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Poetry Contents

Treasure Trove - David Rutter

"One single drop Of your precious sex / Falls from my lips To lie Abandoned / On your taut skin"

a female thing - A. Lure

"Shes opium, an opening / of geranium petals / her hair incense sticks / her sex a bed of coals, a bowl of strawberries"

Three poems about cunnilingus - F. Michael LaRosa

"On these sheets is my truth of you / woman on top, man the starry eyed receptacle / his senses smothered in salted honey"

Porn on a Plane - J. Pierce

"Anonymous iPad porn / at 35,000 feet / 50 shades of / throat clearing"

Deeper Inside You - Bill Wolak

"Under your flesh / closer to your blood / than skin / I want to lick / the inside of your nipples / tickle your breasts / from inside their swaying"

Pearls, Another Use - Marina Kris

"double-tied, wrist to wrist / an if-I-wanted-to slip knot / pretty cuffs he's tied for hands / pressed palm to palm"

Ashes to Ashes - Maria Celeste

"a long red ribbon wrapped / around her throat and ankle / the thrill of her own words blooming inside her / trembles her flesh, waters her eyes"

Mastering the Art of French Kissing - Dan Lee

"Select 2 fresh mouths / Open / Combine / Fold in tongues / Layer vigorously"

Ode on an Orange - William Wright Harris

"I never understood those who cut you / fileting your greatness into slender wedges / I prefer to thrust my fingers into your skin"

Big Picture - Paul Hostovsky

"And what are we but two ticks who have found the deer-throat of love, love? / No different than all the other little borers and all the little fuckers / out there in the world who would eat us if we weren't already lovingly eating each other right now on the living room floor"

Night School - David Groulx

"The first time it happened / I wanted to tell her / that I'm usually harder than this"

The Road - Paul Hostovsky

"I'm t-trembling. It couldn't be / from fear, because we put an ear to the ground / and heard nothing coming but ourselves"

Poems - Athena Marie

"You stand above me / tugging my hair / to draw my lips / closer to your will / And I lay / open like the sky"

After Showering - Zachary Horvitz

"I would like to spend an hour / sweeping the coiled / surface of your pubic / mound, first / with my fingers"

Linger - Lorraine Langstaff

"Lascivious laughter and lingering fingers paint pictures of / pleasure on electric, fervid flesh"

Winter's Kiss - Lorraine Langstaff

"Wrapped in the arms of Morpheus / familiar lips speak to me of another time and place"

Animal - Marina St. Clare

"Feral. The smell of him takes from me domestication, indoctrination, trepidation"

Poems - April Dressel

"I like to masturbate in the morning / to the smell of his skin /

30 for 50 - Alex Stein

"Then she toppled forward, cheek to my cheek, lips to my ear / and whispered wickedly, but with perfect joy / 'I came on your heart."

Haiku - D.C. Nobes

"I anticipate / the taste of you on my tongue"

Poems - Melanie Votaw

"I feel like the star exotic dancer / lying stretched on a glass slide / under light and lens"

Poems - A.J. Huffman

"You press my hands against the mirror / So we can watch your hands conquer my body"

Hers - Dave Casper

"It was kissing / That engineered my erections / It was locking eyes / That made our fucking fantastic"

Talk - Milos Jacques

"The constant talk of eating pussy / had gone to their heads"

Hole - Clare L. Martin

"There's a hole / in the carpet / from the rubbing / of our bodies / when we fuck / hard on the floor"

bitter sweet sonata - Mark A. Murphy

"i ask you to undress / you slip out of your clothes / and stalk me across the calico sheets of the unmade bed"

Poems - Betty Larrea

"cool liquid pouring from a glass bottle / splashing over my curves / you watch me rise and fall / in waves of desire / your tongue gliding over me"

Cybersex - Jessica Harman

"To talk dirty to a woman, you must move / As quickly as a fish through white rapids / But not say as much"

Visual Speak - Flori Da

"open me slow / thighs aglow"

Checkers - R.J. Bradshaw

"His turn-me-on is a game of checkers."


within the curve of the spoon - Aimee Herman

"you are my nutrition / and you are my diet / and you are my ten extra pounds which I struggle to lose / and you are my weakness / and you are my compulsion"

Carnal Knowledge - A.J. Huffman

"Even his scent manifests: consumption. / Enveloping my skin. My mind. Until / everything is distorted / into dreamscapes of his hands."

Northside Jazz & Kissing Club - Stephanie Sesic

"I don't know enough about jazz / to write this poem / but hearing that music / for the first time with you / kissing for hours / on a hard wooden bench / made me question how kissing / had been invented"

Poems - C.J. Holman

"your head between my legs / nudges an epiphany/ up between my hips"

Poems - D.C. Owens

"i could hear strangers' tongues / swaggering through familiar streets / bobby darin tunes spinning / madly in my ear / sex filled the air"

Selene - A.E. Baer

"Because you are my only honest beauty / Delicate in how your body twists and curves and winds / Like canyons cut through mauve stone / Sea cliffs in Peruvian bubble gum slate / The Sistine on the ceiling aperture of my heart and soul"

Poems - Steven Gulvezan

"The thing was, I couldn't help noticing / The thing in the crotch of her underpants / It looked like the biggest penis in the world"

Pink Dress - A.E. Baer

"Let me clutch your thighs / And water the silk garden of your skin"

Physics - Gus Ginsburg

"Love me with all yours / Explore these curves of ours, surfaces and contours"

Dogs - Jezz Woodruff

"He had her there on the dining table, and the fucking was like the Pomeranians beneath them barking and twisting and clawing bare-clawed..."

Vignettes - Timothy Black

"She says I collect / lubricants like fireworks"

.Starving Breaths - S. (Johnny) Thonn

"Naked, like the verses of / Neruda congregating / in thoughts and memories"

And He Pulls Off His Shirt - Patricia J. Esposito

"Why does desire stick in the throat / make our lower lip swell and pulse / so that we think we need to kiss"

The Mystery of You - Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"With the world still asleep / I tried to decipher / The mystery of you"

Poems - Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"The way my lover's tongue / Wraps itself around / The syllables of my name"

Of Salt and Circles - K.K. Stone

"Salty / your skin / wrapped in midnight shadow / I taste you once / and then / taste you again"

Confessions of a Swirly Straw - Joseph DeMarco

"The Swirly Straw said to the Clear Cola / 'I don't mean to pry / but I'm tired of getting double-teamed / Like some harlot in a trashy movie'"

Salt - Heather Blank

"i want to / kiss every bit of your face / lick your stubble / taste the salt on your skin"

.When I am quietly - David E. Patton

"When I am quietly / Cutting away the / Fragrance of other / People's lovemaking"

Confessions of Pistachio Pudding - Joseph DeMarco

"I was not always a bowl of Pistachio Pudding / I used to be Lancelot / And I suspect you were once Guinevere"

O World I Cannot Hold Thee Close Enough - Paul Hostovsky

"Of Earth just waking up, the sweaty / Neck and breasts and tangled hair / And ripe armpits of Earth / Stretching after long sleep"

Worship - Crystal Sarakas

"I remember sun-sweet kisses / stolen behind the baptismal well"

Poems - Paul Hostovsky

"You smell like a lawnmower, love / Come sit your grassy ass down / on the bed. I want to taste the green / sweat spreading like wealth all over your body:"

Haiku - James Tipton

"after the party / her panties /on the pool table"

April Morning - Stephen Malczin

"My fingers find their way between your thighs / this cool early April morning / No metaphor need cloud this sex"

Poems - Amanda Fox

"There she goes, all ass and tits / Swerving slyly through the hips / Cigarettes and Baby Phat / Click, clack, click, clack -- she walks like that"

Bumblebee - Rebecca Audra Smith

"The honey is turning to jam / As I'm flowering pink, and the bees are still / Sending out signals across my skin to each other"

.My Shadow Watches Me Make Love - Katherine Hoerth

"She hates the way I lay before him -- the pretty pretty orchid / waiting to be plucked from the earth -- carried away / and placed in some tiny jar to rot"

Chameleon - Rebecca Audra Smith

"I'll change personality for a moment / Flutter, flounce, pounce, all / To please you, shift your face from sad / To happy"

Octopus - Rebecca Audra Smith

"rock me tonight / my bed a shallow sea"

How Do Clams Make Love? - Katherine Hoerth

"They love entirely / closed -- their soft bodies veiled / behind years of rings"

Dear Lion - Heather Blank

"I wrote your name on my clit / with my fingers slick and wet / slipping deep inside / the way I want your tongue"

Journey - Marina St. Clare

"Inside / Connected / Cliche / like puzzle pieces together /Beautiful simplicity / incomprehensible / revelation"

saturday evening - by KJ Hays

"as i type "tongues" / into my whitish / Firefox search blip / my body glorks with / new styles of envy"

Mayka #43 - Padma Thornlyre

"I do not know if God is a substitute for Sex..."

Poems - Daniel J. Fitzgerald

"Her breasts were like gold / in a miner's pan / A revelation of wealth / slowly appearing / with gentle effort "

High Fives and Orgasms - Victoria Barrett Stubbs

"shut up / let's stop talking and teasing / and do what we do best / cause right now / i want cock"

Zen Coitus - by satnrose

"She said more, more. I didn't think I could: there is a limit to men. I have no limit she said, I have no end."


Firsts - by Arllyn Hernandez

"The sheet drapes my skin / softening the advances / of an invading tongue"

Haiku - James Tipton

"his touch / turns her cotton panties / into silk"

Jamaica - Mark Osaki

"It was when you said my breath / had become salty that we laughed / tongues exhausted from the last tidal swell"

Poems - by Holly Day

"my crazy imaginary penis has this need to / be pushed into things, pulled out of things / unclogging drains and investigating cisterns"

Poems - Kris Bluth

"I'm finally brushing / away the cobwebs of day / to clear a space open enough for just / the two of us"

Poems - Zo Gabriel

"The night has forgotten / all of its words / I doublecheck the deadbolt's lock / before I retreat"

when I finally get you alone - Victoria Barrett Stubbs

"Sweat beading on your skin /running down my back / wet"

Submissive's Prayer - by D. Rymer

"these two hands are supplicant / palms up on flat thighs / because I am ready / to wait"

Poems - Milo Jacques

"Craiglisted for someone to come / from as far as the Inland Empire / Black hair. Bangs and bush / Open mouth kiss with a pussy like this"

Loose Villanelle, Tight Sonnet - Sub Miss

"You taught me your sin / and now you know the thought / that every breath wants to begin"

Poems - Greta Cabrel

"I press the inside of my wrist / against the damp, cool underside of my drink / to muffle the secrets its scars want to shout"

Mavka - by Padma Thornlyre

"let this kiss be red wine / let it rest upon your tongue / warm your blood to me / let it speak of violets oak / pomegranate rich tannins / of dark chocolate and the fat / cherries of a favored autumn"

Poems - Karl Koweski

"memories of Angela / hard-bodied stripper / with the red hair and blonde highlights / and the two hundred dollar / five song fuck in a back room / closet black-lit to dull the / sexually-transmitted imperfections"

Haiku - Ian Coe

"Bath time subterfuge / Locked doors for a sneaking tryst"

Poems - Sergio A. Ortiz

"draw me how I was in spring / sable brush / roundness / of a field / don't look away"

Tanka - by James Tipton

"I try to listen carefully / to the young girl braless / in the pink T-shirt / whose every sentence / is punctuated by nipples"

Ice Queen - Meredith Mick

"The sheets that cling to me are wet / I pull them tighter to create the illusion / Of your embrace"

Sweet Cherry Flavor - Michael Keshigian

"Plump little morsel in your candy box / I gave its pink shell a lick as you stared / probed your filling with my tongue"

Poems - Amanda Ericson

"It's not the shy and contrived Did you come? orgasm or even the nave but truthful clitoris orgasm that thrills for the sake of thrills"

Synecdoche - by Erin Lyndal Martin

"As of right now, this breast of yours / is almost mine, resting beneath my hand / so that my fingers drape its concave"

Poems - Sonja de Vries

"Let me lick the salt from your throat / bury my teeth in the sand of your flesh / suck the ocean from your veins"

Reading Myself - Kathleen Kelly

"The center of me / The wanting of me / The brilliance that is so frightened of being extinguished."

Hard Like A Star's Iron Heart - Joe Girard

"black lace / eggshelling her sunflower / skin by comparison / strap snaps parting the pieces / fragmenting / the fist-and-finger focus"

Once, Everything Was Natural - by R. Waller

"Once, everything / was natural / nothing synthetic / So where, I wonder / did lube come from?"

Reflections on Love and Lust - Sergio Ortiz

"the way my hands collapse / on his waist when he walks in / the house / tremulous and blue"

Poems - Coleen T. Houlihan

"You were the sand Brigitte Bardot walked across / She told me how you / got up between her toes / and tried to stay"

The Bestiary - by Tim Harkins

"If I wrap my body around you / like a snake, warm blooded, flicking / my tongue into your ears and twining / around your thigh, I squeeze / your breast until milk flows"

What is Required in the Forever - Clare L. Martin

"I am full of love this night. Listening / to Hejira Joni Mitchell / and sipping whiskey: thank you"

The Semen Trees - Sarah A. Peterson

"their musk on a strong breeze / the husk of your voice as I / drop to my knees"

Pink Histrionics - by Dennis Mahagin

"'Only a boy,' she declares, cool / as a Creamsicle. 'Meant nothing and I fucked him exactly / can't you be the least bit nice?...'"

Dead reckoning - Michael Lyne

"Desire crashing down on rising seas / as you laugh in the teeth of the gale / and we drop like dreamers / into the calm"

Morning Hunger - John Sydney South

"An animal marking love and lust / Your scent and sex -- half-bitter, half-sweet -- soak my senses"

Poems - D. Rymer

"My hands would bloom with October cotton to fall / softly down his back and between / my closed legs the Nile would whisper / beckoning him to come, to bend, to drink"

Haiku - Jess C. Scott

"acid & candy / are bland & contrived after / the smooth rush of You"

Silk - Sarah E. Azizi

"Silk / of the nightgown / you raise / of the hands that unwrap / my cocoon"

Poems - A. Beamer

"Honey, you've taken to calling me honey / But what name will you cry out / when my silk scarf covers your eyes / and I'm smearing lipstick on your nipples?"

Erotic Tanka - by James Tipton

"I used up this whole life / waiting for her to arrive / and now there is nothing left / but her presence here / in a thousand poems"

Poems - Edgar Bagayan (01/07/09)

"I want you, tonight / without your clothes on / No questions asked / No obligations to dwell upon"


Fuck Me - Tory Lynn (12/24/08)

"Fuck me / Don't make love to me / I don't want it passionate and tender"

page sex - Patricia Albela (12/17/08)

"you lay silent /pale / vast / anything is possible"

two days after meeting joe - by Chaparrita (12/10/08)

"two days after meeting joe I think: he wants to fuck me"

Haiku - James Tipton (12/03/08)

"art exhibition / her cleavage / takes first prize"

Inside the Wall - Elizabeth Vongvisith (11/26/08)

"I lick sweat like diamonds / from your neck / You paint yourself red / with the life of me"

Poems - Meryl Natchez (11/19/08)

"And the constant need / to be stroked. I'm amazed that men /who have them, can think about anything else"

What I Want - by Mary F. Lee (11/12/08)

"I don't want a quick fuck, I want it slow / as you can go while I sing to you in my head / there are four hooks on my big-tit bra / you should free one every hour like a taunt"

Flowers Ready to Blossom: Five Tanka - James Tipton (11/05/08)

"Was it because I yawned / in the motel room / that you tried to put / your body, one part at a time / into my mouth?"

You as a Mountain - Paul Smith (10/29/08)

"Until I reach your neck once more and enter / Heaven / And I even hear that song! / 'Heaven, I'm in Heaven...'"

Bum Snuggle - J. Zerrien (10/22/08)

"The most precious inclination / Was to snuggle my bum / Into your spooning groin / With a sigh of contentment"

Poems - by Chaparrita (10/15/08)

"dance like I'm fucking / fuck like I'm dancing / laugh too loud / cause a scene dancing on the soft sand at Serenity Point / shaking my ass in a bikini and a pink cowboy hat to brazilian music"

I Want to Love You with Every Piece of this Body - James Tipton (10/08/08)

"I want these eyes, these singing eyes / that have survived the brutal clocks, the days / lost in daily space, to blossom in some high bed / of human heaven"

Poems - David-Matthew Barnes (10/01/08)

"Much like the sensation you give us when / your cock accidentally grazes across / the back of our knuckles and we are left / craving a drink, a date, a dare"

Eros - Larry D. Thomas (09/24/08)

Are orgasms truly as enslaving to the body as heroin and cocaine? Read this extraordinary erotic chapbook from the Texas State Poet Laureate.

Poems - James Tipton (09/24/08)

"Before he sleeps, he hopes / that she will pour sweet oil / into her strong brown hands / and then cradle in those palms / the man he used to be"

Poems - by Greta Cabrel (09/17/08)

"I am sipping your groans / which I've preserved in this liquid"

Transmission Fluid Exchange - Suchoon Mo (09/03/08)

"love and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and..."

Jazz - M. Thompson (08/27/08)

"She likes / To fuck me to Miles Davis"

Eating the World - James Tipton (08/20/08)

"I want to feed you the lavender / that lifts up out of certain poems / and the cinnamon of apples baking / and the simple joy we see / in the sky when we fall in love"

Thank You, Georgia O'Keefe - by Melanie Votaw (08/13/08)

"I wish my childhood fingers had known / it was an orchid between my thighs"

Natural Woman Tanka Suite - Cynthia Marie (08/06/08)

"a thick branch / invades the small room / enters her quiet place / like a slain thing she lay there"

Strawberries & Bananas - Sarah A. Peterson (07/30/08)

"strawberries are tiny cunts / furled up into / themselves"

By Night Light: Sestina, Voyeur - A.R. Shotts (07/23/08)

"You slip easily in and out of sleep. I have my way, but not fast / You will sleep soundly, as I come inside and spell a complete sentence with a single release."

Inside You - by Michael Shorb (07/16/08)

"a full thrust / charges the gates / with exploding colors"

The Newlywed Farmers - Martin Willitts (07/09/08)

"I wonder what would happen if / I smudged buttercups / on my wife's nipples"

Beat Painter - Elizabeth Klaviter (07/02/08)

"Your friends are Pollack and Kerouac, and you, when we fuck, you might just be trying to change the world."

Communion - Fiona MacLaren (06/25/08)

"Breath. Qi. Lifeforce. Soul. / Orgasms that bring Nirvana / What is more than this?"

Triolet & 7 am - by Alex Jerome (06/18/08)

"It's easy to find new things to touch, push, discover / and coax to some joyous end."

The Kissing Sonnet - Frances Jones (06/11/08)

"Every place we visit becomes a womb / where new kisses are born. A passion zone."

Dreamlike. Floating - J. Shontere (06/04/08)

"Please my gentle parting / where zippers fall / and buttons hold little meaning"

Mediator - Craig Sorensen (05/28/08)

"I align my blooming cock / across the pinstripes of my suit / Wait for negotiations to resume"

Split Peach - Rafeeq O. McGiveron (05/14/08)

"Velvet split peach / so juicy / overripe / liquid and fragrant /in the soft, sighing night"

The New Spring Look - Al Simmons (05/07/08)

"She asked me / How I liked it / Trimmed, natural / Or shaved? / A new girlfriend / Is so much fun"

The Sex Life of the Silver Surfer - Jason Michael MacLeod (04/30/08)

"The wild that calls draws lips against thigh / each mortal body feral until morning, oh my"

Calves - by Howard Miller (04/23/08)

"Plump as squabs / succulent as sun-soaked papayas / your calves are flames"

The Sentimental Slut - T. C. Gardstein (04/16/08)

"At what point does the poetry stop / For the sentimental slut?"

wordgasm - Rebekah Russell (04/09/08)

"My idea of love is not altogether human / Then again, neither am I"

I Sing You the Morning - Sharmagne Leland-St.John (04/02/08)

"my love / I sing you the morning / as sunlight drenches / the Tokyo sky"

Agon - by Sophie Reicher (03/26/08)

"If I could / I would carve myself into your flesh / I would secret myself away beneath your skin."

Just One Ocean - Kat Cox (03/19/08)

"Oh baby, it's just one ocean / only a tear from god's eye / Gulliver would just step across / into the arms of his waiting maid"

Samurai - Karl Koweski (03/12/07)

"she surveys her figure / in the boudoir mirror / picks up the scabbard and / unsheathes the katana"

I Said Coffee - Sharmagne Leland-St.John (03/05/08)

"I said coffee / I didn't say / 'would you like to run your tongue along my neck just below my left earlobe?'"

The Munsters - by Hector Ramirez (02/27/08)

"I slid my right hand / between purple panties / tufts of hair / her pussy / one finger then two then three"

ici - ophelia faith (02/06/08)

"here in the / dark dear I love / the way / you deftly eat / each and every word / of my poem"

The Vampire Poems - by Joseph R. Trombatore (01/30/08)

"The vampire prefers not to loan out his DVD's / gets tired of scratches / smeared thumbprints in a water-based lube / the stops & skips of a moon's cycle / the distorted fraction / of a magnificent scream"

Ocean Lotus - Anthony Guilbert (01/23/08)

"The only details you need to know / are that the soup was twelve dollars a bowl / and we were in the Hamptons."

Lacuna - Sophie Reicher (01/16/07)

"He tasted like the sun, and burned like fire"

Ocean Lotus - Anthony Guilbert (01/23/08)

"The only details you need to know / are that the soup was twelve dollars a bowl / and we were in the Hamptons."

Lacuna - Sophie Reicher (01/16/07)

"He tasted like the sun, and burned like fire"

Taken - Elizabeth Vongvisith (01/09/08)

"There is no salacious opportunity you let pass / whether it's taking me standing, fingers trailing / over and over my skin like warm air currents"

Today, like every other day - by Rumi (01/02/08)

"There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."


Ice Storm - Stephanie Anderson (12/19/07)

"Thick-ribbed ice, he hangs, hovering / Molesting every limb"

Lock and Key - Elizabeth Vongvisith (12/12/07)

"paper / and coffee in / bed and leg over leg"

Be Still - Susannah Indigo (12/05/07)

"My lover burns for things I can not give -- Japanese lanterns of red and gold, small silver bells draped across my belly to ring when I come..."

Three Fetishes I Never Knew I Had - Livia Ching (11/28/07)

"Soft hairs grow in sunshine tendrils from soft skin. A pouch tinted red. They are the jujubes of my morning and my night."

Poems - C. Marie (11/21/07)

""while i the / hot red bell pepper / fondle her chat space with sly fingers / mixing eggplant with carnelian"

Two Cinquains - John Eivaz (11/14/07)

"paper / and coffee in / bed and leg over leg"

Cavatina - Uche Nduka (10/31/07)

"The waterline where / Your hips give in / To starlight."

Follow My Lead - Audrey Michelle (10/03/07)

"Let me take you / Utterly make you / Understand / What it truly means / To be a man"

Lick - Joe Girard (09/26/07)

"finger-spelunk past meat- / grinding bone, find the red bed -- / suck into it"

Poetry - Stella Brice (09/19/07)

"I glide / his raw soft marble flesh into mine. / His index finger on my clit."

Vlad - Martin De Mello (09/12/07)

"he shows teeth, her groan in return / bite and hiss."

Poet's Well - J. Shontere (09/05/07)

"Laced taut in lyrical corset / heartstrings drawn and stringent tight / gathers cinched, a breathless core"

In the Presence of a Goddess - George Georgoulas (08/29/07)

"Under the scorching scarlet covers / Pour hot mocha chocolate / With sweet caramel, vanilla, strawberries"

Poems - Mike Tyler (08/22/07)

"As she tastes the orange, / tastes the rum, / tastes herself from offered fingers. / She offers a path for him to seek indulgence."

Sex on the Other Side of Midnight - Magi Schwartz (08/15/07)

"Nipples bloom in the wet of a lover's kiss. / Lips offer sips of liquor, half silk, half fire."

Poems - Timothy N. Stelly Sr. (08/08/07)

"My head to your spot; yours to mine / our world is sighs and scented soaps..."

This One Tuesday Night - Nikki Magennis (07/25/07)

"It's this aching pulling kind of feel creeping up my legs between my / eyes and mouth somewhere I can taste you / holding on / spreading wide"

Lingerie - Edwinna Bryant (07/18/07)

"I collect / From our bedroom / Sheets"

Poems - Thomas Scott (07/11/07)

"Slowly he straddles / her legs, gently opens / her with his hands."

Poems - Daniel Hall (07/04/07)

"Guide my hand below silk / over the warmth of velvet. / Teach me to caress tenderly / where pearls of dew gather."

Insistent Affections - Hassan Melehy (06/27/07)

"There were advantages to the ways their bodies / found naked pounding bonds to lace themselves / together for days on end"

To the Stranger-in-the-Hat Man - Kim Clark (06/20/07)

"be ferocious / over your body just one time, / drag my mane of tangle down your belly, / mouth the tip, / taste the flesh of each finger"

Poems - Brady Sutton (06/13/07)

"Eternity follows / In your sweet, sweet hollows"

Time Piece - Eric W. Wetzell (06/06/07)

"How finding that rough dial to wind / Would set your hands trembling / Giving pulse and purpose / And forward motion to us both"

Exotica - Chloe Waits (05/23/07)

"the aftertaste of metallic rings / the imprint of lips that stay / tattooed on my skin..."

Subtle - Jade Blackmore (05/16/07)

"I don't like / Being coy, / But it's my / Only option."

Poetry - Theresa Edwards (05/09/07)

"sweet familiar spots to him   unfamiliar to the man / she saw in the dark of her mind"

Poetry - Shanna Germain (05/02/07)

"Yes, we've been here before, the way / I melt over the sink, offer my / salt-sea skin to suck as though I hope / it might nourish or quench."

Poetry - Will Belegon (04/11/07)

"The whisper of your voice / deepens and shakes / as I tell you / all the things I would do"

You Would Be - Ellen Rosso (04/04/07)

"warm and heavy / in my hands / turn sweet butter / to liquid"

The Collected Works of February....Part III - Bill Noble (03/28/07)

"I drive my hips / to that slow cadence we have taught each other / holding above you on locked arms"

The Collected Works of February....Part II - Bill Noble (03/21/07)

" eye catches the perfect picture, / your face, your glowing slack-lipped stunned good-fuck face"

The Collected Works of February.... - Bill Noble (03/14/07)

"Making spoons in the morning. / Sliding through slippery folds."

Hurry - Amber Decker (03/07/07)

"In your hand, I am the lock turning over / on my belly rubbing / my shape into the floor, pressing / hips to carpet wanting..."

Evening at the Burlesque - Lisa E. Cote (02/28/07)

"Now every muscle leaps alive; / you're teaching me the anatomy of control, / and surrender. I do need both."

Poems - Jessica Murakami (02/21/07)

"I didn't stop / until you came, ferocious / animal, body collapsing under me..."

quiet in here - Cher Ladd-Tushiah (02/14/07)

"my legs part, / just a bit more than before. / Wide open, exposed"

Gnostic Gato - Phedra Johnson (02/07/07)

"Close your eyes and feel that burden melt away. / I know incantations. / Secret spells."

Swirls of Lilies - John Tillman (01/31/07)

"Plum juice spills / americana sweetness / in my mouth;"

Godiva G-Spot - Fulton Morris (01/24/07)

"It takes more than cocoa from Venezuela /To soothe her at the end of a long day"

Ink Stone - C'BS ALife (01/17/07)

"she buries her head in / cotton embroidered pillows / whispering andalucian bismiallahs"

Poetry - Dorothy Doyle Mienko (01/10/07)

"glittery / as licking God's balls / I love you / in me"

Sonnet: Sex on the Beach - Jamie Stayhouse (01/03/07)

"...taste your salt breeze / and tease pearls from your parted shell..."


Musical Numbers - Michael Keshigian (12/20/06)

"...upon our return to the hotel, / we will do in bed /or possibly on the / thickly carpeted floor..."

I Heard You Whisper - Nola Summers (12/13/06)

"When you were in so deep behind me / That I could taste you / At the back of my throat"

My Tongue Slave - Bill Noble (12/06/06)

"...and he told me / When I go down on my girl the way you taught me, she screams in Spanish."

Poetry - Rebecca Power (11/29/06)

"I didn't come here at midnight / to hear about your pain / I came here to taste it / I came here to make you do things / and forget with me"

Poetry - Michaela A. Gabriel (11/22/06)

"a force so welcome, so new / I wonder why I've never before / fucked a stranger whose eye / caught mine over boring dinner"

the knight of the celeron fairytale - j.r. uder (11/15/06)

"when I was the pony / whippped into creamy; /I miss the nights / when you rode me and rode me"

"Let Me Do All the Work" - Gerald So (11/08/06)

"What would his parents say / if they knew the / girl he brought home / for Thanksgiving / was into this sort of thing?"

Poetry - Arlene Ang (11/01/06)

"Juice trickles. Down his chin. / Down my thighs. Every drop / glistens like his cufflink on the floor."

Poetry - Dean Johnson (10/25/06)

"...kiss would linger as she lay / naked on my college / dorm room bed."

Pinot Noir - Grant Gardner (10/18/06)

"Breath bubbling over lips. / Gentle red kisses / Swirl around nipples."

On Writing Erotic Poetry - Alex Hammond (10/11/06)

"I'd rather be tied up, then bound to your sheets / Forget hackneyed metaphors: satin and lace..."

Please Make Me Your Slave - Calli Esclavo (10/04/06)

"Make me scream, beg or bleed. / You know that's what I crave, / make every bruise an orgasm today."

Witch - Elizabeth Vongvisith (09/27/06)

"and all that black, formless dream-space / will be bound and bracketed / by my voice, by dusty kisses and the brush of my hands / on your naked, dreaming flesh."

Poems - Magi Schwartz (09/20/06)

"The full moon casts its shadow. / Its golden tongue licks to silver / the furrows of the lake, like a lover / probing the slick channel of a woman's ass."

Poems - Tim McGovern (09/13/06)

"...would part her thighs, / releasing a bazaar of perfumes and warmth / from her shorn skin, / mother of pearl luster / in droplets that beg to be / indulged."

When My Lover Comes - Carlos Martinez (09/06/06)

"lay down in the tall grass, with Old / Navy strangling your ankles, and let Mama / spank that tingly Prophetic Ass..."

I Want to See You Naked - John Eivaz (08/30/06)

"...and your scent / comes to me in bright wisps, / foreign, slowly overtaking."

Epiphany - Jewel Harrison (08/23/06)

"Wandering through the shadowy lands of Backseat and / finding Adonis, reclining, / hard column of cock arcing towards the flat sky of his belly."

Homesick For Garth's Cock - Janice Colman (08/16/06)

"Garth's tongue can light up the line / from cunt to ass or the reverse as if / she had set tea lights in an arc"

Nostradamus Has it Bad For Naomi Watts - Dennis Mahagin (08/09/06)

"lay down in the tall grass, with Old / Navy strangling your ankles, and let Mama / spank that tingly Prophetic Ass..."

Her Looseness Made Her Hot - Kim Sellers (08/02/06)

"Her love was endless, / And when it boiled over, / She smelled so good, / You had to put your mouth on her...."

Punany Poetry - Jessica Holter (07/26/06)

"He fits my body like a Southern meal / Prepared with two parts love / and two parts skill / He washes his hands before he sits down at my table / always giving thanks 'n' praise every place praises are due..."

Rules - Leslie Y. Dawson (07/19/06)

"We eat buffet at the truck stop / lie together in motels / shiver in the back of your truck."

Calypso Heat Under a Tin Roof - Cathy Delaleu (07/12/06)

"This raw heat is beyond comprehension / Violating thoughts with aromatic scenes / Of strawberry filled moans / And lustful sugarcane grinds..."

Poems - Larry D Thomas (07/05/06)

"Never even / blinking, / you lick / its sticky juice / from my fingers."

Poems - RC Edrington (06/28/06)

"I fight her bandanas / my ankles and wrists squirm / like 4 knots on 4 bedposts, like the locks of her hair..."

rhythm and blues - Susan Tellman (06/21/06)

"the backside of trouble don't look bad / the muscle the pump of thighs"

Silence - Petula Caesar (06/14/06)

"I want to be fucked into silence. Until I cannot make a sound."

Big Daddy - Nola Summers (06/07/06)

"I take it face down the way you like / Hips up cheeks spread"

Poems - Anne Elizabeth (05/31/06)

"She watched / the sweat drip / down his back. / Patterns laced / his skin."

Poetry - Karl Koweski (05/24/06)

"I know that slapping her ass with a / copy of Camus's The Stranger while I / fuck her from behind gets her so wet / her juices dribble down my thighs"

Dresspant Dreams - Kelly Raine (05/17/06)

"and it doesn't take long at all / before we're both panting / as if this fake shit / is the real thing"

Nipples - Keith Brighouse (05/10/06)

"She was American he said / Other than that / All he could remember / Was the size of her nipples"

Right Now - Janell Joseph (05/03/06)

"I need to get off right now / Not later when the lights are down low"

Poems - Jennifer Campbell (04/26/06)

"Come on, Man, let's rock and roll / I'll take you for a walk in my indolent soul."

A Literary Orgy - Emily Brink (04/12/06)

"Here's to the exquisite fuck, the breasts like doves, / the balls hanging like tangerines, the genteel gloves"

Poems - Charles C. Brooks III (04/05/06)

"It is the naked, tumultuous rolls / on the kitchen floor, / in an elevator, / over the front of my car / which keeps her / in the forefront of my fantasies."

This Girl I'm Fuckin' - Vince Vanguard Vainglorious (03/29/06)

"Ain't got nobody to say I love you to right now / So this is dedicated to this girl I'm fuckin'"

cinnamon - Amy Soppet (03/22/06)

"her eyeliner smudged into my wrist / the pattern of her discarded corduroys pressed / into my ass"

Poems - Tiffany Mitchell (03/15/06)

"He's a make you doer / All day screwer / He's a spread your hips / Wet them lips"

Deep Water - Kevin Webster (03/08/06)

"My hands become the monologue / Fingers punctuating small celebrations / Lips kissing each unspoken word"

My Vault of Fallen Vibes is Now Complete - Irene Alpan (03/01/06)

"There is finally a shrine beside my bed, / a monument to commemorate / the courageous toys that fought / and fell under my commanding hand."

Poems - Misti Rainwater-Lites (02/22/06)

Poem for J - Brenda Joyce Patterson (02/15/06)

"and if you ask / with that honey on your breath again / you can be God."

Poems - Edwinna Bryant (02/08/06)

"Fill my hands / with slippery kisses / My tongue / with a touch of sweat"

Poems - Craig Kirchner (02/01/06)

"After reruns Dr. Phil is diddling Oprah / explaining the infinite possibilities / if one honestly opens their mind"

Poems - Daniele Pantano (01/25/06)

"draw my tongue's tip / across black strings / compose the sonata / of a million unborn sins"

Civic Duty - Rachel Mallino (01/18/06)

"He watches as they file by high-heeled, / panty hose stretched around apple-ass"

Coffee Shop - T.J. King (01/11/06)

"Hot? / Cool? / Kinky? / Sprinkled with skin-salt and kiss-sugar"

Play Her Like a Cello - Tracy L. Henry-Michaud (01/04/06)

"...palm sliding down her spine languorously, / bowing her back, / strumming the first notes of pleasure from her."


Poems - Jim Ellis (12/28/05)

"I keep circling back to the roundness / blossoming in you last night - / to your fullness."

Poems - Maya Stein (12/21/05)

" heart sprints regardless. / i realize it is not her surrender / i'm so grateful for. / it's mine."

Poems - Bernard Dewley (12/14/05)

"The tides rising fast, / crashing higher on my hips. / Your fingers ever deeper in my mouth."

A Borderline - Bruce Reisner (12/07/05)

"...that could lift the average man / off the sheets, if she ever did what she suggested..."

I Will Tell You - Araba Impraim (11/30/05)

"Slow. Like that / Open me slow, / Like that."

Breed - M.R. Leach (11/23/05)

"He moves and breathes with one purpose; / to bring his rider home."

Bandora's Pox (her affliction) - J. Walczesky (11/16/05)

"...Be sexy, just be sexy, flaunt your pussy and purr...."

The Stacks - Jen Stickles (11/09/05)

"my tongue darts out to wet my lips and I sigh at the taste- / the lingering flavor of woman."

IM - Jennifer Poteet (11/02/05)

"I like it quick, hot / and anonymous. My handle is ready / to be yanked. Or spanked. / You choose."

Desire Incarnate - Ann Regentin (10/26/05)

"I run my tongue / Under the bishop's miter, / Flicker it over the delicate / Rope that binds head and shaft"

Poems - Diana Weiss (10/19/05)

"Astride you, my favorite horse -- festooned with flowing ribbons -- and giddy with carousel spin."

my criminal self - Amy Soppet (10/12/05)

"my criminal self / leans / to slide a cidered tongue against your cock"

Poems - Arlene Ang (10/05/05)

"Don't look now, he whispers / just before tightening my blindfold. Some nights / I imagine the moon waxing over his full lips. / He never smiles when there is work to be done."

Saving It - Geri Digiorno (09/28/05)

"...encouraged us to come on down / and get saved / i wouldn't go..."

Four-Minute Torture - Kelly Raine (09/21/05)

"...and I have to apologize for / the wet spot I leave on your denim / Your hands feel so good / on my smooth skin..."

Buttercup & Mine - Daina Blue (09/14/05)

"...your sweetness...glistening / on the tips of My fingers / Tracing your lips and watching that / eager mouth open"

Discovered While Searching Under Bed for Yard Sale Stuff - D. Evan Peterson (09/07/05)

"Despite months of distance, / your scent lingers: / dried sweat on the chest and lower back"

Poems - Jamie Zerndt (08/31/05)

"I watch as their pedestrian tongues / hit pothole after pothole / with every twitch and jump / of her peppercorn body."

(Un)Sated - Jane Raban (08/24/05)

"he touched me / from behind the mask of midnight."

Love in a Predawn Thunderstorm - Clare L. Martin (08/17/05)

"She orbits his breast with her teeth, / breaks the glassy sleep encasing his body."

Wanton - J. Macreus (08/10/05)

"You watch the dogwoods shudder / from the approaching storm / I like you like this; / uncertain"

The Most Important Meal of the Day - Dara Prisamt Murray (07/27/05)

"...then / spread me / like butter / over bread, / on the bed..."

Poems - Callum James (07/20/05)

"...jeans pulled off, I suck on ripe plums / pressing bananas and then sweet / potatoes up his moaning hole."

The Touch - Clarissa Gonzalez (07/13/05)

"Fingertips locked in a mutual trance / nerve endings throbbing / with pornographic designs"

The Sex Writer Makes a Fruit Salad - Shanna Germain (07/06/05)

"...cuddle / with this curved / bottom of pear. / Scatter yourselves among / raspberry nipples..."

Stigma - Megan Shaughnessy Masten (06/29/05)

"Sweet sticky pollen sways and bumps, / Tempting, luring you, promoting me."

West Oakland, 1985 - Eugenia Hepworth Petty (06/22/05)

"She found rock'n roll drummers obnoxious / but she gave him head anyway..."

Now - Michael Keshigian (06/15/05)

"He eavesdrops for a moment, / feels a sudden urge, / stands and calls his wife."

Lube - Greg Bee (06/08/05)

"Fingers twist in dark places and / I slick and I slide between you and / Replace friction."

Poems - Alan Clark (06/01/05)

"I'm living out your legend on my tongue (this is the holy land we're wandering in)"

Beltane - Lisabet Sarai (05/25/05)

"Point of balance: / A body suspended, / wrists roped / with loving precision; / thighs spread,"

Her Request - Erik Michaels (05/18/05)

"Slip / what you want of me / into language that rolls / on my tongue, clings / in spittle to my lip."

Voltage - Dan Lee (05/11/05)

"energy envelops and levitates us / heat swells in mounds, muscles, curves... /"

Poems - Timalyne Frazier (05/04/05)

"In her palm rests a heavy rock, smooth / and even shiny. / She slips the rock / onto her stomach / and pushes it down, / down."

Monolith - Christian Berntsen (04/27/05)

"She fondles her newfound cock / the color of midnight / light from beneath the door bouncing off its textured surface / like a field of stars."

Her Body as a Mirror - Nicole Poirier (04/20/05)

"she closes her eyes / and opens his fingers / feels the humps of his knuckles / and how far in they must go"

Ballerina - E.M. Stacey (04/13/05)

"Since you danced for me / I have longed / to fuck you on stage / through layers of spotlight-warm tulle / while your audience looks on"

Myn hertes lyf - Bill Noble (04/09/05)

"I nuzzle the warm nape of your neck, kiss it, wriggle every inch / of my body into contact with yours -- or try to."

oyster sauce - Michael Riley (04/06/05)

"i took my time licking the warm terrine off her toes / even longer pouring hot jazz / into her belly button"

returning her home disheveled - Patrick Carrington (03/30/05)

"she will seem fruit again tomorrow / rebloomed ruby, sundress hiding / blue hips. lace laundered / clean of me"

A Handful of Shirt - Steve Rawlings (03/23/05)

"Handful of shirt / Buttons in my teeth / Pulled up skirt / You struggle beneath"

Luna Lust - Faun Marie (03/16/05)

"Luna lust lingers / Over Ophelia's moist moon

Dark Night, alone & What I want from you - Carlos Martinez (03/09/05)

"your hips wilder than / any animal at a rodeo, while one hand / held you down / the other played / the unearthly guitar of your flesh"

Hired - Claire Young West (03/02/05)

"My compliments to your tongue / For doing an absolutely superb job"

Brought to Heel & Held Back - Daniel Hall (02/23/05)

"Teasing dew sparkled / petals with a finger / that brings sweetness / to my tongue and then / brushes silver on yours"

Flowers & Candi - Isabelle Lazar (02/16/05)

"The hibiscus scent of your oozing heat / Chocolate brown, melting sweet / Caramel into my mouth"

Gideon Hides - Jennifer VanBuren (02/09/05)

"Below, his fingers imitate the screen / dipped and dripping wine..."

Acid-Soft - William Bitters (02/02/05)

"Razor-licked / and / fleshburnt, / Tongues / as / silver-blades, /"

My Claire - Jessica Gilliard (01/26/05)

"Her eyes glaze, she's so close to coming / To overflowing against my mouth."

Cunt & Public Transit - E. M. Stacey (01/19/05)

like this - Miriam M. Wynn (01/12/05)

"for I am wet, wet like rain, slipping down between my legs / and I am on the verge of going insane"

Midnight Flavor - Kelly Raine (01/05/05)

"I like how / excited you get / watching me suck / him off"


I Didn't Expect To Write About Sex - Cyril Wong (12/29/04)

"Did you know that after I came, I imagined my pelvis had emptied out into a dark cave you could crawl into, lay yourself down and fill my body with your sleep? This isn't really about sex, is it?"

My Fond, Fat Wife - M.K. Golding (12/22/04)

"My fond, fat wife of forty-five lay down / and spread herself so I could feed upon / her cunt."

My First Erotic Poem - Jenny Sadre-Orafai (12/15/04)

"I will smooth this poem flat in between / two strong olive thighs, like trunks / making songs sing in between down there."

Your Wings, A Tryptych; The Book of Kells; & Posing for an Icon - L.A. Mistral (12/08/04)

"like the manuscript of your cunt / with its folds of jewels and herbs / page after page of tongue-looting illuminations"

Come Play With Me - Joani Blank (12/01/04)

"Come and play with me again / Come with me / The best is yet to come"

A Poem About Our Bodies - D.J. Quinn (11/24/04)

"My peripherals, a feather, a knife, / different modes of input."

Careless - Clare L. Martin (11/17/04)

"Cup my nipple to your lips & draw fire. / The flame leaves no ash, fuses me to you."

Wanderlust - Gerard Wozek (11/10/04)

"and you assured me / I could move into you / The way one glides on a colt's / wild gait"

Origami in the Morning - Christian Berntsen (11/03/04)

"He then folded her arm back behind her, his lips / pressing the right side of her neck."

Gilded Cage Smacks Of Sanctuary - Dennis Mahagin (10/27/04)

"musky blindfold / of thong and pasties / like swimmers' goggles,"

With The Lights On & Internal Combustion - La Nell Guiste (10/13/04)

"I protected my pussy / Like the center of my universe / Because as far as I knew, / It was."

Jupiter Fits Over Saturn Like a Condom - Elise M. McHugh (10/06/04)

"I like the stars better this way / my face pressed against the console, / his breath behind and above me"

Kirchner Four - Anonymous (09/29/04)

"'the words from my prick formed cream in your mouth / found a home round your clit, flowed into your ass"

A Hand-Job Well Done - John Mancuso (09/22/04)

"My entire source of pleasure controlled by another. / I'm getting closer to that moment when I can speak / to a god I don't believe in."

The Bath - George Henson (09/15/04)

"The door is unlocked just as it has been a hundred times before / I walk in and follow the trail of clothes you left: your Harley boots inside the front door..."

The Hot Time - Tom Decter (09/08/04)

"I taste liquid from her mouth / Slowly I slide my fingers / across her humid back"

Labeled a Woman - Diana May (09/01/04)

"Fuck Cinderella and her dainty foot / Fuck Sleeping Beauty and the magic kiss."

Selected Haiku - Anonymous (08/25/04)

"Music brings sweetness / The kiss of the vibrator / A honeybee's song"

The Battle - Dave English (08/18/04)

"Dishevelled sheets / tortured witnesses / to a tormented night."

Consequences of Wearing Leather - Arlene Ang (08/11/04)

"woolen skirt pushed up / to reveal unshaved parts / My tongue unfurls"

Carnival - Michael Keshigian (08/04/04)

"which spins the horse's gallop / toward the house of mirrors / reflecting silhouettes / of our clandestine embrace"

What I Remember of New Year's Eve - Airen McNally (07/28/04)

"The taut embrace / of her cunt as I fucked her, counter / creasing the jelly of her buttocks / as her legs commenced to cup up / into my fiercest grip and push"

R.S.V.P. - Emil Hoff (07/14/04)

"of Helpless Maid / (lightly restrained), / your body lathered with whipped cream"

The Gothic Gourmet - Sheila Eggenberger (07/07/04)

"what she's doing, really, waiting for / this dish sensation to deliver / the coup-de-grace her body didn't..."

San Francisco Fantasy - Len Bourret (06/23/04)

"Fucking me on Fisherman's / Wharf, at Alcatraz, on the / Golden Gate Bridge"

Communion & Bedroom Play - Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz (06/16/04)

"not doctor tonight / ceiling curtains draped about the bed / cowboys and covered wagons"

Peeping Tom - Aryan Kaganof (06/09/04)

"Ah but while all of this was going on / I was watching you / wondering what your nipples would taste like."

Still Life & Eau De Toilette - Adriana DiGennaro (06/02/04)

"Today her gleeful screams and giggling / are what beckoned me"

Christmas Eve - David Simpson (05/26/04)

"I told him I had never come / so he said I could be there when he did."

Daydream - R.S. Russell (05/19/04)

"I am enraptured / by visions of licking / your salt off my lips."

Desk Work - Kelly Raine (05/12/04)

"I'm down in my panties again / the chair squeaking with the / thrust of my hips."

French Horn & Naming Her Flaming - L.A. Mistral (05/05/04)

"The acoustic among us called you 'French Horn' / for your open-thighed, wet-throated way / they heard you played the instrument./ We dreamed of our left hands."

Waking Dreams Also Sleep - Anthony Beal (04/28/04)

"I come / Corseted in adoring arms / Your thighs a moist bracelet / Wringing me dry"

My Legs - Dustin Kidd (04/21/04)

"Cannibals look lustfully at my legs"

Chocolate Summer and Tell Me I'm Beautiful - Danielle Campbell (04/14/04)

"He unzips, unbuttons, unclips me with a snap.Tell me I'm beautiful again."

Definition: "Need" - Peg Duthie (04/07/04)

"Need you? No. But relish? Oh, / to feast on your groans / and the taste of your thrusts"

Room With A View - Rupert da Costa e Silva (03/31/04)

"My fantasy, if you call it that / Is to watch another guy bang you hard"

Chewed Gum - Joe Fusco Jr. (03/24/04)

"Soft and pink with / Plenty of juice remaining."

Pagan Sex Prayer - Michael Meyerhofer (03/17/04)

"our bodies hinged like / the opening of doors / or the flapping of angels."

Meeting In Harlem - Jessie Sandlin (03/10/04)

"paint me with agile fingers / cover me with hues / of azure muted colors / dripping down the canvas / of my body"

No Words & Inside Story - John Grey (03/03/04)

"If the body spoke / there'd be this continuous / whisper to scream / and back again."

When Can We Meet Again - Anthony Beal (02/25/04)

"I miss the way you gloss my smile / With your ankles behind your neck / Your gin-and-juice tongue pinned between / My fulfillment and yours."

Chips - D.H. Moyer (02/18/04)

"I had that dream again / You'd made a pit out of pillows and a tarp / Filled it with chips / A fantasy you explain / not yet a fetish."

Mostly Chemical Reasons - Deborah Corso (02/11/04)

"he's a moody little stoner / with a temper unsurpassed / integrity, his dinosaur / yet when he beckons / I am Pavlov's whore"

Hitting On All Eight - Dennis Mahagin (02/04/04)

"I'm sliding it / into second as she takes / the belt buckle between her teeth"

The Care And Keeping Of Angels & Severence - Rebecca Lu Kiernan (01/28/04)

"Finally you come / After otherworld versions of you / Through the halos and midnight invocations, / In panting rhythm and heartfelt obscenities"

Reflections from Bedsheets & An Open Letter to the Stripping Santa-Man - Leah Makuch (01/21/04)

"I watch each tiny trickle roll down the glass and cut / a riverbed through the steam / as you move rhythmically in me."

Rituels Voilves - Holi (01/14/04)

"talons pierce my flesh"

Yours - Dara Prisamt Murray (01/07/04)

"For the friction / of shared laughter"

Embrace Your Agony - Jim Danner (12/31/03)

"Knock it off, what're you running from?"

Morning Spelunking & Only Today's Perfection - Rae Weaver (12/24/03)

"Let it be long as the nattering of bees"

As close as I dare & T 4 2 - erin garet (12/17/03)

"T's the kind of girl / you meet in a club"

Evensong - Zoe Richardson (12/10/03)

"Your touches are lingering twilight, / purple-smudged on valley edges."

The way you were taut - Derek Adams (12/03/03)

"The sheer stockings dark..."

Forbidden - David G. Salkeld (11/26/03)

"I love it when you ride me / and forget yourself"

Curiosity Killed the Cat - Kathy Kubik (11/19/03)

"drunk butterflies dance in my belly, / your voice drips with sex, / each touch a promise of sin --"

Jungle Fever - Jessie Sandlin (11/12/03)

"You brought the overheated coffee / wrapped only in that damn red dragon kimono / and a pearl necklace"

fruit - Ceridwen (11/05/03)

"flesh ripe as passionfruit / sticky sweet mango / creamy mangosteen"

Hanging - Kim Cochran (10/29/03)

"I saw you real / Naked / Hooked / Hanging from my garden gate"


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