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Humor, how-to's, guest articles, BDSM, and David Steinberg's columns. PIF Magazine says that what Clean Sheets does best is ". . . provide insightful, straight-talking articles and commentary on sexuality and society."


Erotic Tales: Serialized

There is Blue, forever Blue, sex on a slow train, the man in the moon, and much more coming all the time -- writers who serialize their work in Clean Sheets often go later into print, honoring us with the first sexy sneak preview month after month.



Exotica: things excitingly different or unusual; esp: literary or artistic items. Short scenes, personal essays, one-act erotica, creative non-fiction -- all the talent that doesn't fit into our normal sections can be found right here.



There are men who eat women and women who like knives; magical, sexual sewing machines and pigs invading bedrooms; tales of love and lust and people getting tied up and submitting every which way; hostile fucks, voyeur grandmothers, chess pieces disappearing, professional Daddy's girls, the poetic symbols for intensity and dozens of other feasts of imagination.

Clean Sheets' stories have been honored to be included in Susie Bright's Best American Erotica and Marcy Sheiner's Best Women's Erotica, along with many other anthologies. Our featured authors include Daniel James Cabrillo, Helena Settimana, Susannah Indigo, Bob Vickery, Hanne Blank, Thomas S. Roche, Mary Anne Mohanraj, M. Christian and many more.



From stark to softly romantic to fantastic -- sketches, underwater photos, sensual nudes, soft bondage, imagined pleasures and more. Venus or Vixen Press says -- "The works exhibited undeniably capture the unique style and originality of the artists who created them. Within the gallery, the human form emerges as virtually divine, the pinnacle of beauty."



Poems full of oranges and breasts and tongues and cheeks, along with the occasional Pussy Galore t-shirt or a shower in warm coconut milk; poems that explore the many possibilities of longing, lust, desire and the eternal quest for love. Featured poets include Dorianne Laux, Patricia Smith, Gary Mex Glazner, Scott Poole, and many more.



Hundreds of reviews of books, movies, music, products and sex on the Web.


World AIDS Day

We're sex positive with the best of them, and perhaps twice as hedonistic, but just as mortal. Thoughtful comments on a devastating disease.



From the origin of Clean Sheets to Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2000 show to teenagers starved for the truth about sex . . .