket to read them while playing tent with the hard to ignore boner that reared its ugly head through many a tale."

First Resort - by Nanci Little reviewed by William Dean(1/24/01)
"The characters portrayed here are deep and rich. Take Jordan Bryant -- laboring under a fifteen year old memory of when she was a rising LPGA star of the golfing circuit and now Director of Golf at a Maine coastline resort."

Exit to Eden - by Anne Rice Reviewed by Julian Robinson (2/21/01)
"Lisa describes her early attempts to realize her inescapable desires: boyfriends with an interest in the outre, some weekend masters, and a Roissy-like establishment where she is assured, on asking whether she will be whipped as severely as O, 'No one does that, except in books.'"

Flogging - by Joseph W. Bean Reviewed by Count of Shadows (3/07/01)
"Like any style of making love and having good sex, flogging is far more than simple technique. It is an art form in itself that is mutually creative between partners, that elevates both to a higher, deeper place within their own pleasure-self."

Best Women's Erotica 2001 - edited by Marcy Sheiner Reviewed by Bill Noble (3/14/01)
"I gauge the quality of an anthology by the marks I make on the contents page: little ticks for good, exclamation points for great! I'm picky: a good book usually has three or four ticks. My copy of Best Women's has more than half its stories marked, several with double exclamation points."

Doing It: Real People Having Really Good Sex - by Isadora Alman Reviewed by Shanna Germain (3/21/01)
"From the man who found that using a penis pump really did increase his size, to the woman who masturbates in the kitchen, this book is a voyeur's delight."

Still Doing It: women and men over 60 write about their sexuality - edited by Joani Blank Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (3/28/01)

"'When I died, sex stopped," the story begins, and as you read it is impossible not to both cry, and then laugh with him, for joy, for recovery, for the love of his wife, and for those kisses -- 'a whole geography of kisses over my back, a warm cheek lying for a long moment between my shoulder blades.'"

Tokyo Lucky Hole - by Nobuyoshi Araki Reviewed by Gary Meyer (4/4/01)

"Customers recline in cutout coffins or thrust their manly parts through perforated plywood-partitions (the eponymous lucky holes), waiting to be caressed by presumably female hands. Women serve as human dining tables or masturbate on stage."

Dirty Havana Trilogy - by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez Reviewed by William Dean (4/11/01)

"For Pedro Juan, Havana is an endless cycle of marijuana and fucking. There's no money and no energy left for anything else."

Lofting - by Alma Marceau Reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (4/18/01)

"I am a telesex connoisseur. When you are in a long-distance relationship with someone, there is no better medium to keep the erotic fires burning than to enjoy the benefits of modern-day technology. I once spent nearly two years, somehow being monogamously faithful to a woman I saw maybe four times a year, living on nothing but telesex."

Dirty Words: Provocative Erotica - by M. Christian Reviewed by Gary Meyer (4/25/01)

"Calling Dirty Words "provocative erotica" is like calling an orgasm "a pleasant sensation." Make no mistake; this is rough trade, raunch and roll, doing the nasty."

A Kiss of Shadows - by Laurell K. Hamilton Reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (5/02/01)

"Merry agrees to help two women -- a man's wife and his mistress -- track down the source of that man's sexual prowess and ability to seduce women. Merry is all too willing to be his bait, but soon learns that there is much more behind this seducer than his good looks and money -- he also has a powerful magic sex potion called the 'Branwen's Tears' -- just a drop of which will drive a normal person insane with lust."

A Journey Round a Darker Sun - by Simon Lowrie Reviewed by Julian Robinson (5/09/01)

"What makes a dominant man? Paul has all the obvious qualifications: lady-killer looks, impeccable sexual technique, wealth, class and a monster cock."

The Mother's Guide to Sex -- Enjoying Your Sexuality Through All Stages of Motherhood - by Anne Semans and Cathy Winks
Reviewed by Susannah Indigo (5/16/01)

" I would lie in my backyard in the sun with just a bikini bottom on below the baby, and the heat would stroke my belly, my breasts, my heart, my mind, until I was sure that I was the Earth Mother incarnate and that no woman on the planet had ever been sexier than I was right then. Not to mention that I wanted to fuck all the time."

The Best American Erotica 2001 - edited by Susie Bright Reviewed by Bill Noble (6/06/01)

"Here you are, sneaking around reading a review of Best American Erotica. What, you think you're gonna pick up some dirty parts to quote to that oh-so-sexy person at the next office party? 'Have you read that story about the enormous breasts?' you'll say, flaring a nostril. 'The one Todd Belton wrote for Clean Sheets? It's the first one in Susie's new book. You know, Susie Bright. Breasts,' you'll say."

Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica - edited by Hanne Blank Reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (6/13/01)

"I've always loved fat women. Of the plethora of women I've been involved with, most of them have been round, wonderful curvy people. I started this affiliation young and I have followed it throughout my romantic career."

The Transformations of Gwen - by Julian Robinson (7/04/01)

"Whether draped with spaghetti or spanked to a rosy glow, whether walking her boy dogs through the woods, mounting her man in a sling, or peeing on her stepmother, Gwen is having fun and she doesn't feel one iota of guilt or shame. "

Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women - by Alexa Albert Reviewed by Gary Meyer (7/18/01)

"Twice, she's invited to watch 'parties.' In a dominance session, a client, excited by an additional witness to his humiliation, is dry-sodomized with a dildo."

Fetish: Fashion, Sex and Power - by Valerie Steel Reviewed by Gary Meyer (7/11/01)

"Gloved to her elbows, boots laced up to her thighs, viciously tapering whip dangling from one wrist, a World War II era masked dominatrix reclines in a high chair. Adorned in studs, straps, and tattoos, a pair of late-eighties punk girls embrace."

Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women - by Alexa Albert Reviewed by Gary Meyer (7/18/01)

"Twice, she's invited to watch 'parties.' In a dominance session, a client, excited by an additional witness to his humiliation, is dry-sodomized with a dildo."

Strip City: A Stripper's Farewell Journey Across America - by Lily Burana Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (09/12/01)

"Starting off with the wild premise that before she'll marry her fiance Randy, she must return to her stripping roots and tour the United States, Burana takes her readers on a rollicking ride through the stripping world and her own history with the profession."

Erotic Surrender: The Sensual Joys of Female Submission - by Claudia Varrin Reviewed by Julian Robinson (10/03/01)

"Who else should read it? Husbands whose wives have begun kneeling at their feet after bringing them coffee. Masters who want to know what it's like from the submissive side, what subs get out of it, and how to make them come back for more. And that should be all masters."



Flirting - reviewed by Gary Meyer (10/03/07)

"Love...that word neither of us had used because we're both too cool for that."

Swinging: From Fantasy to Reality - review by Paul Bray (08/22/07)

"Cruising nude along the southeast Alaskan coast is a unique and almost a life changing experience."

Little Children - reviewed by Gary Meyer (06/27/07)

"In the well-populated dysfunctional-suburban-marriage genre, Little Children does something unduplicated. It puts the viewer inside its characters."

Little Children - reviewed by Gary Meyer (06/27/07)

"In the well-populated dysfunctional-suburban-marriage genre, Little Children does something unduplicated. It puts the viewer inside its characters."

Shortbus - review by Gary Meyer (04/11/07)

"What a surprise to find a classy, tender, thoughtful picture with lots and lots of uncensored, unsimulated, come-splattered sex."

Heading South - movie review by Gary Meyer (03/14/07)

"I always told myself that when I'm old, I'd pay young men to love me. I just didn't think it was gonna happen so fast."

sherrybaby - movie review by Gary Meyer (02/07/07)

"One of the most extraordinary acting performances you'll ever see, and one of the bravest, and one of the most physical, and one of the most unglamorous, and one of the most finely shaded."

Women in Love - movie review by Gary Meyer (01/24/07)

"Ken Russell's cinematic masterpiece: fully realized, impeccably cast and acted, sumptuously shot, boldly transgressive."

Broken Flowers - movie review by Gary Meyer (01/17/07)

"Here we have four featured roles superbly played by women in their mid-forties to mid-fifties, but it's not a chick flick."

Mrs. Henderson Presents - reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/03/07)

"Historically, the Windmill Theater had two distinctions: 1) never closing, even during the height of the German bombing of London, 2) tits and ass."

Brokeback Mountain - reviewed by Paul Bray (07/26/06)

The infamous award-winning gay cowboy film...or were they bisexual cowboys?

Breakfast on Pluto - reviewed by Joy St. James (06/21/06)

"Breakfast on Pluto has a breathless innocence, a comedic touch, and an uplifting tone that triumphs over the depressingly bleak and brutal realism of the film.

9 Songs - reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/18/06)

"The close-up of her face, a black sash across her eyes and her mouth struggling to speak while contorting in pleasure, is one of he sexiest things you'll ever see."

Rent This Now! Latter Days - reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/28/05)

"Well, I'm already going to hell for kissing you, so I may as well take the scenic route."

Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract - reviewed by Shanna Germain and Gary Meyer (11/09/05)

"Is 'hardcore and tasteful' a contradiction in terms?"

Rent This Now! My Summer of Love - reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/02/05)

"Asked to show how her boyfriend shags her, Mona gives a hilarious demonstration, making her voice gruff and furiously humping Tamsin, while vocalizing his orgasmic grunts and groans, finishing with a brusque: 'I've come. Gi' me my fags. I've gotta be off.'"

Basic Instinct - reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/23/05)

"This is the one with the bedroom bondage, the ice pick, and the notorious flash of Sharon Stone's beaver."

Rent This Now! But I'm a Cheerleader - reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/31/05)

"Earns a solid 'best viewed under the influence of illegal substances' rating."

Rent This Now! But I'm a Cheerleader - reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/31/05)

"Earns a solid 'best viewed under the influence of illegal substances' rating."

Rent This Now! Smooth Talk - reviewed by Gary Meyer (07/27/05)

"Smooth Talk contains one of the most powerful seduction scenes on film."

Rent This Now! Angels & Insects - reviewed by Gary Meyer (07/13/05)

"Angels & Insects is justly famous for its opening sequence, beginning with a feverish torch lit Amazonian tribal rite -- accelerating drumbeats, whirling painted dancers clad only in feathers and loincloths, swaying buttocks -- into which an incongruous, fully-dressed white man is carried, presumably for some sort of sexual initiation. "

Rent This Now! Sirens - reviewed by Gary Meyer (05/11/05)

A great deal of clothing-optional gamboling, frolicking, and romping in a splendid countryside with a perpetual whiff of lust on the wind.

Rent This Now! Intimacy - reviewed by Gary Meyer (04/13/05)

Hot anonymous lovers and the ultimate erotic betrayal.

Rent This Now! Dancing at the Blue Iguana - review by Gary Meyer (03/09/05)

Remarkable for its moody, evocative mise-en-scène, its convincing ensemble work, and the star caliber of its dancers.

Rent This Now! When Will I Be Loved - review by Gary Meyer (02/09/05)

A near-perfect little gem of a sexy noir.

Rent This Now! The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/22/04)

Everybody's Sin is Nobody's Sin: Alfred Kinsey and the Breaking of Sexual Silence - reviewed by David Steinberg (12/15/04)

In praise of a sexual pioneer.

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch in Road House - directed by Rowdy Herrington Reviewed by Gary Meyer (07/21/04)

"Dalton unbuttons Doc, freeing her breasts. Doc yanks down his zipper. Pulling up her dress, Dalton finally kisses her. Getting a good grip on her ass, he lifts her and lowers her onto his raging impertinence."

Tipping the Velvet (BBC Miniseries, 2002) - directed by Geoffrey Sax Reviewed by Gary Meyer (06/16/04)

"Dildos, drag, decadence, topless bedroom scenes, and nudge-nudge-wink-wink music hall numbers coupled with classy, high-costume production values make this a must, if only for the transgressive frissons it detonates amid Masterpiece Theater propriety. This is the kind of thing that gives soft core a good name."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Linda Griffiths and Jane Halleren in Lianna - written, directed, and edited by John Sayles Reviewed by Gary Meyer (06/02/04)

"Lianna rolls on top, a cascade of ringlets obscuring her face, her impossibly fair skin gleaming, her athletic back and buttocks so well-sculpted by the camera that she could be a classical statue."

Orgasm: The Faces of Ecstasy - a video by Marianna Beck, Joani Blank, and Jack Hafferkamp Reviewed by Gary Meyer (05/05/04)

"This is one DVD where skipping the Extras would be a big mistake. You'd miss Desiree's mesmerizing seven-minute-long ecstasy session. Framed by freckled shoulders, a narrow beaded silver choker, and a tidal wave of blond hair, her face contorts in unbearable pleasure. She's possessed, transfigured, transformed. "

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Linda Fiorentino and Peter Berg in The Last Seduction - directed by John Dahl Reviewed by Gary Meyer (04/21/04)

"Their first sex is discreetly off screen, but soon they're grunting and groaning in public, Bridget hanging from the chain link fence around the dumpster right outside the bar's back door."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Don Johnson and Virginia Madsen in The Hot Spot - directed by Dennis Hopper Reviewed by Gary Meyer (03/31/04)

"A winning hybrid of softcore porn and film noir, The Hot Spot's so jam-packed, it's missing only the kitchen sink -- there's the blackmail, the bondage, the beating, the bikini, and the blind witness -- and that's only the B-movie Bs."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: The Purple Paper Scene in Blow-Up - co-adapted and directed by Michelangelo Antonioni Reviewed by Gary Meyer (03/24/04)

"Hemmings dives into the pile and yanks off the Blonde's tights. He and the Blonde yank off the Brunette's tights. Naked and tangled in the paper, the birds attack the fully-clothed photographer, getting his shirt off. The Brunette grabs his arms as the Blonde works at his belt."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Sarah Miles and Kris Kristofferson in The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea - adapted and directed by Lewis John Carlino Reviewed by Gary Meyer (02/18/04)

"The comely raven-haired widow has a nightly ritual. With her wispy negligee unfastened, she sits before her vanity mirror and gazes at her departed husband's photograph while rubbing lotion into her hands, her neck, and sometimes her breasts."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Satan Mates with Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby - adapted and directed by Roman Polanski Reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/21/04)

"The caress is repeated, but the hand has grown larger, grown scales, grown claws, leaving bloody tracks. A giant, scaly hand raises her buttocks. A reptilian form hovers above her. Rosemary briefly closes her eyes and opens her mouth in pleasure."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in Body Heat - written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan Reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/24/03)

"With Matty's back turned to Ned, over her blouse and skirt his hands feed hungrily on her breasts and crotch. She unbuttons his shirt, burrows into his chest hair. Ned pulls up her skirt and slip, his hand invading her panties."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: The Closet Scene in Blue Velvet - written and directed by David Lynch Reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/17/03)

"For those of you keeping score, this scene features: voyeurism, phone domination via kidnapping of loved ones, female domination via chef's knife, female nudity and male nudity, plaid boxer shorts worn with black socks, male domination, fabric fetishism, inhalation via anesthesia mask, profanity, violent abuse, incestuous age play, and the tender seduction of a young man by an older woman, shading into masochism."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Joan Allen Masturbates in Pleasantville - written and directed by Gary Ross Reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/10/03)

"Steam rises from the bathwater. The black-and-white bathroom wallpaper, a tasteful flowers and ducks pattern, turns colors as does the glass swan holding those little soap balls, as does a bird sitting in a tree outside the window. Suddenly the fire department has more urgent business to deal with than stranded cats."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Patricia Charbonneau Seduces Helen Shaver in Desert Hearts - directed by Donna Deitch Reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/26/03)
"The lovers aren't shot to display their body parts; they're shot to show their intimacy, their connection -- plenty of kissing, facial caresses, slow embraces. Their nipples collide in brief close-up, Cay's larger breasts nuzzling Vivian's smaller ones, then back to kissing. Vivian finally rolls on top, her back arching in climax."

Urban Friction: A Modern Romance - directed by Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp Reviewed by Adrianna de la Rosa (11/19/03)
"As a woman who's never seen sex scenes outside of mainstream films, this was like opening a giant box of special chocolate truffles, for my solo, naughty enjoyment. How wicked!"

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Marilyn Monroe Gives Love Lessons to Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot - directed by Billy Wilder Reviewed by Gary Meyer (11/12/03)
"Her voice caresses the lyrics as sensuously as her gowns cling to her refreshingly well-fed form. As they rise above her diaphragm, the dresses dissolve into gauze and a pair of discreetly placed spangles. Monroe's formal wardrobe constantly jars the viewer with the illusion that she's running around topless."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Nastassja Kinski's Bondage Sex in Cat People - directed by Paul Schrader Reviewed by Gary Meyer (10/15/03)
"The ideal movie for those special evenings when it's just you, a close friend or two, and your fur suits."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Keanu Reeves Meets Dracula's Brides in Bram Stoker's Dracula - directed by Francis Ford Coppola Reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/24/03)
"Luckily, somebody must have realized that the only hope for this umpteenth Dracula remake was to weird it out and sex it up."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: The Air-otica Number in All That Jazz - directed by Bob Fosse Reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/10/03)
"Last are Gary and John, already sweaty from the first part of the number, their exquisite bodies clad only in dance straps, performing utterly convincing love play that stops the show. Watching Fosse's obvious tribute to all the gay dancers he must have worked with, we know we aren't in Kansas anymore."

A Feast for the Sensual Soul: Mostly Martha - directed by Sandra Nettelbeck Reviewed by William Dean (08/27/03)
"Mostly Martha is one of those odd anomalies in film: a sensual film that is as much about the unleashing -- at last -- of repressed desires and love without the stereotypical flailing wildly about in raw fetishism and promiscuity, without the cocommittant lonely self-stroking in the dark nights of the human souls."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Melanie Griffith Seducing Jeff Daniels in Something Wild - directed by Jonathan Demme Reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/20/03)
"She's Lulu, a human moving violation, pure libido, one hundred percent id. She's just tossed his pager out the car window between swigs of Seagram's 7. He's Charlie, the kind of guy who has his T-shirts pressed, but occasionally walks out of restaurants without paying."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: The Air-otica Number in All That Jazz - directed by Bob Fosse Reviewed by Gary Meyer (09/10/03)
"Last are Gary and John, already sweaty from the first part of the number, their exquisite bodies clad only in dance straps, performing utterly convincing love play that stops the show. Watching Fosse's obvious tribute to all the gay dancers he must have worked with, we know we aren't in Kansas anymore."

A Feast for the Sensual Soul: Mostly Martha - directed by Sandra Nettelbeck Reviewed by William Dean (08/27/03)
"Mostly Martha is one of those odd anomalies in film: a sensual film that is as much about the unleashing -- at last -- of repressed desires and love without the stereotypical flailing wildly about in raw fetishism and promiscuity, without the cocommittant lonely self-stroking in the dark nights of the human souls."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Lena Olin and Juliette Binoche's Nude Modeling Scene in The Unbearable Lightness of Being - directed by Philip Kaufman Reviewed by Gary Meyer (07/09/03)
"Sabina's hands cover her face, then her eyes. Possessed by Tereza's surprising power, melting into the moment, she falls onto all fours at the merest brush of Tereza's hand, as if Tereza had struck her down with a blow, her breathing loud and ragged."

Secretary - directed by Steven Shainberg Reviewed by Julian Robinson (05/07/03)
"And, above all, watch Lee as she absorbs her first (fully clothed) spank from Mr. Grey after a slow, deliberate, ritualistic build-up with all the tension and thrills of the first time two people have sex with each other. Lee has deliberately provoked him, and the occasion is classically choreographed in the corporal punishment tradition: the summons, the long walk down the hall to the headmaster's office, the ominous closing of the office door, the assuming of the position."

Better Than Chocolate - directed by Anne Wheeler Reviewed by Gary Meyer (01/01/03)
"Mom's sexual reawakening is one of the many, many subplots, this one known as 'dildos galore.' Mom's snarfing down some chocolate, her drug of choice, when she happens upon the proverbial box under the bed...after puzzling over a double dong and a long, floppy, beaded probe, she finds a device with a clit-tickling attachment, a load of marbles, and a remote control. Its motion captivates her."

Dangerous Beauty - directed by Marshall Herskovitz Reviewed by Gary Meyer (12/04/02)
"With all the advantages of the courtesan's life: being allowed to read (wives were not); to hunt, drink, and carouse with the guys, to hang out at the most super parties with the cream of Venetian society, it's surprising there wasn't a severe shortage of Venetian wives, especially considering the beefcake clients Veronica gets. "

Marie and Jack: A Love Story Reviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (11/13/02)
"This film doesn't need to show endless pussy shots to capture the magic and harmony of their sex life, and that's to its immense credit."

Y Tu Mamá También - directed by Alfonso Cuarón Reviewed by Gary Meyer (10/30/02)
"Consider the scene of the boys reclining on diving boards in a deserted country club, fantasizing about every woman they find attractive. ('How about your girlfriend's mom?' 'Fuck off!') The camera pulls back to reveal them furiously masturbating. They come simultaneously; an underwater shot capturing their spunk plopping into the pool."

Great Erotic Movie Moments: Jamie Lee Curtis' Hooker Turn in True Lies - directed by James Cameron Reviewed by Gary Meyer (08/28/02)
"When I got this DVD from Netflix, I went right to Jamie Lee Curtis' famous go-go dance. It's about ten times hotter than I remembered. And ten times deeper."

The Image - directed by Radley Metzger Reviewed by Julian Robinson (08/14/02)
"Connoisseurs of whips-and-chains cinema, rejoice! Radley Metzger's sadomasochistic masterpiece, The Image is finally available on DVD. The transfer is magnificent, the action is uncensored, and the intensity is unparalled.

Eye Candy, Food for Thought -- Cinematic Cuisine - by William Dean (07/24/02)
"Whatever, your taste in food, sex, and films, here's a menu with mini-reviews to help you stage your very own erotic film feast."

Superstar -- The Life & Times of Andy Warhol - directed by Chuck Workman Reviewed by William Dean (07/19/02)
"By remaining somewhat sexually ambiguous himself -- and there is still debate over whether he was gay or asexual -- Andy Warhol surrounded himself with people of all sexual persuasions."

A World of Blue: David Lynch's Mulholland Drive Reviewed by Naomi Darvell (11/07/01)

"Thus begins one of the best lesbian encounters I've ever seen in a movie. If the sex isn't completely new and uncharted, director David Lynch makes it seem so."

Besieged (6/23/99), Reviewed by James Withers
"Besieged sounds like the a typical love story. Opposites attract, have problems, fall in love, yadda, yadda, yadda. Its deliverance, however, is atypical."

Eyes Wide Shut (8/4/99), Reviewed by James Withers
"I am willing to be wrong here, but Eyes Wide Shut is more hype than substance. Be bold. Give your money to a porn director instead of Kubrick's estate."

Love and Death on Long Island (9/1/99), Reviewed by James Withers
"Love and Death on Long Island makes sense only if you have simultaneously experienced love, obsession, and loss. In short, it is a film for us lucky few (losers?) who constantly bemoan our love lives."

North and South-- South Park: The Movie (9/22/99), reviewed by Jean Roberta
"This Canadian reviewer watched the movie with a group of gay male and lesbian friends, and at times we almost fell out of our seats laughing. Later, we discussed the delicious irony of Canadian art (to use the word loosely) as a bad influence to be stopped at the American border."

At Play in the Fields of the Lord (11/3/99), by Steven Cervo
"Hector Barbenco's 3-hour film about Amazonia is a penetrating, surreal dream journey into the human spirit."

Bound - (11/17/99), reviewed by James Withers
"It is this stimulating-- human maybe-- combination of the erotic and the violent that allows Bound to satisfy both our Eros and Thanatos drives."

To Be a Man: Boys Don't Cry and the Story of Brandon Teena (12/8/99), by David Steinberg
"Happily, Boys Don't Cry rejects any such one-dimensional premises and easy answers, refuses to demean the power and impact of what happened to Brandon Teena by turning his story into either a freak show or a sob story."

American Beauty - (12/15/99), Reviewed by Daniel Blue
"American Beauty has inspired raves among critics and alternate joy and irritation among viewers. These mixed reviews should surprise nobody."

My Millenium Wish - (12/29/99), by James Withers
"All this list-making might be fun if we heard Dan Rather say, "Here is Susie Bright to give us her top ten butt plugs of the century."

The Talented Mr. Ripley - (1/26/00), Reviewed by James Withers
"There is no film in recent memory that deals better with desire and the terrible feeling of alienation from the worlds we learn to covet."

All About My Mother - (3/1/00), by Daniel Blue
"To those with eyes to see, his films have always been heartfelt and surprisingly deep, a comedy of humanity presented with talent and wry intelligence."

Gladiator - (6/14/00), reviewed by Daniel Blue
"Gladiator has a 'happy' ending, but the general melancholy tells us something different... Gladiator is one of the darkest pop films to come around in some time."

Erotic Feast Cinema Consommé- (7/5/00), reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy
"My popcorn-parmesan-and-yeast-coated beard found new tastes combining sweet white wine, her delicious pussy, and dark chocolate. She would tell me to go faster or slower as she watched Kim Basinger..."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover- Directed by Peter Greenaway- (7/26/00), reviewed by Daniel Blue
"At one point the naked couple is thrust into a van of spoiled food as though they were Adam and Eve entering a paradise gone rotten. When we later watch them shower..."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Rated X - Directed by Emilio Estevez, reviewed by Magdalene Meretrix (11/8/00)
"I'm used to getting edited versions of films from Blockbuster, but with full shots of not just tits and ass but penes and vaginas, I don't think this one got cut. If it did, I'm not sure I'd survive viewing the director's cut."

Chocolat - directed by Lasse Hallström reviewed by David Steinberg (2/28/01)
Chocolat draws the connection between the suppression of pleasure and the suppression of our animal natures, the suppression of artistic creativity, the suppression of Third World cultures, and (most fundamentally) the suppression of women across the board."

The Center of The World - a film by Wayne Wang Reviewed by David Steinberg (5/23/01)

"There will be no sex worker as pathetic victim in Wang's new film, 'The Center of the World,' no sex worker as glamorous sex idol, no sex worker as misguided soul in need of salvation from herself, no sex worker as heroic goddess of liberated sexual expression."



Music reviews from 2001 - 2003, ranging from Bob Dylan to Prince to the Blind Boys of Alabama - - Jeff Beresford-Howe (04/02/03)
"And finally, let's not forget the sex. It'd be worth it even if she didn't make you desperately wish you could be the person she's talking about when she sings, 'Later on he kissed me/And took me by the hand/He whispered in my ear and I could barely stand'.

Make Love Not War - by Jennie Orvino Reviewed by Bill Noble (05/08/02)
"I could tell you that the long jazz piece, "Moon Dance," is about anal sex, but that wouldn't begin to describe the physical immediacy or the lyric, explicit transcendence of this piece."

Wet - by Robert Lloyd Anderson Reviewed by William Dean (05/01/02)
"Anderson unabashedly writes background music for the darker sexual scenes and sub-space pleasures. Like the soundtracks to Blade Runner and Sorcerer, the beat is elusive yet steady with repetitive upward sweeps and glides that, punctuated by the slap of crop, flogger, or whip, don't so much ease the pain as darken and shadow the ripples."

Boléro - composed by Maurice Ravel (12/2/98), reviewed by Richard
"There's nothing subtle about the strutting, deliciously arrogant horniness of the tune nor about its inexorable saunter to salacious satisfaction."

Fantasia - composed by Vaughan Williams (1/6/99), reviewed by Richard
"Have you ever found the thought of your beloved transcendently joyful?"

Rite of Spring - composed by Igor Stravinsky (2/3/99), reviewed by Richard
"It is sensuous in its elemental way, but utterly independent of any sense of romance or sentimentality. Indeed, its first audience found it brutal and cacophonous."

The Sensuous Impressions of Debussy (3/3/99), reviewed by Richard
"This is not a piece to which you would want to choreograph your lovemaking. It is more like the scented candle you might light as you draw your lover into your chamber, or perhaps an aromatic cachet nicely placed in your bedding."

The Dance of the Seven Veils (4/7/99), review by Richard Todd
"It is darkly, intensely erotic, suggesting every manner of forbidden passion and sultry satisfaction."

Tristan und Isolde (5/5/99), review by Richard Todd
"This revolutionary and ultimately romantic opera is as good an example as you'll ever find of music expressing the erotic."

Summer Music (6/2/99), review by Richard Todd
"I don't know about you, but when the heat of summer arrives, my erotic interests shift a little."

Eròtic-Giust (7/7/99), review by Richard Todd
"You probably haven't heard many song cycles in Catalan, and you have certainly never heard anything quite like this. As the title suggests, these are not the kinds of songs you sang in Sunday school."

This Woman's Work - by Kate Bush (3/22/00), Reviewed by Cliff Winnig
"What separates Kate Bush from the crowd of love-lorn crooners is her sense of the sensual, and her evocation of passion."

1-2, Oh My God. or the sexual enhancement of electronica music. - by J-Rock (01/03/01)
"By "electronica", I mean that type of music which includes but is not limited to techno, ambient, acid jazz, house, "goth", house, some hip-hop, "dub", and some rap. However, I am really giving sexual kudos here to techno and ambient."

Gaia Circles - by Gaia Consort, Reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (1/31/01)
"You may ask, "What does this have to do with sex?" Well, each and every song here resonates with a fundamental sexual energy, a kind of sexual spirituality that honors the feminine and the masculine, that reaches in into the world of polyamory..."



Lying Blissfully in the Lap of Luxury - reviewed by Ann Regentin (12/19/07)

Try to imagine a perfect vibrator -- a review of the Rolls Royce of vibrators, the Form 6.

Romancing the Rabbit - reviewed by Ann Regentin (12/05/07)

"Neither my mother nor I had ever had our hands on a Rabbit vibrator before, and we passed it back and forth, speculating wildly."

Getting Off Quick With Babeland - by Gwen Masters (11/21/07)

"Since I'm a curious girl, I wondered: what would happen if I used the Wand and its attachment along with the Flower Balm?"

O'My Natural Lubricant - review by Bill Noble (06/20/07)

"The best lube ever. Honest."

The Cone: The Mount Fuji of Vibrators - review by Bill Noble (06/06/07)

"A complex, powerful vibrator that could quite possibly land the Space Shuttle in an emergency, or elect Hillary President."

Falling in Love with Babeland - review by Gwen Masters (03/21/07)

Two by Two to Babeland

G-spot Spelunking: Finding your Little G for a Big O - by Shanna Germain (04/26/06)

More joyful toys from our friends at Babeland.

Tunnels of Love: Slip into Something Extremely Comfortable -- Penis Sleeves from Babeland - by Julian Robinson (04/12/06)

"Lucky for you, Clean Sheets has no shame and will try anything."

The Pinch of Pleasure: Clip Those Nips! - reviewed by Julian Robinson (01/11/06)

Nipple clips deluxe - for men?


Get Your Heart On with the Sweet Heart Vibe - by Shanna Germain (02/08/06)

Another great buzzing toy from Babeland!

A Girl's Best Friend - by Betti Mustang (05/11/05)

Up close and personal with the rabbit...

Wheel of Torture? Wheel of Fun! - by Julian Robinson (09/15/04)

Tease your partner into ecstasy with...a pinwheel?

What Buttocks Are Made For: A Passion for the Rubber Paddle - by Julian Robinson (08/11/04) Spanking, whacking, and topping from the bottom, from our master reviewer

Making It Special: For Your Valentine Reviewed by William Dean (02/05/03)
"The most popular item going is the realistically modeled pair of chocolate handcuffs. Tied together and with their red ribbon bow, these are a steal at under six bucks."

Devil Girls and Boys: An Interactive Review Reviewed by Shanna Germain (03/20/02)
"A red stretch cockring catches his eye first, then the bottle of lube. He pulls out the butt plug and automatically hands it to me, but I gently inform him that this is his toy box.

Give her those Good Vibrations this Holiday Season Review by Shana Germain (12/19/01)
"But how do you choose the perfect vibrator for your loving sweetheart? It's easy -– we've reviewed some of this year's top models so you can be sure to give your girl the one vibe that will really jingle her bell."

Lubricants - reviewed by Kris Hawes (10/14/98)
"Lubricants add delightful slipperiness...but what's out there? What's available? How do you find something you like?"

The Celtic Phallus- by Kristine Hawes (11/11/98)
The Celtic Phallus is certainly not the least expensive dildo on the market...but it may be the most beautiful.

Santa's Bag- by Kris Hawes (12/9/98)
Rodeo Rider, Incredible Joysticks, Fleshlight, SuperStretch Sleeves and SuperStretch Rings

Harnesses- by Kris Hawes (1/26/99)
Thigh One On and the Texas Two Strap

Lightning Play- by Christophe Pettus (2/17/99)
Electric Toys

Getting the Shaft- by Kristine Hawes (3/17/99)

April Fool Industrial Safety- by Kristine Hawes (4/1/99)
"Meet the "Tire Iron" line of condoms."
April The April 1st Extra Edition

How To Shop For Sex Toys- by Kristine Hawes (4/28/99)
"Retailers of sex toys have come a long way from the paper-covered window shops of the '60s and '70s."

We're here to-PUMP- you up!- by Kristine Hawes (5/26/99)
"A man can almost feel the eyes of everyone in store on him as he even contemplates the purchase of one."

Cyberskin Virtual Reality Sex Kit
Vibrating Dildo with Cyberskin Sleeve
- (6/16/99)
, by oceania
"There was a hole in the packaging. 'Feel it', she giggled. My friend grabbed the box and put her finger inside the hole and rubbed 'Ohhhhhhh yummm,' she smiled. 'I need one of these.'"

Natural Contours - review of Candida Royalle products Reviewed by Shanna Germain (09/19/01)

"Of course, it was all fun and fantasy until my honey arrived home and found four little vibrators lined up on the kitchen counter like an odd set of salt and pepper shakers."


The Web

Looking for Love in all the Web Places: An odyssey through the best, the sexiest, and the tawdriest e-personals - by Gwydion McCarthy, (12/27/00)
"The question is, 'Are they biting at Webpersonals?' Well, yes, they are. I created a female ad just to see what the response was like. It was..."

In Bed With Susie Bright - Web spoken word by Susie Bright Reviewed by Gwydion McCarthy (5/30/01)

"I don't know what it is about a woman's voice. Women's voices make me weep, sing, and get a hard-on in microseconds. Simple syllables pouring out of their mouths can change everything. I listen for each nuance, each tone, each power-packed syllable and my mind goes into overtime interpreting, reacting, listening."

House of - by Gwydion McCarthy (6/27/01)

"The Net has provided Sissify to those men who are brave enough to admit that they want to tap into the sexual juice of their feminine sides, to submit to the power of womanhood, to give up their macho natures for a time to be properly trained and dominated and controlled by a woman."

Sex on the Web for Consumers - by Jane Duvall (10/21/98)
"So you think you found a decent site, and you are going to join. Don't forget some common-sense precautions."

Cybersitter Software - by Jane Duvall (11/25/98)
"Cybersitter doesn't just filter porn, but also feminist organizations . . . and sites that deal with homosexual rights and activism."

Sex Websites- Jane's Guide to Adult Verification Services - by Jane Duvall (12/23/98)
"Lifetime memberships.. remember.. this should be called "lifetime of the AVS".. it's probably not going to be YOUR lifetime."

Thinking About Becoming an Adult Webmaster? Then Read On , by oceania
"Does the idea of being surrounded by pictures of beautiful naked people doing outrageous things and making money from it sound deliciously easy?"

Thinking About Becoming an Adult Webmaster? Part 2-- Free Content (10/6/99), by oceania
"So you've given a long hard look at becoming an adult webmaster. You've decided you have something to say... You have great taste but no money."

Some of the Best of 1999 - (12/22/99), reviewed by Lady Cyrrh
"This month we debut The Annex Reviews, a regular review of online erotica by Lady Cyrrh."

Elf Sternberg/Journals - (2/23/00), Reviewed by Lady Cyrrh
"Well, if you like fantasy and science fiction, you'll be like a kid in a candy store."

Alt.Sex.Stories: An Introduction - by Raymond Sullivan (3/15/00)
"Think of it as Penthouse Forum without (in most cases) the pretense of being non-fiction, and without any editorial standards at all, and you'll be on the right track."

Alt.Sex.Stories: Taria (5/24/00), Reviewed by Raymond Sullivan
"The writings in are not particularly known for their literary quality... But there are exceptions to the rule, and Taria is among the most notable exceptions."

Alt.Sex.Stories: M1ke Hunt (6/21/00), Reviewed by Raymond Sullivan
"Raymond Sullivan goes to great lengths to get us into the mind and writing of M1ke Hunt,' class clown, in the next installment of his series."

Fall Color (A survey of redheaded Web sites) - by Gwydion McCarthy, (9/27/00)
"Now, I realize that the intersection of the set of people who are both natural redheads and willing to take off their clothes is finite... With that in mind, I give you my recommendations for the top three redheaded fetishist Web sites on the Internet."


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