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Sex & Laughter
Sex & Laughter, edited by Susannah Indigo
Writing Naked
Writing Naked, by Mike Kimera

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Keeping watch, twenty years later

Fiction Contents

Hold - Adam Berlin

"So I fuck. And I hold it. And when they ask why I don't come, I tell them. I have things to do. For me the fucking is enough. And after I fuck, I run. Literally run."

Feelings - Michael Bracken

"Perhaps Alan understands. He pauses to remove the babydoll so that I am naked and he can admire my body. I would not resist him even if I could, but I do not eat and I hardly weigh a thing, have no muscle tone and am easy to manipulate."

Strokes of Raw Sienna - Martha McKinley

"But had he ever acted on any of these urges...other than acting them out in our bedroom? For whatever reason, his fantasies turned me on. They were so absurd, and far from making me suspicious, when he brought them up in bed at night, I wanted to play along. I became the big-bosomed Aussie who smothered him with her tits, or the wide-assed African who yanked on his hose".

Encounter - Bluette Mayfield

"I am wearing heels and stockings, a short black dress which hugs my body. I am on my way to a dance. I adore women of a certain type-- this type. She is a female incarnation of James Dean. Jeans, white T-shirt, hair slicked back...a sensual curl to her lip, channeling Elvis. She's a townie. I'm a geek. I already want her."

Good Girls Don't Tease - Verity Blackthorn

""If the writing was especially titillating or if he was in a good mood, he'd spank her after this exchange. It gave her reason to reach for further depths of depravity." "

The Brink - Christine Tuhy

"Now, I come undone. Liquid, plasma. His hard contours contain me like veins. I am marooned. My heart cast, afloat. I let go. His body. Mine. Full, liquid pour. Pleasure. Pleasure, pleasure. I, hot river. Run. Lava, pour."

Break-Up Sex - Paullette Gaudet

"I am fucking my ex-girlfriend. Not at the moment, but we have been doing it with more regularity than when we were dating. Neither of us has mentioned the wisdom or nomenclature of our activity, and I'm not going to bring it up. I'm getting some and it's all good, as the kids say these days. Good for me, at least."

Pool Boy Fantasy - Esmeralda Barrett

"Jack was angular, had a guy's movements. Not butch, not affected, just not regular gal. It wasn't a matter of androgyny put on for effect."

The Swimmer - Peter Baltensperger

"He became so familiar with all her curves and slopes and nooks and crannies that he thought he had known her all his life. And still he kept fondling her breasts, his hands delighting every time they were holding them."

Room 418 - Marina Kris

"Her one life extravagance is her writing, is this conference. Not many of her wants are overtly sexual, but several are deeply sensual."

Fucking is for Lovers - Steven Forbes Martinez

"I had put out an ad saying I wanted to watch a girl get herself off while I write from across the room. I said I might join in, but there would be no fucking and there would be no money involved."

The Night Visitors - Elsie McGraw

"When he climbed onto the bed and spread my legs apart with casual strength, I yielded like microwaved butter."

A Private Affair - Jane Westforth

"She is six feet long, one side is deep purple velveteen, and the other is lilac silk. Her cushion is memory foam, both supportive and gently yielding. She has no hands to slap or pinch me; she can only gently press back when I hold her against my body."

Chocolate Girl - Sam Jayne

"'Unfortunately, Strawberry Bootlaces are not very strong, but they'll do. I suppose you'll just have to be obedient.' The chocolate girl began to bind my wrists and ankles to the chair using the lengths of fruit-flavoured rope."

How He Did It - Hew Wolff

"Are you the kind of person who likes to skip to the end? Let me save you the trouble. He put me face down and teased my cunt brutally, then he fucked me in the ass, and I came a few times."

Text Me - Jennifer Aarons

"We don't ever have to talk. But, I do have one question -- do you like me? If, so, text it to me."

Almond Pound Cake - Z. Ferguson

"I'm 58 and at that age in life, you know. Well you probably don't know, yet. I've been a 'good girl,' and now I want to do something bold. But I don't want a tattoo. I want to do something that's dramatic, but not permanent..."

The Mrs. - Scott Crozier

"Chandler found that he liked the game -- the whole idea of an illicit affair with The Big Guy's wife, Mrs. Claus, an aura of naughty fun and no little mystery. To hell with the real world. It would still be there tomorrow morning."

The Storm - Mary McGinis

"He was too busy for her demanding little tongue and mouth, and she was, as he'd said once, "cock hungry," so to spare him and give him time to work, she'd stopped insisting he open his pants for her as often as she wanted, and now she went without nourishment far too often."

The Turning of the Earth - Seirian Winters

"I earn my bare-ass spanking by wanting it. The exposure of my desire comprises an entire movement in the erotic symphony we create together. The next movement is the unspeakable confession I make: I give up my power. I give myself up to you."

Bread and Bedfest - Jeremy Edwards

"First, I imagine her being awarded a treat from behind, at 1 a.m. in the back room of a disco -- lucky local guy's shaft pumping into her, to the beat of deep, deep house music. Then I see her bare, lovely ass, smooth as the cream she serves on the little breakfast bar, being massaged at dawn in some big-windowed suite."

Ass Man - Jane Westforth

"She said it low and quiet, without any malicious hissing or petulance. Detached, sort of cool, like she was making a minor observation about her neighbor's house plants. 'You know, Harold. You're the most boring fuck of my life."

Spring Pictures - Donna Storey

"It came to be a ritual. Anna would get home from the club at one in the morning, strip off her tasteful working dress and lie naked on her futon to lose herself in Kimura's book."

Tongue-Tied - Bardo Antares

"I was only marginally aware of my handicap until my late teens when I realized I was a lesbian. Damn! I was already allergic to cats; how much more irony could one budding lesbian deal with?"

Requital - Martha McKinley

"She was so fresh, so new, so agreeably night sex with her was like a spinach salad with tomato and mozzarella drizzled with olive-and-garlic-infused oil and balsamic vinegar; and the next, mesclun greens with avocado, mango, goat cheese, and toasted pecans splashed with lime juice and extra virgin olive oil."

Dressing for Dinner - Giselle Renarde

"Shay does not wear panties on Wednesdays. I watch her pussy lips open like rose petals to soak the perfectly polished mahogany table. The sight of her juices gets me so aroused. There's a tingling sensation between my legs. With my male parts all tucked out of sight, I pretend it's my cunt itching to be fucked."

More/Less - Esmeralda Greene

"They make you come as part of the post-insertion examination. Twice -- once as female and once male."

Explorations in a Charged Afternoon - Peter Baltensperger

"Donald kept staring at them over his plate. He loved breasts, even more so than mountains and stones."

Rocking - Thomas Whispers

"Benjamin felt it was better to try and take a more anthropological view, to pretend he was a corporate Jane Goodall, observing the seductive mating techniques of cubicle baboons and chimps. He'd seen a documentary on a bunch of silverbacks who were all gay until Dian Fossey introduced some females into the mix."

John Updike Made Me Do It - Donna George Storey

"Sitting in the effervescent spa water with five other horny married people, the Sierras soaring around us into the star-flecked sky, it was just like stepping into the pages of a steamy novel."

Body of Christ - Frank DiPalermo

"A big invisible hand slid between me and the diving board, pulled me into the sky, sort of like a kid scooping a pollywog out of a stream. Not my body. Just some invisible me-ness rushing upward. Was I dying? I honestly didnít care."

Revival - Martha McKinley

"They were dancing close. To a rumba. Moving in quick-quick-slows to Besame Mucho. She could feel the heat of his body radiating through all their layers of cotton and nylon."

Pleasure Principle - Peter Baltensperger

"Mostly, he had never been naked in a crowd before, and he was terrified of what that would be like."

Guilt - Johanna Dowson

"Each minute seemed like an hour as she played my body like a musical instrument; she was the conductor to my symphony. During the adagio we crept stealthily to the very edge, teetering on the precipice repeatedly before retreating."

Gelato - Paul Beckman

"She lay back on the counter after merangueing her cunt, and whispered in sing-song French all the time I was de-meranguing her."

The Awakening - Savannah Grey

"He answered the invitation to my clit like a drowning man in the desert. He found it so fast, he must have had a homing beacon."

Forty-four - Vanessa Carlisle

"Her eyes went sparkly, her hair wild, and I could see that she was searching for the same thing I was -- the Beautiful Moment, the Ultimate Moment with the Right Person, where the questions are answered and the future is clear."

The Amazing Marvella - Elsie McGraw

"I waved my hand, and there was a blinding flash and a puff of smoke. Then Bridget stepped forward out of the acrid cloud, wearing nothing but a smile, a pair of black garters, and her scarlet stilettos."

Replay - Martha McKinley

"He recited the colors he would use if he were to paint his rigidity: Cad red light, burnt sienna with yellow ochre, Prussian blue, zinc white, with sap green, alizarin crimson, and cad yellow medium."

taboo - Charlotte Léon

"7 numbers, 7 words. she sashays out of the restaurant. Her black silk calf-length skirt hugging her ass, the seams of her fancy French stockings vertical on her legs, just so."

Carrot and Stick - Ariel Graham

"Nate stood there in the doorway, dark hair sleep curled around his face, pj bottoms hanging low on his lean hips. His chest was lightly furred and she loved to lay her head on his shoulder and one arm over that broad chest, her palm resting lightly on the hair there."

You're So Vicious - Madeira Darling

"You come in here with your rock n' roll walk, drop the needle on the record, and fill my heart. You've got that body, lean as a wild animal with curves in all the right places, and you've got it wrapped up in black lace lingerie and a leather jacket, stiletto heels and fishnet stockings."

Sex with Owen - Mike Kimera

"Owen always brushes my hair first, his large, scarred, sculptor's hands accomplishing the task with a patient, graceful thoroughness that calms me, distracting me from our nakedness and the hard hot proximity of his presence."

The Rains - Steven Johnsrud

"Everything is by hand, even love. Water is cold. Showers are cold. Laundry water is cold. Drinks are not. Drinks are fiery like Nica libres or regionally grown new vintages of wine."

submission - Charlotte Léon

"We begin to kiss like teenagers, lots of tongues and excitement and just tremendous awe to be so enthralled with one another after all these years. i love the way the skin around your eyes is just starting to crinkle."

Daisy Chain - Cordelia deBraganca

"Emilia's eyes are closed. They're closed because she's thinking about Terry, and pretending that it's Terry fucking her this slow, this sweet. Terry was never such a tender lover."

The Tipping Point of Lust Writing Contest Results

The Tipping Point of Blue - Veronica Strega

"He stood next to her and whispered: there was a woman and a man in room of folding chairs. The room had been full of people. Now all you could hear was her breath."

How a perfect pen provided the tipping point of pleasure - Jacqueline Applebee

"I wrote my intentions above the crease of his arse; tiny words that disappeared as my pen travelled lower. I fished my marker pen from my bra where she had been hidden."

The Tipping Point of Laughter - Gina Marie

"Later, on Billy Chen-Wing's bed, naked and warm, breathing in the smell of Billyís orange-scented skin and staring up at a hundred paper kites suspended from his ceiling, he would read the message to me."

Into the Lens - Gina Marie

"There is a juniper tree out past a turn-off along the highway in pine country. It has a thick, low branch. The branch is perfect for small hands to grip. Ideal for fucking. The fucking tree.."

Rehearsal - Martha McKinley

"As he massaged her, Marcos gently pressed his thumb onto her clitoris. With that, herds of auruch, bison, ibex, and boar were revealed. Ancient images in red oxide and black, brushed on stone. Lines. Dots. Circles and spirals. Primal marks of timeless forms. Universal symbols of Being. Of Life. Of Love."

Z-Love - M.J. Nicholls

"Zack attracted attention from womenfolk by dint of having the letter Z in his forename. Something about the letter Z suggested mystery, excitement, danger and gentlemanliness. At first, he thought: Zorro."

Babe in the Night - Big Ed Magusson

"When a thump signaled the hot tub cover hitting the ground, I knew what I was so envious of -- those simple nights of carefree life. I wanted to laugh and drink and soak in a hot tub with friends."

Object d'Art - Vee Cannon

"He groaned and pulled back on my hair a bit more, tilting my face up towards his. I averted my eyes in a defensive move. I wasn't used to such presence in sex."

Spoon - Scott Andrew Smith

"She began to imagine, after noticing that he frequently left their garage door open until nearly midnight each evening, that a ball rolled from her garage might follow the slope of her drive, cross the street with ever-increasing speed and then, with enough momentum, roll up his and his wife's drive, bouncing against the cement steps that led to their house."


Fog - Raziel Moore

"You, my articulate, sensitive equal, biting off cryptic orders. But I understand, and, trembling a little, I obey. I fix my eyes on you, imagine us in a closed white room, and pull the sweatshirt off, letting it drop to the wet grass beside us."

Wiggle Room - Paul Henry

"He reached inside the front of her dress and removed it. He set it by the side of the coffin."

The Nicest Thing about Eating Helen Waterman - J. Sherwood

"Lucky for me, my favorite pastime dovetailed into Lili's favorite pastime: I loved eating beautiful women, and Lili loved being eaten."

Royal - Adam Berlin

"Like the fairytale I'd heard so many times as a kid, I took the dildo from my drawer and, as if it were the pea to the puzzle, put it under my mattress."

.The Baker's Wife - Sylvie Chambers

"From his pink pastry box, he pulled out the heavy scent of frosting and cinnamon, and unwrapped the dough into my mouth slowly. I chewed and swallowed and struggled against my bonds, wishing I could wipe my face when the frosting dribbled down my cheek and overwhelmed me."

Lady of the Castle - Mark Joseph Kiewlak

"She could steal the powers of all the other super-heroes. But only by having sex with them."

Raw - Adam Berlin

"She looked at me and smiled. It was an impossible question. You can look up love in the dictionary and the definition is meaningless. Sushi's definition would be even further from the truth, a simple noun defined as simple raw fish, but the woman in front of me knew it was more."

Business Class - Ariel Graham

"They moved together, as if they'd rehearsed this, and reaching down they both slid fingers under her thong and over her clit."

The Hamper Affair - Mel Bosworth

"Laura stormed off. She knew as well as Harry that he wasn't sorry. He'd been fucking the laundry for years."

Dress Me Up - Lucy Blackwell

"Her gaze lingers over Eric's body, from the bare stockinged feet to the red and black plaid skirt almost sliding down his narrow hips with nothing to catch on."

Forgotten Places - Lee Posner

"Where do you feel it most, when you come?' she asked. It was an astonishingly personal question."

Soul Catcher - Razvan Coloja

"Pretty girl, you wouldn't be on my film if the film would not think you're worthy of it.

Nice Moves - Roy Eldorado

"At first, being naked in public made me self conscious, and I kept looking down at myself and glancing around uneasily. What would my buddies back home think if they saw me here, bare-assed in my blond crew cut and sunglasses, my penis shaved smooth and hanging flaccid against my thigh?

Ladies Go First - Alex Gross

"She spoke to me in her bossiest voice. But I could also hear her pleading with me. She really wanted me, I could tell she was just as aroused as I was. She was just afraid what she said might turn me off."

Doing the Math - Jeremy Edwards

"Her mother is an incredible MILF, and her dad is the type of guy I want to be when I'm fifty-five: dignified but mischievous, grizzled but good-looking."

In the Absense of Motion - Peter Baltensperger

"He loved statues of all kinds, but this one all the more so because of her unique bearing, the solemn guardians behind her, the calming stillness of her environment. Statues never moved, regardless of what he did."

Chemistry - Velvet Moore

"Each July I'm aroused by the vapors of the noise-making, novelty fireworks called "snappers." Little do tricksters know that when they crack one on the pavement at my feet, I shiver out of excitement, not fear."

Cuss - Jacqueline Applebee

"Her fingers flicked open the buttons of my blouse. She pulled it open roughly, and then smeared some of the truffle mixture over my cleavage with the back of the spoon."

You - Susan St. Aubin

"You were once my brother, except we both knew you weren't. You were eight years old when you came to our suburban house one summer night at dinner time with everything you owned in a Sears shopping bag -- a few faded T-shirts and pants, a new Catholic School uniform, and a worn paper bag of marbles."

Truth or Dare - Anne Brooke

"A long pause follows these words. Kate continues to hold Suzie's eyes with her own. It's as if the whole pub around them has disappeared and they are the only two people there. Perhaps they're the only two people in the town, or even the whole world."

The Secret Files of A. - Susanne Mathies

"I look around the table to see whether anybody is watching me, but they are all intent on following the presentation. Can I just take the folder with me and pretend that nothing has happened? As I am about to close it, I discover a single printout at the bottom -- 'Angelica fits the key into the lock of her front door...'"

One Dance - Robin Wolfe

"Lise is a curve that begins at her fingers. There are no flat planes on her body; she is all sinuous movement, tendons and muscles and skin combining to create unbroken waves from her outstretched hands to the lifting tips of her toes."

A Lovely Rose - Cynthia Lucas

"I watched my expression as I came. It was as though an electric bolt struck us, igniting the salon with multicoloured lights."

Second Trimester - Clive Dixon

"Steph had read in one of her many pregnancy books that some women experienced an increase in libido during the second trimester. Since she'd read it between bouts of vomiting, she'd dismissed it as the stuff of fantasies."

Indiana Jones, with Camera - Gwen Masters

"Some believe a photograph steals the soul. I am on the bed, hands tied to the headboard, belly down, ass up. He tells me to spread my legs wider and I do, burning my knees on the rumpled sheet."

Moving On - Hannah Joy

"They'd never spoken of it. Both tipsy and a New Years kiss that turned into something more than friendly. It'd been five months after the accident. Five months and he hadn't done or said anything to follow up."

Cordelia's Significance - Jeremy Edwards

"The woman, who was seated on the countertop, pivoted her body wildly to kiss her man fully on the lips, as he leaned in from a standing position behind the counter. I wondered if she realized that her lilac-colored panties were gloriously exposed beneath her skirt."

Being Bobby - Donna George Storey

"Zoe smiled. She'd put on Bobby's briefs by mistake. She reached down to take them off. That's when things began to get very strange indeed."

Reign Drop - Angela Vitale

"Her lips are marking parentheses on the smooth skin at the juncture of my inner thighs, marking but concealing things she cannot say."

Severance - Craig J. Sorensen

"I'd learned to read Simone's smiles, her sort-of secret language. They say Eskimos have dozens of words for snow. I know that proper Ms Simone has a hundred ways of smiling 'Fuck you.'"

Devil's Dance - J. L. Sharp

"He leans forward, his powerful body so subtle, bending almost double, rolling the condom onto the tip of his own penis!"

More Than a Mouthful - Cerection

"'I know, I know, I know, "more than a mouthful is a waste." But I want 'em, I want big boobies.' She had her hands out in front of her chest, holding up two huge, imaginary bowling balls. This was a conversation we had all the time. Miss Tiny Tits didn't think her Double A's were sexy -- but I got hard just thinking about them."

Saturday Camper - Stephen Malczin

"When she came back, I was laying on my stomach on top of the picnic table, using my sleeping bag as a pillow, reading Paul Theroux."

With Strings Attached - Aaron Diaz Hoal

"They had a rule. If she thought his count was wrong, she could challenge it, but she had to be able to identify every single earned spank and the conditions surrounding it. It was crazy existing that way."

What I'll Never Say to You - Lux Smith

"We took a nap afterwards, and your dick felt hot resting against the tattoo on my back."

Movie Night - Jessica Winter

"He imagines he can smell sweat, fear, want, excitement, shame, and desire; his own emotions build toward release as he touches his cheek, his tongue, to the still-damp spot on the couch. It tastes like fresh cherries."

Almond Oil - Emma Dashwood

"All our years of sharing each other's bodies, souls and lives cannot save us. In the silence, our eyes meet across his bedroom in a sad cliché. We know that we are not in love, that whatever there was between us has died."

Tapping into Theresa - Jeremy Edwards

"I was an atheist. But I believed in Theresa with a fervor at once sacred and profane. I believed in the mystic lewdness of her cunt -- made manifest when I worshipped her panties, inch by descending inch, until the animal-flower that nature created had appeared."

Two Lovers - Aden Ray

"I remembered we once made love in my spa bath. It was my first time being taken by Arturo, though why I should have resisted so long I did not remember. I was drunk very often."

Enter the Rainmaker - Landon Dixon

"Her awesome breastworks knocked Russell breathless. He wrapped his arms around as much of Britta as he could, meeting her thrashing pink tongue with his. Her overstuffed chest was hot and huge and soft against his heaving chest, and his cock flowered in his flannels like a corn stalk after a spring shower."

Body Piercings and Other Secrets - Kari B. Wende

"Forty-five seconds: That's how long it took for her to walk past me every morning before turning the corner that led to the lifts and out of my sight. Forty-five seconds to ogle her calves and breathe in her fresh don't-you-just-want-to-eat-me scent."

Shiny Things - Elizabeth Cage

"I slid down the pole and continued the dance, unhooking my bikini top. But instead of tossing it to the floor, I stepped towards her and in a quick movement, wrapped it around Lisa's wrists, tying it securely."

Closer - Alice Gray

"In the anonymous dark of the theater, his hand repeatedly buries itself in his coat pocket, rolling the silken material of her underwear over his fingers. He presses his fingers under his nose so he can inhale the scent of her."

Match Play - Ozymandias Rocks

"But the wife is looking at her blonde friend, her full lips, the candlelight flickering across her breasts, dancing across her nipples. Her husband has just kissed a woman more beautiful than she, and she wonders what it would be like to kiss a woman."

Something Old, Something New - Gwen Masters (01/07/09)

"Black. It was all black! Fishnet stockings, those lacy thongs, two bras trimmed with heavenly satin, a long sheer robe that left nothing to the imagination, and even a pair of pretty gloves that went all the way past her elbows, the kind that old-fashioned starlets wore."


Carnality Ensues - Vince Clarthough (12/24/08)

"Mark lay beside her on the bed and kissed her, more gently than she expected. She stroked his cheek with one hand and with the other she beckoned Fedora and Tall Guy to join them."

Tumbleweeds and Highways - Val Gryphin (12/17/08)

"I stopped at a crosswalk to wait for the light and a guy on a motorcycle blew by, trailing long dark hair. I got no more than a glance, then he was gone. He'd looked at me, and I thought about how riding a bike in this weather would feel."

The Painter - Jane Black (12/10/08)

"Behind my closed eyes the world is red, and it is very hot. Jack slips his fingers inside my bathing suit and skates them across my slippery cunt. There is no pretending now. He slides upward, under my pelvis, and finds my little clit. He rolls it between his thumb and forefinger. I'm moaning and I don't care if he hears. This is not me any more, this is an animal."

Tumbleweeds and Highways - Val Gryphin (12/17/08)

"I stopped at a crosswalk to wait for the light and a guy on a motorcycle blew by, trailing long dark hair. I got no more than a glance, then he was gone. He'd looked at me, and I thought about how riding a bike in this weather would feel."

The Painter - Jane Black (12/10/08)

"Behind my closed eyes the world is red, and it is very hot. Jack slips his fingers inside my bathing suit and skates them across my slippery cunt. There is no pretending now. He slides upward, under my pelvis, and finds my little clit. He rolls it between his thumb and forefinger. I'm moaning and I don't care if he hears. This is not me any more, this is an animal."

Being Myself - Jeremy Edwards (12/03/08)

"Once, there were no mirrors. You saw your lover, and she saw you, and that was enough. You didn't need to see what she was seeing. All you had to see was the love in her eyes."

Two Men - Anna Reed (11/26/08)

"Two men. We are three, yet we are one organism throbbing with life. This is it."

Now Arriving - Laurie Edwards (11/19/08)

"And so began their habit of making up outrageous stories about the other riders in their car. They invented love triangles and affairs and a particularly hilarious ménage a trios between the urban youth in sagging pants, the well-dressed executive assistant in the Versace suit, and the panhandler in dingy khaki."

O Brave New World - Heidi Champa (11/12/08)

"I tried to push the thoughts away with dates. Male dates. But they didn't come close to filling the hole left by my thoughts of Monica. Not that men had ever done much for me. But I always felt like they were the safe choice, the usual choice. Until now."

Duet for Violin and Boy - Mallory Path (11/05/08)

"They've done this before: Jason playing his violin as Shane jerked off to it. Sometimes they have been so perfectly in synch that Jason has felt as if he were orchestrating Shane's orgasm, fucking him with the music."

Green Mars - Savannah Lee (10/29/08)

"Someday we're going to go there and we're going to find Ray Bradbury's cities. The tall cities built by the tall Martians. Where rivers ran through the streets...I wonder what fucking was like in those cities. Did they fuck at night? Did they fuck in the early morning? Did they fuck in their strange Martian beds?"

The Tale of a Silkynymph - Lynn Pierce (10/22/08)

"Eyes on screen, fingers on keypad. I love when you fuck me on boss fights -- fighting and getting fucked at the same time. My foot wedges between your thighs and fondles you as you pound me, youíre hard as a rock, and I donít have to strain to imagine how you taste: hot, a little musky, like sweet heaven. Have I ever told you I love, love, love sucking your cock?"

Messages - Kate San Blas (10/15/08)

"The next day I drive to work. On the way, I think about him. I think about us. I think about the raw, sensual tone between us. I think about the 'me' I have become. It's been weeks, even months. What had life been like before?"

Betrayal - Johnny Dorsey (10/08/08)

"A jolt of electricity shot through me as I remembered posing topless for Bill in our bedroom. He had taken pictures from every angle."

For Tonight - Sommer Marsden (10/01/08)

"The talk in the industry is that Derrick isn't stable. He still performs. He goes on stage and thrashes and wails, sings his songs of heartbreak and dances in sweaty leather."

Slipstream - A. Steele (09/24/08)

"Yeah, he's gorgeous, in that androgynous, I'm too sexy for my eyeliner way. And, yeah, I notice. I'm an asshole who deserves to die for my ungrateful, unfaithful thoughts."

Drive In - Esmeralda Barrett (09/17/08)

"Pacing would be important: his precome was already welling. He reached for the towel in the passenger seat and covered his thighs, unbuttoned his shirt and smoothed it to the side, never taking his eyes off the couple. The man had slipped his right hand between the woman's legs, buried it in the dark of her hair."

Let Me Look at You - Cerection (09/10/08)

"Anal sex is my reverie, has been forever. I've only done it a few times -- three, maybe -- and it wasn't really that hot, truth be told. But it always seemed it'd be the best thing there ever was."

My Shadow - Jacqueline Applebee (09/03/08)

"I am not a bitch, and neither is the woman who causes me so much pain and delight. She is my lover; any other description would sound like it came from a children's book. There is nothing childlike about her."

Not Having Sex - Emma Greer (08/27/08)

"He didn't move, so she placed her finger inside herself and pulled it out, glistening. She played her wet finger across his lips until he took it in, savoring the taste of her. 'No sex,' he said. 'No sex,' she agreed, 'but wouldn't you like to feel my mouth on your cock?'"

Dawn at Pier 2 - Stypa Czech (08/20/08)

"She drove to the city, trying not to rock side to side, because the urge had grown wild, to scratch and keep scratching. It felt good, desperate and lecherous."

Mustang Sally - Kirsten Monroe (08/06/08)

"Lisa imagined Preacher Man with an ancient recording device in some yellow-walled little room stained with come, jerking off while he ruled the air waves of -- where the fuck was she?"

Afternoon - Lucy Walle (07/30/08)

"I was only jolted out of my slow, sleepy enjoyment of you when the unexpected happened, when you did something to me that no one ever had, or has since."

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome - Craig J. Sorensen (07/23/08)

"Well, she finally drew her panties down just as I played that outro arpeggio, D flat seven add nine. Wicked fucking chord. Wicked fucking woman."

The Mango - Sadie Zaft (07/09/08)

"Giora tightened his hand around the mango, squeezing lightly and rhythmically. Suddenly my breasts pulsed, lurching against the sweaty fabric of my sundress."

Drummer Girl - Abbie Gallagher (07/02/08)

"Seeing Sean up on stage, seeing him embrace that round goatskin drum in his arm, roll the tipper across its surface in those familiar rhythms: it sent a jolt through her most intimate places. She felt an intense craving to do Sean, right there, on the stage."

Cemetery - Scott Andrew Smith (06/25/08)

"She tells you that she used to run through the local cemetery at midnight as a kid, racing the others in her neighborhood to see who was brave -- and fast -- enough to reach the other side first."

Longevity - Gwen Masters (06/18/08)

"John scooped his belt up from the floor. He looped it once around his hand and shook it, testing its weight. He stood before me wearing nothing at all. His cock stood at rapt attention."

The Day the Sun Goddess Got Laid - Donna George Storey (06/11/08)

"Amaterasu blushed at first to behold her unclothed form, but then her lips curved into a smile. She had never done such a thing before. Baths in the Tranquil River of Heaven were hurried affairs, her handmaidens shielding her from any untoward gaze with screens of silver clouds."

Past Perfect - Alessia Brio (06/04/08)

"The bruising ardor of their first real kiss surprised Denise. She tasted blood but couldn't tell if it was hers or JacquŪ's. She sucked hard on those fuchsia lips while her fingers wove through Jacqui's loose blonde locks."

Hunger - C. J. Black (05/28/08)

"He came around the counter with a look on his face like he was going to beat the living crap out of me. 'You little smart-ass. You like pissing me off don't you?' He dragged me off the stool and pressed me against the counter with his body. I didn't think there was any room between the two of us, yet he managed to get his hand in and cup my balls, giving them a squeeze that made me grunt."

Ice Pop - Lux Zakari (05/21/08)

"She picked her ice pop off the table and slowly dragged it along his jaw line, down his throat, over his Adam's apple. His eyes closed involuntarily. He threw his head back with a soft groan so she could lick the sticky purple trail she'd left."

Passive Vocabulary - Jeremy Edwards (05/14/08)

"Buttressed. She was always using words that I found too beautiful to say aloud, words that I was afraid I wasn't handsome enough to use."

Bottoms Up - Clive Dixon (05/07/08)

"He'd tried to look nonchalant when the teacher read his secret, but it was the next one that grabbed his attention: Getting my bottom spanked during sex makes me intensely aroused."

Friends First - Olivia London (04/23/08)

"It was a dream about embarking on a sexcapade with an arrogant, chubby bloke who just happened to have an exquisite cock. He had me sit naked on a sofa while he vacillated between reading poetry and instructing me to masturbate."

Mediterranean Heat - Lee Duchesne (04/16/08)

"Peter intensified his attempts to grab Marla, who was already having a shivery cascade of orgasms. But then he maneuvered lower, aiming now for his wife, trying to pry open her legs. Ted spread his own thighs to make way for him."

Her Little Hand - Yeva Wiest (04/09/08)

"Brandi's skirt was almost identically matched by Babs. Both skirts were low-cut and tight fitting. Neither figure wore shoes. It was a shock to see Babs without her customary high heels. Her tiny feet were poised in anticipation of her heels."

A Question of Taste - Vincent Diamond (03/26/08)

"There is something of the sea in a man's semen: salt and brine, a thick rush of primal fluid that evokes the sharp taste of a gulf's warm water, a flavor that puckers the mouth and tongue. For Steven Pershing, tasting it for the first time was like coming home."

Sandalwood Candles - Della Emerson (03/19/08)

"I dive through an oncoming wave. When I surface on the other side of the breaker, you're with me, your hand between my legs. We're chest deep and I let myself float on the surface, my broad thighs straddling you."

Older But Wiser - C.J. Black (03/12/08)

"His hand found its way past the waistband of my sweats. It had been such a long time, and when he wrapped his hand around my dick I could only think, This feels too good. I didn't give a damn that he was a man. He was stroking me fast, violently, and I was making sounds like an animal."

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - Alison Tyler (03/05/08)

"I didn't mean to fuck all of them. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, guard the bed that I lie on. I'm generally not that kind of a girl."

Late Night Snack - Vicky La Rue (02/27/08)

"I see the blissful shape of a man's penis -- it's perfect, I tell you! -- every night before going to sleep. Unfortunately, that image straddles eight feet above my head, molded into an ingot of flaking plaster."

The Ratcatcher - Layla Briar (02/20/08)

"About half the women said, piece of cake. Any woman can seduce any man, anytime. The other half said, no way, Josť."

Two Birds, One Bush - Amanda Fox (02/06/08)

"Secretly I revel in her discomfort. It's as if her body is doing its damnedest to be abhorrent, and I'll admit, when we have sex I pull and nibble on them -- those bad little labial folds -- to point out the obvious: that they do hang down, and that she isn't a Barbie doll."

Softness - M. Joy (01/30/08)

"We belonged. Pride after the conference was like coming home after work. Suddenly it was OK to be a complete human, a sexual human, a queer human. We'd left the strained universe of assumed straightness behind along with the frigid recycled hotel air."

2:04 a.m., Our Hostess's Second-Floor Walk-In - Savannah Lee (01/23/08)

"I had certainly never looked into a man's eyes before when we were both stuffed with cock."

Glimpsing Gretchen - Jeremy Edwards (01/16/08)

"Her ass was neither broad nor especially fleshy. But it was very, very round, to an extent that even the bathing suit hadn't suggested. And its texture seemed impossibly smooth, like the texture of a perfectly convex scoop of vanilla ice cream that you'd see only in a cartoon."

This is Not One of Those Dreams - Elazarus Wills (01/09/08)

"Adrian could feel that his cock was rigid as her yardstick. The stick in question moved down along his cheek to his neck and upper chest."

Homecoming - Erin O'Riordan (01/02/08)

"She wasn't done looking. Patrice was fascinated by Marcus's cock. Was it her imagination -- the idea that the grass is always greener -- or was Marcus's cock really bigger than Evan's?"


The Lonely Onanista - EllaRegina (12/19/07)

"I am masturbating, both hands at the ready underneath me, arms akimbo. This is my preferred position. My ass is gently bobbing up and down at a quick even pace, somewhere between allegro and presto, if I were a metronome."

Foreign Correspondence - Aida Ito & George Tosca (12/12/07)

"'You have a job at the New York Times. Everyone in the office wants to fuck you or fuck you over. All right?'"

Need to Forget - Anne Lowry (12/05/07)

"Days and months of grief and anger press against the cork that is my skin. I am ready to be shaken like champagne. I am ready to come."

One for the Road - Jim Danner (11/28/07)

"The clear cold water, the insides of her thighs all white, her pubic hair flowing back against her flesh. So I crawled into the water on my belly and hooked my hands around her thighs and mashed my face between them. The water was cold cold cold and it made her pussy cold."

Skin Deep - Kristina Wright (11/21/07)

"He was startled by the paleness of her belly, but his breath caught as she pulled the T-shirt higher, over her chest. Her right breast was pretty and plump, the nipple a pale, creamy pink. Where her left breast should have been there was only an ugly, pink scar bisecting the left side of her chest."

Idle Hands - Gracie C. McKeever (11/14/07)

"She slid his tie from the collar of his shirt. Questions clouded his dark eyes as she circled behind him. She ran her hands down his arms. 'I've been thinking about you all day,' she whispered. 'Thinking what?' 'How much I wanted you to fuck me.' He tensed as she began looping the necktie around his wrists. 'I'm not into S&M,' he murmured. She smiled. 'Neither am I, baby.'"

To My Girlfriend, Who Loves Detail - Stephen Malczin (11/07/07)

"She moaned, and then remembered my name was Bob and called it out. She sounded like she was going to come again. And then she did, bouncing me against her, thrusting up from below as hard as I was thrusting from above. She's taller than you, and I could reach her breasts easily with my mouth, so I craned to suck on her left breast, and she held me tight against her while I came and came."

Bringing Her Through - Eva Vandetuin (10/31/07)

"She's not my student. Not in the conventional way -- but how I long to take her to bed, to teach her things that I know. I've got my tools: dildo, lube, crop, a desire for her that I can barely contain. Will she let me guide her toward her own pleasure? Or will she turn the tables, teach me a thing or two between the sheets?"

Shadow Dancing - Alana Noel Voth (10/24/07)

"For a moment I mistook a glimpse of his scalp for a halo. His eyebrows slanted in a wicked way. I pressed a finger to one of his sideburns and let that finger ride his cheek peppered by new growth. He had a slim, pale face. That face. I saw my future right there in his face. 'Fuck me some more,' I said."

Spokes Need Hubs - Alex Batty (10/17/07)

"'Roll,' I ordered, and suddenly I was on top of him, and the jasmine was crushed under us, wafting tendrils of scent between us. I looked at the vines crawling in the window and lifted Dov's hands above his head, sliding each carefully into several loops amidst the tangle. 'If you don't behave,' I said, 'You'll break the vine.'"

A Blowjob for Jesus - Sarah Black (10/10/07)

"Jesus put his head down and tasted skin, a good heart, the best intentions, sorrow and joy. "You're beautiful on my tongue, Michael." He moved down, and Michael's cock nudged his cheek, bright pink and weeping a single tear."

April, Confident - Sadie J. Mayfair (09/26/07)

"With both of her hands, she tempted him. She loosened his belt and unzipped his pants barely enough to get what she was after; and then, she touched him through the taut, cotton peak of his briefs. She knew by now that he didn't have a hair trigger, that she could carouse this nether patch all she wanted, so she primed him, her fingers tickling along his shaft and twirling in the widow's peak where the blood-packed tip of his dick began."

Involuntarily - Jeremy Edwards (09/19/07)

"As I pulled her into an embrace, I wondered how moist her panties were. A universe of bliss was opening up before me, but my mind was only large enough to hold that one little unspoken question. They were moist, all right. And soon they were gone. As were the glasses. And whatever the hell else she and I had been wearing."

My Will - Sommer Marsden (09/12/07)

"I can't help but shiver as I run my hand along my cock. That's right, my cock. Tonight I have one; I get to see what it feels like to wield the power of this tool attached to my body. I get to feel what it is to thrust and push and rut inside him. To enter him, to slide home and ride waves of pleasure that I get to create."

Big Boy - Tsaurah Litzky (09/05/07)

"'How you doing, buddy?' my master calls from the couch, 'isn't she a peach?' 'Just what I needed,' Patsy gasps, 'couldn't be better.' 'Mind if I join in, old pal?' my master asks him. 'Course not,' Patsy says, 'come on.' My master gets up and walks towards us, carrying Big Boy in both hands like a big heavy gun."

Dressing Dana - R.F. Marazas (08/29/07)

"He struggles with his trousers and his penis bursts out before his shorts fall. The glans is shiny slick. The shaft towers above his navel, pressed hard against his stomach. The thought of him inside me almost weakens my resolve. But the ritual must continue."

Objects of Meaning - Savannah Lee (08/22/07)

"My face was so hot you could fry an egg on it. Despite that, I went ahead with my plan. I marched into Professor Gordon's office, threw my proposal down on his desk, and said, 'My name is Julia Lowe and I want to suck your cock.'"

Deanna - Don Shea (08/15/07)

"She's been living at my place on East 9th Street for about two months now and we've been in a sexual frenzy most of the time that feels like it could blow apart any minute. There's something uncontainable about her, a dangerous unpredictability that fuels my obsession and my anxiety, which are, finally, the same."

The Octopus - Inna Spice (08/08/07)

"I'd never seen a pair of pants fall away so fast. A large velvet cock stuck out, searching for company. 'I have something for you,' Chad whispered. He pulled a small crispy black package from his chest pocket and handed it to me. I ripped it open and out popped a purple octopus, a flexible little monster atop a condom."

Taking It All - Rachel Kramer Bussel (07/25/07)

"She felt like an absolutely horny guy, the kind who leers at every girl who passes by, who has a permanent erection they want everyone to know about. For the first time she sympathized with the guys who gave her a hard time, begging to fuck her just once. But she wasn't going to beg. She'd make the other girl do the begging."

Sunburn - Elizabeth Fitzwilliam (07/18/07)

"I delighted in the crush of her breasts against mine. Her head bent until we were standing cheek to cheek and then her tongue was tickling my ear. I pushed my hips into hers, wanting to get even closer, to have every inch of my skin touching her. She permitted this for a moment, but as I reached to unfasten her shorts she pushed my hand away. She was in charge."

Brute Brute Heart - Amber L. Cohen (07/11/07)

"He thinks the word suckle is sexy. She hates it. Better the violence of just plain suck: Pleasure would zing from nipples to clit like cow's milk shooting from udder to pail. Her breasts would feel about to burst. She knows when it would be like to come like a man, to ejaculate. The arc and spatter of it, the sticky drying, the stain. Desire made evident."

Until Midnight - Sadie Ray Luna (07/04/07)

"Another fervent kiss and then she nibbles my neck and down my chest. She tongues one nipple, then the other. My panties get wetter with every lick. My lips find Kris's collarbone. I suck down her arm to that dreamy bicep. I lick all along her barbed wire tattoo. I take one erect nipple in my mouth. If Tammy only knew! She'd be so proud."

Fallen - Sommer Marsden (06/27/07)

"He removes the shoe, tosses it aside gently. Kisses my foot, the cleavage between my toes, through my stockings. I feel my nipples tighten, my head falls back on its own and I let it. The sound that escapes me is hopeful."

Trianon - Timothy Mulcahy (06/20/07)

"It feels like my entire body explodes into her. My back arches. My mouth opens, incapable of breath. Every nerve, every bone, every muscle, tendon, and cell seem alive with pleasure. I feel as if I'm extruding gallons of fluid into her body. Trianon looks down, her face serene, her smile calm and reassuring."

Game Three - Craig Sorensen (06/13/07)

"He began to move in her. Their motion made the candles dance. His fingertip swirled her clit in time with the curl of his hips. Her eyes widened and she gasped each time he penetrated her fully. Then, without warning, she loosed her orgasmic scream, louder than ever in his experience. The background neighbor noise from the next-door apartment abruptly stopped."

Born of Shadows - Velvet Moore (06/06/07)

"Is he watching my body from behind? Is he watching as my creamy skin peeks out from beneath my pants and as my naked form is revealed? Or is he watching only my shadow as he has commanded me to do? Watching as I watch him, filling in the blanks and relying on sounds for reference?"

The Weight of the Whole World - Elazarus Wills (05/30/07)

"After a number of periods of sleeping, waking, and making love had passed, when we had both lost the ability to remember the past in any linear way, time no longer existed inside the box. We became hungry, but instead of eating we devoured each other's passion. We became incredibly thirsty, but with no water or food in the box, we drank each other."

The Bubble - Mia Hopkins (05/23/07)

"Maria holds him fast and looks him in the eyes. 'I forgive you,' she says, and for a moment Max thinks she's too drunk to know what she's saying. 'Max, don't go,' she whispers, and all of a sudden her legs are around him and her back is on the coffee table and he's pulling up her T-shirt and her pink nipples are hardening between his lips."

The Gay Truckers Club - Terry Hopkins (05/16/07)

"I felt a little jealous. Mark and I had danced around each other for years, but neither of us had had the balls to initiate anything. He was straight-up hot, with a muscular body and dark curly hair. Right then I swore I'd get my swollen cock into his wisecracking mouth before we left that rig."

I Bet You Looked Hot - Jeremy Edwards (05/09/07)

"Giselle recognized that she was obsessed, that she had allowed what might have been just an off-the-wall remark by a straight chick to turn her into a compulsive, autoerotic piss-freak -- with a fixation on a girl now a thousand miles away. It was ridiculous, she thought at times."

Fling - James L. Sutter (05/02/07)

"'All night, I've had this idea that we would come out here together. I know, I'm thirty-seven -- God, I keep saying that, don't I? -- but sometimes I meet somebody like you and things just go zing, ya know? You're really cute.' That blush was back. She decided it looked good on him."

A Case of Female Hysteria - Alicia Wag (04/11/07)

"Mrs. Manning continued to prefer full-body nakedness, and felt free to assume a variety of positions. Her most effective found her on hands and knees, buttocks jutting into the air like satiny hills. Dr. Fleisher found that in this, the combination of fingers moving in and out of the inner vagina while the vibrating instrument massaged the outer vagina, achieved the most powerful, profound paroxysms."

Trouble No Set Like Rain - Amanda Fox (04/04/07)

"That day, it was a desk. He wanted me lying flat, legs straight and squeezed together, as if he was trying to prevent himself from entering. As if. He climbed on top, declaring my pussy hole open for business by prying my cheeks apart with his hands, then dipping his thick post down. 'Me love de way you oil mek you wet fi me.'"

Anatomy Lesson (A Tribute to Our Bodies, Ourselves) - Erin O'Riordan (03/28/07)

"Jay held his glass of wine in one hand. With two fingers of the other, he lovingly traced the lines of the drawing in the book, as fascinated by it as any eleven-year-old boy would be. 'Did you know that your clit has a shaft, hood and glans?' he said. 'You didn't tell me that it had separate moving parts.'"

By the Spy Who Loved Me - Maxim Jakubowski (03/21/07)

"The landscape of her body grew familiar, her longs legs, the scattered birthmarks across her flesh, the look of tenderness when she came, and the incandescent vision of my cock digging deep inside her, separating her scarlet sex lips while the puckered hole of her arse winked. The way she would say my name, or at any rate the name she thought was mine."

Rooms - Arijana (03/07/07)

"I tried to memorize her scent and taste, wanting it to take as much time as possible. I thought that small insects must feel that way when they find their flower, when their small minds become flooded with that single desire."

The Stone Bell - Ann Regentin (02/28/07)

"He had lain on top of Kati many times before, but never naked, and she felt marvelous, miles of soft, sweet girl-skin under his hands and mouth and body. They didn't talk at all and even their moans barely broke a whisper. The air itself had become sacred, so filled with the anticipation of heaven that there was no room left in it for their voices."

Supple Wings - Elizabeth Weaver (02/21/07)

"'Warm night,' he says, removing his shirt, exposing nipples pierced with titanium rings that glisten against rose and cream. I look up, embarrassed to be caught staring. 'Do you know how bats mate?' he asks, yet I want to see, no, to touch the rings. Could I catch one, carrousel-like, with the tip of my tongue?"

The Summer Wind - Charlotte Dare (02/07/07)

"I groaned in ecstasy as her tongue flitted and flicked around my bulging clit. I forced myself to think of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in a desperate effort to keep myself from exploding only thirty seconds in."

Humidity - Elizabeth Vongvisith (01/31/07)

"I moan when you grab my hips. I push back as you're sliding into me. It feels as if we'll melt from the inside out. A drop of your sweat falls on my back and I almost believe I hear it sizzle. I shove my ass back into you again, and again, and the room is ablaze. My body's going to dissolve into steam, droplets of me condensing and running down your body and legs, down the walls and the window panes."

Brazilian Nights - J. (01/24/07)

"I need this erratic and erotic girl to rip me, fuck me, tell me I'm beautiful, stick her head inside my cunt and see what the fuck is going down there, me, still surrounded by men who wouldn't have a fucking idea what to do with something like me, this body, this crazy, insatiable me -- and I no more want a dick in me than I want a lobotomy."

Trimming Elizabeth - F. A. Night (01/17/07)

"I knelt between her legs, my heart hammering in confusion, fighting back a dozen conflicting urges. I tried to focus on the ninety-degree heat outside; tried to think about baseball teams, about the batting average of every baseball player known to mankind. About next month's order of bay rum. But nothing worked. The brown curls between her legs were as soft as any I had ever touched."

Good with Tools - Elazarus Wills (01/10/07)

"'What about your father or mother?' Walt asked, as he gingerly pressed the heirloom handle into the slippery entrance to her pussy. The two-inch diameter of the knob end disappeared inside her. 'They were missionaries. Mission-air-eees,' she repeated. Her lips pursed and her hips rose. The chisel slid in until metal touched wet, pink, flesh. He drew the wood out of her, watching it, leaving just the last inch so that she remained fully dilated."

Trailblazers - Jayden Blake (01/03/07)

"My body was on fire, my breath catching in my throat, and I checked on Kyle: he slumbered on, his sleeping bag snugged to his chin, while his lover spread my legs, kissed my stomach, then buried his mouth between my thighs."


Finding Femininity - Inamorotica (12/20/06)

"She was a woman. No matter what the thousand things the world demanded her to be, beneath it all she was, at her heart, female. She looked at the woman between her legs and the muscles moving in her back and felt a kindred, a belonging. A sisterhood."

Possession - Coco Rogue (12/13/06)

"My lips are engulfed, parched, in the moistness of her, his tongue soft and wet as it tangles with mine. His fingers are slick from my arousal, circling deeper and deeper until she finds my sweet spot with his thumb. And then she dives. Kisses drip down my belly like warm rain. I feel the velvet of his tongue as she drinks me in, his hands tight on the flesh of my hips."

Grave Circumstance - Cameo Sunset Brown (12/06/06)

"I drive harder and faster now, and she's lovin' it. She likes to yell, and here in the cemetery no one seems to care. So I make her yell into the dense night, my strokes coming faster and my finger doing her clit. She's about to explode, and so am I."

Mindy's Pheromones - Jeremy Edwards (11/29/06)

"'Don't take this wrong, but I wanted to go out with you because....' I hesitated. 'I think you're cute, too, and I like you. I like you more with each moment.' I cleared my throat. 'But I really wanted to go out with you because...I can unconsciously smell your cunt all day long, and it's driving me wild.'"

The Framer - Ariel York (11/22/06)

"Back in his studio, with the wicked mirrors looking on, as he made true on his long-ago threat and held her wrists while he fucked her from behind. She watched her face shatter with pleasure, framed by the black leather bindings and rivets. Feral, radiant, helpless."

The Office - Frances Jones (11/15/06)

"The one behind her braced against the wall, pulling her back hard against him. The other hugged her from the front. Together they lifted her, scooped their hips, then lowered her so her cunt slid over both their cocks at once. She moaned as they held her and two slippery cocks rocked in and out of her."

Watching - Tsaurah Litzky (11/08/06)

"I enjoy looking at his big purple mule dick, his big purple mule balls, against the startling white of his shorn skin. I erupt like a volcano when we do it. He's my fuck-heaven. There are no boundaries to our love."

Fait Accompli - Anne X. (11/01/06)

"He looks at his notebook in front of him, from his hands to the floor of the car, from the floor of the car to her feet, follows the line of her ivory calf up, up...Fait uncrosses her legs, shifts in her seat, crosses them again, the opposite way. David closes his eyes and tries to control his anatomy. Fait is not wearing any underwear."

Dirty Little Lollipop - Sommer Marsden (10/25/06)

"I still can't see him, but the closer I grope my way toward the stone angel, the more I feel him. The hair on the back of my neck rises in anticipation. He's very close now. It's as if he surrounds me. He's everywhere at once. His closeness. His promises, out there in the blackness."

Citrus x Paradisi - C.B. Allen (10/18/06)

"He smiles, his heart-cracking smile, and she shudders as he pierces the skin of one of the grapefruit in his hand, the musky citrus smell biting her nostrils. He sits on the edge of the bed, ripping each fruit open, the pink, tropical innards uncovered, juicy and shining."

Making Her Marc - Jenny Mount (10/11/06)

"He began to undress without question. He was such a man. Roxy reached under the bed and pulled out a riding crop. He stopped yanking at his pant leg and stared wide-eyed at the leather lash in her hand."

Ancient History - Gwen Masters (10/04/06)

"Then I wasn't thinking about anything at all, because Robbie was fucking me harder, hard enough to make me struggle for breath with every plunge. His strokes were long and deep, not an ounce of mercy in sight and I had the sudden thought that my assumption was wrong. I wouldn't be sore for days. I would be sore for weeks."

The Helmet - Craig Sorensen (09/20/06)

"Deftly, she retrieved a small pouch from one boot and zipped it open. Her strong grip eased a rubber over his penis, then firmly stroked him several times. He cradled his head on interlocked hands as she leaned back and took him inside her. Her head rolled back, and his eyes fixed on the cut of her sharp white chin. He was sure, farther inside The Helmet, that he could make out full, bright red lips."

Hui - Serge Koos (09/13/06)

"Blindly I find the zipper at the back of Hui's skirt and undo it. She lies on her back between my legs and raises her own slim legs. I pull the skirt down her thighs, down her shins, her ankles. Her penis and testicles are snugly coiled in a woman's thong, hidden in a pink triangle of fabric. My mouth is as dry as if I'd just spent a week in the desert without water."

The Tradeoff - Petula Caesar (09/06/06)

"And after a long spell of kisses to make up for the ones we'd skipped earlier, I slid my tongue down her scented flesh to suck and bite her nipples, to lick her ribs and navel, and to reverently plant kisses on her clit as if I was kissing the ring of a Mafia Don. My tongue slid across the smooth flesh of her pussy like a swan gliding across a deserted lake. The taste of her waters quenched a thirst in me I hadn't acknowledged until that night."

Holes - Samuel A. Proffit (08/30/06)

"Just as in my earthly fantasies, Angelina is the perfect sucking machine, the archetypal vacuum pump of oral sex. She sucks greedily. She makes moans of encouragement. She pulls me thrillingly close to the edge. Unlike in the life I used to have -- where I'd be lucky if I made it past the one-minute mark -- here I can last as long as I want. I could fuck Angelina's mouth for a month, a year. For a century if I chose to."

Lord and Master - Jules Jones (08/23/06)

"He's hammering into me now, filling me up with himself. I lean on the railing, supporting us, as he squeezes my cock, milking me. Making me desperate to come. My hands squeeze the railing, holding tight, while my mind soars. I am the king of the city, standing here with it at my feet, when I come, it will shoot out over the heads of all those people oblivious below."

Lollipop - Ms. DeLei Graham and Miss Sharon Graham (08/16/06)

"Saskia got up from her chair, green eyes on me. She whispered in my ear: 'Wouldn't ya like to be had by a gal?' She trickled her finger down the nape of my neck. 'Someone as sexy as you, ya never had a come-on by a dyke?' I shook my head. Her cherry breath was making me wet."

Into the Shadow and Through - Vince Clarthough (08/09/06)

"She says 'Make him hard for me, babe. Make him feel good.' I've whispered this into Faye's ear as we've made love. She's made me practice on fingers and on dildos, and now, finally, it is happening. I press my lips against his soft prick. It twitches, and I groan, not caring any more that they hear me. Tears well up as I purse my lips over his cock and suck, drawing it into my mouth."

Attempt to Rise - Alana Noel Voth (08/02/06)

"He covered my mouth with a kiss. I came up for air. 'I want to be on top of you,' he said. 'I want to come in your mouth. Let's get drunk. I want get drunk and fuck in your car.' For a second I thought about pushing him off, but then didn't. I felt drunk on something that wasn't alcohol and took beer out, wine, then my breasts. Elijah poured beer and wine on my nipples, cold and room temperature, making me shiver and sigh."

A Thinking Man - Zoe Kittridge (07/19/06)

"I keep my bedroom a little too warm just for occasions like this. To see the sweat of a man's body shimmer in candlelight, to wet my hands by running them through his matted hair and dry them by pushing my own hair up from my neck, to inhale the mingled smells of arousal and perspiration, to taste a salty droplet just as it slithers into the hollow of his throat -- heat is most definitely required."

If We Were... - Jeremy Edwards (07/12/06)

"That was long before the spring break visit when she told me she was 'ninety percent lesbian.'"

Undercover - Nikki Magennis (07/05/06)

"He kept playing with me, his long fingers pushing further inside, building up an irresistible rhythm that moved in time with the train. I thought briefly of Sam and what his face would look like if he could see me now. And with a vicious rush of pleasure, I turned to the girl, looking straight into her laughing brown eyes."

Southbound - Stephen Tilling (06/28/06)

"The hotel is small and old, full of nooks and crannies. In the cool dusk of the hallway, as she fumbles with the room key, he stands behind her and pushes the straps of her dress off her shoulders. It drops to the floor and he holds her naked to him, lips on her neck, one hand at her breasts, the other finding her sex. There are steps on the stairs behind them."

Princess Press-On - Allison Landa (06/21/06)

"And then I feel it. Carolyn has a set of Lee Press-Ons that is not to be believed, and they're busy rototilling my cunt. I can't say anything because her mouth is pressed to mine and her tongue is sweeping the back of my throat."

Letter of the Law - Bella Voz (06/14/06)

"'Rule number one: no kissing.' Ah, so she's one of those kissing's-too-personal girls. I wouldn't have guessed it. 'Rule number two: no nakedness.' I'm waiting for the punchline when she says, 'And rule number three: no bumping nasties.'"

New Bamboo - Marguerite Colson (06/07/06)

"My sarong and panties slide from my tiny frame. Shafts of sunlight speckle my lily-white, office-worker skin. Niran studies my flesh, a decade older than his, as though it is sacred temples and mountains and rivers all rolled into one. His raw, creviced hands pumice my delicate breasts."

Dangerous Games with Competent People - Kim Wright (05/31/06)

"You're loud when you come. You make a noise -- you suspect not a pretty noise -- and your body goes rigid, pushing you away from her like a swimmer pushes off a wall. You say my god, more to yourself than to her. It was so sharp, so fast. She is crouched between your legs, resting her head against your knee. Her hair is still damp."

Confession - Gwen Masters (05/24/06)

"'Did you go to confession today?' he asked her, seemingly out of the blue. He had the lube from the bedside drawer, the bottle she had bought when menopause brought about all sorts of awful changes in her body. This time she was so wet he almost didn't need it."

Fucking Jack Frost - Cynthia Rayne (05/17/06)

"After the blow job, I'd have to fuck him. Not because I find him desirable. No, I have to fuck my sister's boyfriend because I love her. Don't mistake me for a degenerate. I love my sister in the purest familial sense of the word. I have to fuck Jack to get rid of him -- for her. An orgasmic exorcism, if you will."

The French Door - Johanna Dowson (05/10/06)

"I approached the counter with the nasty feeling that I was going to be zapped. Just as it was my turn to be served, Leah used the remote to rev the vibrator up and down repeatedly. I managed to stutter out our order, blushing furiously at the quizzical look on the waitressís face. I made my way back to our table, partly bent over to try to minimize the effect of Leah's playfulness. "Is your back sore, poor dear?" she crooned."

T.4 - William S. Dean (04/26/06)

"She'd only been really visible for an instant...less than a minute, but it was long enough to see more of her tattoos. Especially the pink tendrils of vines inked high on the inside of her thighs and something curling down into her bra."

Independence - Lawrence Schimel (04/19/06)

"They lay entwined in a sweaty heap, Carles' cock still lodged inside Javi. He began to soften, but still stayed more than half-hard. He worried that he should pull out and take off the condom properly. But he didn't want to move. His cock was so sensitive that even Javi's gentle breathing sent shivers through him as their bodies shifted."

Rekindle - Kathleen Bradean (04/12/06)

"People noticed the flush on my cheeks as I moved through the office. I could have sworn that the prickly Swede we'd just hired smelled me as I went past. That was the first smile I'd ever seen on his long, dour face. If I was caught, did that make me a bad girl? I giggled. I'm a bad girl. I wriggled in my chair as I typed."

In the Rain - Gwen Masters (04/05/06)

"He played his tongue over her lips, nice and slow, teasing each one. He delved into her, tongue at first, then fingers. By the time he touched her clit she was writhing under him, and he knew how to do it, knew what would set her off, knew how to make it last. She told him over and over that he was better than her husband and he clung to that like a drowning man clings to driftwood."

Eating Sushi - Robin St. John (03/29/06)

"'So,' I said, smiling in the dark. 'Do you actually own nipple clamps?' 'I do,' she said."

Back in the Saddle- Vincent Diamond (03/22/06)

"Is he really ready for this? Marcus stepped out of the shadows, the small trailer window throwing a pale rectangle of light on his belly. Black curls framed a cock, thick and blunt, dark as wine. David reached for him. Marcus gasped as his fingers circled him."

The Wedding Dress - Don Rasner (03/15/06)

"All I could do was stare at the judge's cock. At my own wedding, standing next to my future husband."

The Clay Man - Sera Gamble (03/08/06)

"He sits on the toilet watching me in the shower, riveted to the sponge in my hand as it coats my body with soap. He holds a towel open for me. He dries me, and carries me to the bed. He says 'Please,' and I tell him 'Okay,' and he parts my legs with his warm brown hands and examines me softly."

Prove It - Tripp Reade (03/01/06)

"Lana rarely made it all the way to the base of Ransomís cock, so he'd just go as far as he could. He could do this, he could. He was the Little Blue Engine of fellatio."

Given, Taken, Open - Frederik Sisa (02/22/06)

"August Bower was losing himself, quite unwillingly, in suffocating innuendo: pens became penises; whiteout was thick, sticky semen; drinking tea from his favorite mug -- decorated with Klimt's 'The Kiss' -- was as galvanizing as going down on Darlene."

Bike Girl - Paul Christian (02/15/06)

"Please fuck me, I'm a bad girl. I say it out loud as the bike finds my rhythm. Please fuck me, I'm a bad girl. I can feel my anus clench around his imaginary cock, feel the heat of humiliation on my cheeks, and most of all feel my Harley's steady throb against my clit."

Mysterious Hands - Veronique Dumont (02/08/06)

"Pleasure flowed through Carol, the contractions causing her to lose all sense of time and place. She heard the stranger speak to her; the voice grew distant. Her orgasm blotted out everything."

The Marital Truth - Gwen Masters (02/01/06)

"I had never felt that hope again. Until now. I opened the screen door to the back porch and stepped into the autumn heat. I was naked and it felt glorious. The first drops of rain began their freefall and I fell with them, the thunder rumbling as Mark laid me down on the soft green grass."

Golden Boy - D. V. L. Spencer (01/25/06)

"He stood in front of her now, hand poised in front of a large blue canvas, brush dripping with azure paint. He was wearing a loose shirt spattered with every color imaginable and snug black sweatpants with fresh blue handprints smeared all over the thighs."

Alfredo, Stirring - Maria Mentis (01/18/06)

"I leaned in to kiss you, lips brushing barely, barely there against the corner of your mouth, the tip of my tongue tracing back over your top lip, tasting the wine, the wine, and you, and your teeth, and your tongue, your mouth open and warm and deep like a well full of secrets just waiting."

How I Became a Sex Therapist - Natty Soltesz (01/11/06)

"I worked with this guy who said nobody'd ever been able to give him an orgasm. He'd had orgasms from jacking off, but he didn't enjoy jacking off. And though he'd had his fair share of sex, he could never come from it."

Making Do - W. S. Cross (01/04/06)

"Your touch was superb, as if we'd done this a thousand times. Was this how you made love to Carolyn? I felt no jealousy asking myself that question; it was intensely arousing to think I might be trading places, even for a few moments, with the woman you love."


Magmadootch - Alicia Wag (12/21/05)

"He let go of my imaginary pussy and pulled off his black jeans, taking his cock out of his navy blue boxers, pulling the fabric back so that his balls were exposed. It looked like a portrait -- Erect Cock against Dark Background."

Dorm - Tom Cardamone (12/14/05)

"His hand engulfing my cock, I fumble for his, surprised at its strength and softness, fingering the silk of his foreskin, rubbing the salt of his pre-cum across the head with my thumb. He groans; my eyes are open, his closed, his long, blonde lashes sweeping my cheeks."

The Razor - Tsaurah Litzky (12/07/05)

"Soon every hair, every wisp, was gone. What faced me looked like the mouth of a baby, such a sweet pink little mouth I put the razor down again and grabbed her, pulling her towards me by the hips. I couldnít resist that baby mouth. I fucked her with my tongue, round and round."

The Seer's Wife - Cheyenne Blue (11/30/05)

"She was wet inside, slippery sheened, moist and yielding as the bog and his fingers sank knuckle-deep into her slit, curling around to probe for pleasure spots. She keened her pleasure in an undulating pitch as she contracted around his fingers, her internal muscles fierce and hard, as workmanlike as her solid frame."

Jillybean - Mark McCann (11/23/05)

"I slid my hand along her hips towards the soft swell of her belly and dipped my fingers into her warm slippery sex. She shivered at my touch and panted into my chest. I tapped lightly at the center of her red-fringed well, causing her to bite the cloth of my shirt and dig her nails into my arm. When I touched the nubbin that controlled her pleasure, her knees buckled slightly. I pressed her body to mine so she wouldn't fall."

Familiar Sun - Teresa Lamai (11/16/05)

"Now his fingertips spread to my neck. He seems hypnotized by the sight of his own hands. I fight to keep my hips still. My labia feel the same touch; I close my eyes and feel the tightly folded lips kiss, shyly at first, then wetly nuzzling, then spreading to fat, inflamed petals. The inner lips push out, stinging with impatience, feeling Steve's warmth only inches away."

Blinded - Donna George Storey (11/09/05)

"I'd always focused on his eyes, his expressions. But now, with his eyes hidden, I could see with a new clarity: the rich, taut curves of his arms, the hint of soft flesh at his waist that I found oddly pleasing. It didn't take long for him to get hard -- it never did when we used the blindfold -- and I got to watch the delicate jerking of his penis as it rose and thickened, drawn upward by invisible strings which led straight to my hands."

At Midnight, In the Month of June - Kristina Wright (10/26/05)

"She remembered kneeling in this grass years ago and taking Ed in her mouth for the first time. They'd been married a month. They hadn't needed to sneak anymore, but they did. Ed would give her that grin and lead her out to his truck, giving her a little goose as she climbed in. Even after the children came, they'd go out to the prairie in the warm months and fuck like rabbits."

A Family Affair - Darryl Halbrooks (10/19/05)

"He whispered it: sex. They were not the kind of people who talked openly about these things. They were Hoosiers, for God's sake. He and Ellen didn't even talk about sex when they had sex."

Panopticon - Stuart Hale (10/12/05)

"',' I growl, and his body responds. My whole world collapses to the feel of his hands around my ribcage, pulling me back as his hips thrust forward, driving his cock into me until I feel his hips colliding with my ass cheeks, the two of us bouncing, hard, fast, desperate."

Soft Spot - Susan Weaver (10/05/05)

"We are drenched in sweat, gluey with each other's fluids. She runs a warm bath and we soap and scrub each other until our flesh is rosy, then interlocking our legs like scissor blades, we finger-fuck each other, timing our orgasms to meet again. When she comes, I watch, fascinated, as a bloom of blood spreads underneath her skin, mottling the alabaster across her breasts and shoulders."

No Tail, Just Head - Mia Moore (09/28/05)

"'So, ask me then!' I looked him squarely in the face, waiting. 'Ask you what?' He looked perplexed until he realized what I was offering. He took his tie off and crammed it in his suit coat pocket. 'So, lady with no name, will you give me a blowjob?' Then he startled and looked around as if everyone in the bar could hear him."

Maybe Sometime You'll Change Your Mind - Robin Devereaux (09/21/05)

"Nadi's soft black hair falls across Vincent's belly like silk, and she brushes it back with one hand, not missing a stroke. She looks up at him then, his cock between her pretty pink lips, her eyes at once sweet and devilish, like she intends to swallow his soul and he will like it. He looks away, a low moan deep in his throat."

What Happened to That Girl - Marie Lyn (09/14/05)

"'You ready, Seth?' she says, still bent over. Ready? I want to fuck her up the ass. I want to fuck her in the mouth. I want to cum in her ass, I want her to take my cock in her mouth and swallow my cum until she gags. Fuck, I want to be a porn star too. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. But I don't."

Rediscovery - Gwen Masters (09/07/05)

"Now it's the third night, and I'm kissing him with a passion I thought long dead. I'd forgotten how he whimpers when I pull away. I'd forgotten how his hands feel in my hair and how they shake when he gets excited. He grows hard against my belly and I feel twinges of misplaced guilt. But I don't stop kissing him."

Carabosse - Michael Hartford (08/31/05)

"'That turns you on, doesn't it?' Gretchen pulls my hand away from her tit and pushes it between her legs; she's as wet as the pool, and I let my fingers tangle themselves in her dense pubic hair. 'Do you want me to shave for you? Do you want my pussy to be soft and naked like Margaret's?'"

The Visitor - Esmeralda Barrett (08/24/05)

"She braced me back with her shoulder against mine, and with her free hand, took my wrist and guided my hand over her flat stomach to a breast. The nipple was hard, and the firm skin glued itself to my hand. I kneaded in that finger-rippling motion I like myself, nipple catching between my knuckles, and she moaned, pressing herself against my thigh."

Time Capsule - Flora Redgrove (08/17/05)

"He's too overwhelmed to be picky about my moves, she thought, grabbing the root of his cock. She let him penetrate her throat, breathing in between his thrusts, and stuck her ass in the air, her cunt wet and hot and cold. A sudden thought intruded on her suckling: If he comes, will I still be here?"

American Daddy-O - Valentine Bonnaire (08/10/05)

"She wore a pendant of moonstones that flashed between her breasts. He kissed it and said, You're like Cleopatra, and he stripped her naked. He laid her underneath him and all his sweet-scented warmth went straight into her, into all the places that her husband had ignored all those years. I told you everything would work out just fine, Dana said, and suddenly he had this immense hard-on and was going down on her."

Talk to Me - Alex M. Quinlan (07/27/05)

"He produced the hairbrush -- thick-handled, bristled all the way around -- and slowly slid it against her lips. Her body froze. "No, I'm not telling you what this is," he murmured, "but if you figure it out, you should tell me." He worked it against her, teasing. Stepping half around so she could see him, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free, unleashing himself in full sight of her."

Petits Pots de Crème au Chocolat - Valentine Bonnaire (07/20/05)

"Tonight you'll stroke the warm melted chocolate all along your cock and think about her lips and the way her tongue would move against you. Your hand could be her lips, couldn't it? You'll close your eyes just like she did and think about the way she held you pinned there while she licked cream along your thighs and painted you there, all sugary, and you couldn't move."

Sex au Jus - Chris Bridges (07/13/05)

"Maggie Seger was the most beautiful woman in an advertising agency that hires for looks as much as ability. Short, slender, curvy body, dark curly hair that I suspected was very, very soft. Skin so clear it looked like spun glass. She told me her parents were mixed races and obviously they had mixed very well indeed."

Amadou - Helena Settimana (07/06/05)

"'Take me in your mouth, Bee, like you used to...' He kneels beside me and slides easily past my lips, pressing to the back of my throat. He tastes like spice and sweet fruit. Other men don't taste like this and few know the secret. He must have been eating mangoes for days in preparation. The ones he had me buy were just for show, a garnish."

Defender - Hank Edwards (06/29/05)

"Before I can reply, Darren has swallowed me whole. The wet heat of his mouth closes around me and draws the breath from my lungs. His nimble fingers wrap around my balls and his thumb presses against the sensitive spot between my balls and asshole. His head bobs faster and faster in my lap and I close my eyes. My mind spins at the sensations searing through my body and I begin to feel the familiar tingle in my prostate as my orgasm nears."

Marcia - Peter Klein (06/22/05)

"During the years since Rose, my prick has grown purple and twisted with age, and strangely bigger than it was. I am almost afraid for them to see it. I worry about getting it up a full-grown woman, never mind a budding girl like Marcia. And then I remember that she's not a budding girl; they've been married six years."

The Luckiest Man in the World - Ann Regentin (06/15/05)

"She was like his wife in every way, exactly like her, and it made it easy to please her. He pushed his hard, sculptor's fingers into her and inhaled her high moan. His thumb slid through her folds, looking for the pearl at the heart of the oyster. Moan turned to cry as he found it, muscles deep inside clenching around his fingers."

A Fair Trade - Desiree Coulter (06/08/05)

"Joel rose up and fucked Eric's sweet cupid mouth. The first wave of Amanda's orgasm ripped through her as Joel closed his eyes and thrust into Eric's ready mouth. Eric's eyes widened. There you go, darling, she thought, that's what it's like having someone jam their meat down your throat."

Convergence - Morgan Broom (06/01/05)

"A ball of energy when she was awake, she now seemed fragile as a rag doll as she dozed in the heat, tucked securely under Richard's arm. Her head rested on his chest, her brown curls hiding most of her face. All three of them had stripped down to the bare necessities."

The Cigar - Betti Mustang (05/25/05)

"A bead of sweat starts making its way down his left temple when she parts her naked lips for him. He watches his hand shake as he lifts the cigar to her waiting mouth. He wants to groan when her soft tongue scoots back, to make room as he slowly slips its thick head into..."

The Red Light District - Kal Cobalt (05/18/05)

"He licked one finger and circled a nipple with it, finally touching it, pinching it, moaning in pleasure, arching into his own touch. 'So good,' he whispered. 'Sometimes I sit here, right here, thinking about you...about you touching me. It's dark and eerie in here and I envision you...doing things to me.' He tugged the nipple sharply and cried out as if it had taken him by surprise. 'So fuckin' good, you are.' His eyes fluttered open. 'You still watching?'"

Eve's Freedom - Mike Kimera (05/11/05)

"When his lips touch me, my whole body responds: my nipples harden, my loins twitch, my mouth smiles, my fingers flex. I want to push my nipples into his mouth. I want to wrap my legs around his hips and grind myself against him. I want the hard heat of him to split me and fill me. I want to be skewered by the urgency of his desire. Each time he kisses me, these needs surge to the surface of my mind like a blush. I could not do what I am about to do, were it not for his kiss."

Another Assignation with Charles Bonnet - K. L. Gillespie (05/04/05)

"It is love at first smell. Suddenly life narrows to a single compulsion. I brush my fingers over his hand. My nerve endings register the soft warmth of his body and the faint pulse of his life force. My senses race toward overload as I taste him in the air."

The Highwayman's Hostage - Gary Meyer (04/27/05)

"He smiled up at her. 'It's called a quim, my Lady, even upon a person of such high station as yourself.' His tongue made a slow, meandering journey downward. His lips planted a garden of kisses on her belly; his teeth nipped her thighs."

King of Egypt - Bill Noble (04/20/05)

"Them four women put down their packbacks, and stripped off their clothes, and come right down into the water with me! They all sat down and chattered away like a bunch of birds. Seemed like it was as natural for them to be chatterin' at a naked man as it was for the sun to be risin."

King of Egypt - Bill Noble (04/20/05)

"Them four women put down their packbacks, and stripped off their clothes, and come right down into the water with me! They all sat down and chattered away like a bunch of birds. Seemed like it was as natural for them to be chatterin' at a naked man as it was for the sun to be risin."

The Heat - Brian Crawford (04/13/05)

"She felt the warmth of his hand against her thigh. She reveled in the touch. She leaned harder against the pole, mashing it into the side of her breast, savoring the impress of cool metal against her softness."

Puanani Paradise - Betti Mustang (04/06/05)

"I spread my legs jes enough so that the warm breeze can caress my swelling clit. I savor the sun. It pulses down on me, and I feel my nipples rising for meet it. The breeze picks up and feels like a thousand miniature tongues licking the beads of sweat off my hard little body."

Las Agridulces - Shanna Germain (03/30/05)

"He was built the way young boys are, his body roped with muscles that come from just being in the world. He moved like someone who didn't know he'd get old. I covered my thighs with the towel, wishing I'd worn my one-piece, something that covered my widening legs and the new rolls along my belly."

Photos - Kathryn O'Halloran (03/23/05)

"With the fourth photo, Justin knew what was happening was deliberate. Nobody made four mistakes in a row. Someone was playing games with him. He was smart, he could figure out who it was. In the lifts and in the tearoom he scrutinised every woman he saw."

Raverty's Privilege - Finn Mackenna (03/16/05)

"I could see Sean's navy blue futon and his high loft ceiling and those two silky-haired girls, red and blonde, the ex flame and the current flame, their porcelain skin, their asses poking up in the air, just for him, two women holding that almost ludicrous doggy-style pose, their white skin framed by lace garter belts, the two gals laughing, laughing at each other and laughing with each other as they waited for Sean's next move."

Heads Up Poker - Susan DiPlacido (03/09/05)

"They sit helplessly, Lucy's fists clenched, Dan holding himself under the table with one hand, the other clutching his beer. Joe flips his hand, showing an ace that got paired. Lucy goes next. Nothing. Biting her lip, she stares at her losing cards. Dan's got her now. Feisty, isn't she? But she'll never have the guts to do this. She does it."

Sex Karma - Jay Lygon (03/02/05)

"I decided I was thinking way too much like a chick. Hell no, cock sucking wasn't intimate, not with a stranger. Not if done right. I had no business being in a woman's body. The secret handshake for feminine behavior was elusive and the physical wiring didn't match up with the true me trapped inside. I missed my dick."

Sex Karma - Jay Lygon (03/02/05)

"I decided I was thinking way too much like a chick. Hell no, cock sucking wasn't intimate, not with a stranger. Not if done right. I had no business being in a woman's body. The secret handshake for feminine behavior was elusive and the physical wiring didn't match up with the true me trapped inside. I missed my dick."

Memphis - Gwen Masters (02/23/05)

"Tomorrow I'll see his wife. She and I will have lunch. I'll listen as she shares tidbits of her life: the escapades of her children, the headaches of her job. She'll be as lovely as ever with her beautiful red hair and her skin like fine china. She'll complain about having a man who works so much. She'll look at me, her best friend, and share secrets."

Masterpiece - Molly Stanton (02/16/05)

"I could stop and watch him quiver with desire, admire the quicksilver slipping down the head of his cock, but tonight I want to play him like an instrument, to draw sweet sounds from him. I grip his curls again, twining my hand in his hair while the middle finger of my other hand slides back and forth across his lips. Over and over, deeper into his mouth each time, fucking it with my finger."

Forget-Me-Not - Cheyenne Blue (02/09/05)

"She's the aggressor this time, pushing him over onto his back and straddling him, sinking down onto his cock. Impatiently, she rips off her rain jacket and T-shirt, so that she's naked in the warm summer rain. It streams in runnels down her breasts, dripping off her nipples onto his chest. It's like tears, he thinks, the agony and the ecstasy of grief and love."

Silk Road - Donna George Storey (02/02/05)

"I see his other hand reach down between my thighs, and just then I notice the bottom half of my dress is missing and I'm standing with my legs wide open, my pussy rudely exposed. Mike's fingers disappear inside me and he pulls out another string of pearls -- or is it the same one? -- each jewel stretching my ruddy inner lips into an 'o' of pleasure."

Coach Morley - Isabelle Lazar (01/26/05)

"'Don't worry, Tiger, I've got what you need,' she says and strokes a bulge on the inside of her right thigh that hadn't been there before. I nod in appreciation. 'Well then. Let's not keep it waiting,' I say and dispense with the rest of my clothes. In two steps she is on top of me..."

Ellie - Lucia Parte (01/19/05)

"When Christa kissed Ellie after, her lips all shimmer and salt, Ellie knew she had to do it to Christa. Climbed over Christa and onto the top, nipples skimming, her knee a hard circle against Christa's cunt. They kissed that way for minutes that were as slow as hours, Ellie slow-grinding Christa, Christa sucking Ellie's tongue."

The AntiThesis - Marie Lyn (01/12/05)

"You pulled my face to yours. You tasted like beer (like college) and so did I, but as our tongues found their places in each other's mouths there was no taste but anticipation. At that moment, there was no such thing as beer, or any liquid beside the ones secreted by our bodies: sweat, saliva, cum."


Two of Cups - Elizabeth Margery (12/29/04)

"God, yes, it was easy. Like falling of a log, like falling off a cliff, like falling in love. Easy and total and irretrievable. Whatever I'd suspected in the past, I knew for certain now. I reached out and caught her shoulders, warm and solid beneath the ruffled blouse."

One for the Road - Benjamin Rosenbaum (12/22/04)

"'Listen.' She leans in and whispers throaty and low, her jazz whisper. 'Leave now and I won't be mad. But you stay, you gonna do what I tell you. Leave before I get my fill of you -- I'm going to be hopping mad. I don't know how many times you can come in a night. You best know, and manage yourself. 'Cause you ain't done 'til I say you're done.'"

Daddy-Oh! - Savannah Stephens Smith (12/15/04)

"'Are you a slut?' He said it slowly, lingering over a sibilant 's'. A long stroke of his skin, then he squeezed, playing judge and punisher. She'd wanted this. Maybe for a long time."

Four on the Floor - Alison Tyler (12/01/04)

"Scenes flowed, lubricated by our red-wine daze. Pamela bent on her knees at Sam's feet and brought her mouth to his cock. I worked Andy, bobbing up and down, and after he came for the first time, I moved over to Pamela's side so we could take turns drinking from Sam. I was reeling with the wonder of it. The illusion that anything was possible. Any position, any desire."

Five States - Cheyenne Blue (11/24/04)

"Fifty miles down the road he swerved the pickup onto the hard shoulder and cut the engine. My hand explored the contours of muscled thigh and the bulge of his groin that swelled beneath my hand. He leaned over the gear stick to kiss me, thrusting a heated tongue in and out of my mouth in mimicry of what I knew would come later."

Mirador - Teresa Lamai (11/17/04)

"Fuck it. I should know by now that I'm going to cry every time I look at him. The stinging starts in my eyes and then fills my head. My friends keep telling me how much happier I am without him. I haven't eaten in days. I live on coffee, cold air, and the anxious thrum of waiting, watching."

Want You Like a Pisces Rising - Michael O'Mahony (11/10/04)

"I spot her straight away. She stands out so clearly it's almost funny, or it would be funny if I had the breath to laugh. All the conversations we've had, the lyrics we've shared, the promises, they've all pointed to this moment that's coming at me so fast I can't process it."

Predatory Instinct - Esmeralda Barrett (11/03/04)

"He's fiercely protective. He's also unlocking her cage, so a few words of reassurance are in order. 'Let's just establish that I'm into pleasure. Lots of pleasure. Not pain.' She looks back at me with those gorgeous eyes that I can't read. My fingers caress her legs. 'How about you, Sugar? Any rules?'"

Exceptions - J.D. Smith (10/27/04)

"Ample? Yes, like the lower reaches of a cello. This ass could claim its own zip code. Taut? I couldn't say -- yet; it was too soon to bounce a dime off those lower slopes of Paradise."

The Artists at Work - Julia Garret (10/20/04)

"But this age thing really is something to think about, because it's mostly about sex. We're still young enough to be doing it, but we can see the end if we dare to look hard enough. We're experienced, we're old enough to be adventurous, and most importantly the bodies are in good enough nick."

Tweaking the Sub - Dennis Mahagin (10/13/04)

"Please don't do this. Not here. Not like this....'Holy shit!' I gasped, dragging deeply on my Doral. I did a double take as a webcam feedstream started kicking into my interface. On the IM screen, six more names popped onto the list, lurking. Then more names -- one every three or four seconds, filling the chat room to capacity."

A Love Drive-By - Susan St. Aubin (10/06/04)

"Sandy will take the curly-haired fireman into her closet. He's married, he has three kids, he makes love to her rising belly with a worshipful admiration that makes her giggle. His tongue massages her bellybutton, then finds its way down the slope to her cunt, which he licks as clean as he licked the dinner off his plate. She puts her hands over his furry back while he rubs his hairy legs against her smooth ones."

Cuba Libre - Kristin M. Douglas (09/29/04)

"Just before deep blue sleep, he nestled his hips between my thighs and propped himself up with his arms. Nudging the tip of his cock between the lips of my cunt, he stayed barely inside me, tense and hovering. Just barely inside. Neither of us moved. For a long moment there was no air to breathe, no sound to hear, nothing to feel or taste."

Prix Fixe - Riain Grey (09/22/04)

"Please, come and join our little dinner party. It's a simple affair -- just Master and me, and a few...exotic...dishes that we've prepared especially for the occasion. Trust me, you've never seen a menu quite like this. And if you're very very good, Master may just offer you a taste...."

What a Life - Lene Taylor (09/15/04)

"Travis wondered what it would be like to have this boy and his tight little ass any time he wanted. Not that he was short of action -- with a dick like his, it just wasn't possible -- but there was something about Tommy that was temptation beyond just wanting to grab him, throw him down, and fuck him ragged."

Fitz & Me - Michael O'Mahony (09/01/04)

"We stared at each other for a long time, Gillian with her make-up ruined and her chest heaving beneath a Radiohead T-shirt that belonged to me, while I struggled with the realisation that I was about to cry for the first time in five years."

My Mother's Child - Marie Lyn (08/25/04)

"That was the beginning of me. My mother was fired and she never saw my father again. Does this surprise you? That a daughter should know so much about her mother's sex, that a daughter should be privy to the intimate details of her mother's fuck?"

Touch - Aroha Lee (08/18/04)

"A gust of wind reminds me I'm outside. I pull back. Get a grip, woman. But the dog's not barking, so our neighbour must be inside his house. I relax onto my back on the lawn. My hand goes down again and my finger slips around the hard bulb of my clit, atua piikoikoi, the 'goddess which lies curved like a fern frond'..."

Small Windows - Teresa Lamai (08/11/04)

"My clit throbs as if my heart has moved there. And on the edges of the pain is a bliss so acute that my bones start to feel warm. I'm addicted to the need in his gaze. His face is radiant at times like this...."

Subjunctive Claws - Alex M.Quinlan (08/04/04)

"'I think, sweetling,' I murmured into her hair, 'that I'm not quite done eating.' I nuzzled her bare shoulder. She moaned, loud now that I was right against her, and pushed her hips back at me. 'You want it?' I whispered, and licked the join of shoulder and neck. 'You want me to bite?'"

She Buys Them by the Dozen - Ramona Beth Savage (07/28/04)

"Scooting close to me, she unfolded the paper and gave me one end, holding up the other end herself. To anyone walking by we were just a couple sharing newspaper. But with her free hand, Rhonda unzipped her jeans. As she slipped her hand beneath the elastic of her flame-red panties, my erection returned with a vengeance."

Der Maler - Lilie Berlin (07/21/04)

"He drove me deeper into this abyss with each sigh, each lick at my nipples and beckoning flick across my clitoris. Hovering above him, I watched him journey up and down the landscape of my body with hands, eyes, and mouth.... I let my gaze wander down between us to the hardness between his legs."

Breaking and Entering - Cassandra Broderick (07/14/04)

"I grinned and dropped to my knees, pulling his boxers down before he could protest.His cock was gorgeous: not overly long, but as thick as my wrist and delicate as silk.A crystal of pre-cum glittered at its tip.I pressed my thumb to it, smeared it around the fat mauve head, and looked up at him."

The Bruise - Mia Hopkins (06/30/04)

"For kicks we sixty-nine each other; he says he loves my ass, he says he loves my dripping pussy. I say I love his salty, sweet cum; he says he wants to give me more. We're like dirty-mouthed teenagers, but tender, knowing, and we pace ourselves because we like each other so much that maybe, by the end of the night we'll feel love, or some semblance of it."

Fast Food - Annika Stratford (06/23/04)

"Ken hops up and sheds his clothes into a puddle on the floor. He's got a good physique, a sprinkling of body hair, and a raging boner. We stand on either side of him, pressing our naked bodies against him in an orgiastic three-way embrace, eyes closed, everyone moaning -- limbs, hands, mouths, all moving. 'Why don't you just lie back, Ken, and let Veronica and I spoil you rotten?'"

Five Days in Murmansk - Teresa Lamai (06/16/04)

"He moves my hand back to my pussy. He lifts himself slightly and brushes the hair away from the very top of the mound, where the clit hides. He lets patient, chaste kisses fall over the neat folds. Heat rushes to my head. My breath is ragged in my dry throat. Heís pulling the labia apart and my clit swells, painful and furious, under his fresh, innocent lips."

Afterdeath - Susan DiPlacido (06/09/04)

"That's what I wanted to feel, the weight of him. He kisses me again, deeper. He works a hand down to my breast, teasing circles around the nipple. When he tugs on it and slips me more tongue, I groan. My eyes flutter open, and even in the dim light I pick out differences: his hair is lighter, his nose smaller. So I put his free hand over my eyes so I can't peek."

In Julia's Room - Luce Faricy (06/02/04)

"Giovanna pulls back the blanket, inviting me into her daughter's bed. At sixteen, I would have been horrified at the thought of my mother having sex in my bed; at thirty-eight, I know that sixteen is never going to find out and I'll take Giovanna anywhere she consents to lie down for me."

In Julia's Room - Luce Faricy (06/02/04)

"Giovanna pulls back the blanket, inviting me into her daughter's bed. At sixteen, I would have been horrified at the thought of my mother having sex in my bed; at thirty-eight, I know that sixteen is never going to find out and I'll take Giovanna anywhere she consents to lie down for me."

Better Than New York Cheesecake - Kim MacMonkey (05/26/04)

"He built a nest between her thighs, tangling his fingers in her curls and delving deeper with softness and industry. He traced line after line on her skin. He drew a picture of the nest he envisioned. He drew a map to his destination..."

Alchemy - Teresa Lamai (05/19/04)

"His shirt unravels to the floor and he pulls me to him. I wonder if other couples take sex as seriously as we do. We study it like art or medicine. In the five years we've been married, we've tutored each other with such focus and alacrity, as if we expect to find some treasure deep, deep in the well of our desire."

I Want to Watch You Do It - Mike Kimera (05/12/04)

"It's lucky I've just come. For once I'm able to concentrate, even with Karen half-naked in front of me. Maybe she had a reason for telling me that when she masturbates she imagines being taken with her hands bound or being licked to ecstasy?"

Second Hand - Chris Bridges (05/05/04)

"A loving race began, the fever cascading over itself until both combatants surrendered and merged. The nightgown slipped up over her thighs as he entered her, and it slid between their bodies as they moved, adding a sensation that drove them harder and harder until they roared into each other's mouth and..."

A Low Indistinct Murmuring - Scott J. Ecksel (04/28/04)

"'Tell me,' I whispered. 'Daniel, please, I want to hear you say it.' He tried. 'Making love,' he said, then, after a pause, 'Maybe she's going down on him. Maybe the creaking, that's her weight on the springs when she's sucking him.' 'How close is he, Daniel?' Working myself into a frenzy, tasting my own breath. 'Where's he going to come? On his belly? In her hands? Across her lips?'"

The Gift - Dahlia Schweitzer (04/21/04)

"My first thought was that her lips were only inches from mine. My second thought was that I'd never kissed a girl."

Small Dance - Teresa Lamai (04/14/04)

"I can't take off my jacket at work because of the obscene marks over my right breast. I'm too hot, I can't stand it. The perfume that was so light on her seems cloying on my skin. I get myself off in the bathroom three times. I can't stop myself but I'm ashamed, furtive and bleary-eyed on my way back to my desk."

Ageless - Oscar Shade (04/07/04)

"'Steven.' That's all she said. Just my name, spoken in a quick whisper through her wine-stained lips. But I could hear all of the implications that her utterance carried with it. She was speaking the name of a guest subject to all the rules of civility that she cherished. The name of a man almost twenty years her junior. Most of all, the name of her daughterís husband."

Hello You - Laura Motta (03/31/04)

"She turns her back to him, thinking, You weird weird boy -- but am I surprised? No. Because...because the thought doesn't finish itself because he comes up behind her and grabs her by the waist."

Office Politics - Justin Bradford (03/24/04)

"Just as this first orgasm receded he changed the rhythm of his tongue in concert with her surges. The orgasm started all over again. He did this four times, the sensations more powerful each time. She couldn't focus her eyes. She couldn't breathe. The waves of pleasure ceased to have a single point of origin in her body. Place and presence disappeared from her consciousness."

Maude's Books - Rebecca L. Vining (03/17/04)

"I caught a glimpse of entwined watercolor legs before the book was tossed aside. He pivoted us to face the bookshelves. He pressed his lips to the side of my throat. His tongue began laving my salty skin, priming me for more than we had already done."

Bent-Over Blood - Teresa Lamai (03/10/04)

"One of the latest images is fresh in my mind now, a man working a woman's pain threshold. I close my eyes as I work my cunt expertly. Motherfucking freak. She can't help screaming. There's a rush of unexpected sweetness when I come."

Faithful Companion - Joe Taylor (03/03/04)

"Sarah produced the key to the dentist's office from her tight black jeans. The door did a squeak thing as it opened. Inside, a black dentist's chair floated on mint linoleum."

Iceland Summer - Bill Noble (02/25/04)

"She spoke; he couldnít guess even the language. His puzzlement must have shown because she leaned across to finger his dry sweater. Then she brought his hand to her breast to touch her bulky knit pullover. The wool was soaked, but her tiny hand held fiery heat."

Second Sight - Ann Regentin (02/18/04)

"Her fingers went down to my eyebrows, then my eyes, and she sighed as I closed them. 'You have such nice lashes. You have blue eyes. I remember that.'"

Breaking in My Boots - Sedona Leigh (02/11/04)

"His eyes made me forget what time zone I was in, let alone what state. Ever watch horses fuck? I lifted my hair and fanned my sweaty neck. Attempting nonchalance, I shook my head."

Peaches - Jay Lawrence (01/28/04)

"I stood transfixed watching Darrell remove her dress. Did she sense her captive audience of one? Yet it was an unselfconscious striptease. Sunlight caressed her breasts as she unhooked her bra and my pussy responded with a soft, insistent fluttering, like butterflies of desire."

Cracked Butterfly - Teresa Lamai (01/21/04)

"I'm brought straight back to my cunt when the butterfly jumps again. My cry isn't heard over the music, but I turn to Tal's eyes, hard as ebony. I try to move away, but we're pushed hip to hip. We've eased into a slow merengue, his hand resting on the small of my back. Our bellies cleave, his shirt buttons flick over my nipples. In my mind, I undress him quickly, suck him hard, and impale myself on him several times, here on the uneven floor. I doubt many would notice."

Third Person Singular - Richard V. Raiment (01/14/04)

"In an instant I'm at those soft panties, so girly, naïve, and I'm at the pink flower that's full, hot and frightened in its nest of roan curls, and I'm tonguing my Cassandra with all of my being, sending all my love searing in wet, white-hot lapping. I hear her mewing, her body soft-shaking as if she is weeping..."

Idyll - Teresa Lamai (01/07/04)

"I don't care anymore about the obscene sounds I'm making; this racing sweetness will kill me if I don't let it out. My cunt clenches tight, pulling on him until he stops, his spine twisting sideways as the come moves through him. He breaks into the exhausted, final thrusts as the sky becomes light."


The Walkers' Stable - Devon Strafford (12/31/03)

"Her hips rose and fell like rolling waves. She was thrusting against his hand with ever-increasing force, all of her strength concentrated on that one vital spot between her legs."

Waiting for Beethoven - Lisa Wolfe (12/24/03)

"He lowers himself and puts his cock inside her again. She thrusts her hips up to meet him and when she comes down her buttocks hit the foot pedals. The rhythm of their fucking is mirrored by the clunk-clunk of the pedals."

A Very Naughty Elf - Thomas Roche (12/17/03)

"I transfer the belt to my left hand and slide my ice-cold hand between your legs, easing them under the soaked crotch of the G-string so I can feel your pussy. You gasp as two of my freezing fingers open your cunt and feel the trickle of hot moisture oozing out."

One Piece of Cake, Two Forks - Hazel October (12/10/03)

"I pulled back to gaze again at her breasts. I wanted to see them pressed against mine, to feel their difference. David, who I'd almost forgotten, stepped behind me. He stripped off my T-shirt, then cupped my breasts in his hands."

Jake - M. Woodhouse (12/03/03)

"This is your first time having sex with a penis. You've grown it carefully, ensuring the vas deferens and ejaculatory duct are in the right place, and even including balls and a prostate -- everything. You've checked for the correct number of nerve endings, and itís more sensitive than a finger. And softer. Perhaps just because it's new."

Oasis - Nik Flandré (11/26/03)

"Her hand was again buried between her legs, but this time with the skirt all the way up. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her middle two fingers slipped in and out of her puss. Her bush was carved into a thin, glossy arrow pointing to her shining sex. Red-lacquered nails raked the baby-smooth skin of her thighs."

This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You - Stephanie Schaeffer (11/19/03)

"I was in college the first time a man asked me to spank him. It was in the dorms at Columbia. I was fooling around with a sophomore after consuming quite a bit of alcohol, and as soon as we got naked he handed me an ordinary leather belt and told me to hit him across the butt with it."

Unlocked - A. Mills (11/12/03)

"I sat there for a long time, thinking what an innocent I must seem. Quiet, good grades, sports, didn't show much skin. I was nineteen and hadn't had intercourse. Still, I was by no means ignorant, and I didn't feel like a virgin."

Look at Me - Riain Grey (11/05/03)

"He put his hand under my skirt, running his fingers up and down my inner thigh. I looked at him, feeling hot and liquid. Eyes locked on mine, he reached his hand up higher until his fingertips just grazed against my cunt. His surprised look turned to a hungry one when he realized I wasn't wearing anything under my skirt."

Full Moon - Marcus Edwards (10/29/03)

"The moon is so bright you could do anything. Throw a football. Organize a lazy game of moonlit tennis. Watch a girl's calves flex against fishnet stockings...Choice C it is: fishnets."

Masterpiece - Reed Manning (10/22/03)

"Here I am, unable to resist again. No one as well-ravished as was I last night should ever want the particulars to fade. I want to read this when I'm eighty-two. I know fifty years will drop away at once, leaving me wet and ready to live another fifty."

Bassai Dai - Zoe Constantin (10/15/03)

"Anna pictured tumbling with D‚vŻd onto the mats. Mouth fastened against mouth. Her legs opening up. Her voice babbling, Please, oh please, yes, now. Her hands running over his back, between his legs, guiding his penis into her vagina, already slick with sweat and desire. One smooth, gliding motion and he would be inside. Break down the barriers. Yield."

State - M. Christian (10/08/03)

"The clients expected, and got, her -- Regulation Blue, hairless, just slightly cool, perfect little ass, perfection tits, and trailing her braid of cables: a love-doll from the Japanese collective consciousness, a manga sex-toy. Flesh, tricked by drugs and chemicals. The jack on the crown of her head was real, the line was dead, but she was still State: the perfect trick."

Rick - Dahlia Schweitzer (10/01/03)

"His tongue and lips began to delicately explore my right foot. I tried not to think about what I'd just discovered. Rick slipped his hand around my ankle. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, his grip tightened. His lips left my toes, and his tongue ran its way under the arch of my foot, then over, then across my ankle."

Primavera - Sophie Richard (09/24/03)

"With careful deliberation, she placed a book with an Italian title beside her. On the cover was a picture of two women embracing. Confused, I tried to look out the window, and her whisper into my ear caught me off guard. 'You like girls, don't you?'"

Soldiers of Love - Linda Sienkiewicz (09/17/03)

"The girl's a dazzling pinball machine of lights and bells and Moe's the ricocheting steel ball as he leans back against the railing in Alvin's Twilight Bar to watch her dance. She's wearing a short red vinyl skirt, a striped top that's no more than a bra, a denim vest with a fur collar, silver earrings and a dozen jingling bracelets. There's a diamond in the side of her nose and a tattooed snarling tiger crawling down her thigh."

Giving Joy - Adhara Law (09/10/03)

"The room lights dimmed, the window darkened, and a screen descended from the ceiling. Slowly, as if coming into focus in a lens, the image of two people sharpened on the screen. They were on a bed, a man and a woman. The woman was on her hands and knees, her toes dangling off the edge of the bed, and the man stood behind her, his hips moving against her ass in quick, sharp thrusts. The color of the toe nail polish and the familiarity of the bedspread struck me like a slap across the face. Those were my toes."

La Corrida - Ann Regentin (09/03/03)

"Brilliant opening line, genius, just brilliant. Oh shit, her dress has no back! Where am I supposed to put my hands? Her skin is so warm and soft. Her dress is almost as soft. I don't want to let go."

Bottle - Martha Garvey (08/27/03)

"Evan is into detachment in our relationship, except about one thing. Evan thinks keeping the bottle is sick. I tell him I'll throw the bottle away when he can promise me that he will never look up La Bitchface Unforgettable Girlfriend on the Internet when Iím asleep."

The Key - Sage Vivant (08/20/03)

"I knew she had to be American because the dress hugged her body like any man's hands would have. Americans are famous for their blatant clothing, leaving so little to the imagination. But in this case, I did not object to the lack of subtlety. Beautiful full breasts and a nice, round ass for balance. Greeks love shapely women and believe me, this one was a feast of flesh."

Hiatus - Carolyn Sylvan (08/13/03)

"He dresses to go home to the wife and kids. He asks about your work with genuine interest as he buttons up his shirt. He first admired you for being a writer. When you told him about your visions of leaping from a balcony, or running away, or some toxic mix of alcohol and depressants, he reminded you that all artists struggle to avoid the lure of death. You imagine that to your lover, you're quite explainable, quite normal, in fact."

On Pointe - Sarah Finster (08/06/03)

"What I wanted to do was take one of your toe shoes and rub it against my cock, feel the pink satin gripping me glove-tight as I pumped myself dry. †I wanted to steal one, one with a worn-through tissue paper sole that you, if you ever missed it, would assume you'd thrown away. †Lacking the innate courage of the creep, I replaced your shoe each time at the exact spot I had found it, ribbons arranged in painstaking, intricate loops."

Getting Tough with My Nipples - Cate Robertson (07/30/03)

"He stretched my arms above my head and bound them to the headrail with the scarves. My breasts heaved, defenseless, with the ragged rhythm of my breathing. He said, 'I'll stop if you can't stand it.' He gazed at me so hungrily I knew he wouldn't. Once he started, he wouldn't be able to stop."

The Cunt Book - Donna George Storey (07/23/03)

"The words slid deep into my belly, insistent as any cock. But when I started to spread my legs, my hips resisted, like rusty hinges. Sit like a lady. Na, na, I can see your underwear. Every childhood lesson about my body was tossed away in that first cool rush of air."

Payback - Allison Landa (07/16/03)

"I'm more flagrant than I've ever been in public. I've got her sweater up to her neck. She's moaning. Her nipples are firm and real between my teeth. People pass by but the doorway's darkened. Calvin is blocking us from view. I think about the hard-on he must have...."

Brownies Deluxe - Tara Alton (07/09/03)

"I reached into the pan and dug out a brownie. The moment the chocolate hit my lips he started fucking me harder. I liked it. The decadent sweetness filling my mouth, the sensation of his cock inside me. It was sensory overload for both of us."

I Would Never - Peg Duthie (07/02/03)

"'Because, of course, I would never be so silly as to delay my consumption of dessert just to watch a pretty woman eat her lunch extremely slowly. Especially a woman I've known for ten-odd years who's been married to somebody else for most of them.'"

Radiance - Tulsa Brown (06/25/03)

"She plunged two fingers deep into my cunt, her thumb still lodged against my clit. For a second I thought of how it must look through her window, my pale schoolgirl's body curled in her dark arms, nursing her like a child, fucked by her strong hand."

Easter Sunday - Daniel James Cabrillo (06/18/03)

"Unzipping, lifting cloth, pulling out cock, pulling off panties. Taking off enough clothing, not all. Francesca on her back, knees up, closing in on the sides of my hips, clamping me to her. Cockhead finding, slipping in, hitting a barrier. Ah! she cries. I let up. No! she says. No! she repeats, clasps my ass with her hands, jerks me to her. The 'no' means, No don't stop."

Tattoo - Fidelis Blue (06/11/03)

"This time she bent over the couch and I did it from behind. I looked down at her ass as I was fucking her and imagined my name on it, picked out in reds and gold in a gothic script. It felt good. I thought it was a sight I'd never get tired of. She said she'd decide what to do the next day."

A Tangle of Vines - Cheyenne Blue (05/28/03)

"We danced on beyond the end of the orderly part, down through the waist-high weeds, to where the sunflowers and vines met in a tangle of muddled cultivation. A step, step, hop, a stumble, then a laugh as we blundered our way along, the gasps of hysterical laughter wafting away, bouncing off the solid walls of the farmhouse, floating over the nodding heads of the sunflowers, down to the estuary, down to the sea, over the ocean. Who knows how far our laughter traveled that night?"

Big - Ryan Kamstra (05/21/03)

"Much of what went on between us was unacknowledged. I was fifteen, he was eighteen, and we were already famous -- or at least he was. He could be by turns a bitch and charismatic, moody and wild, but he was always protective of me. Other boys feared him as crazy, or worshipped him for something that was impossible to pin down but that everyone knew."

Bus Ride - Matthew Jackson (05/14/03)

"This time it was pretty obvious what she was doing and I couldn't help imagining her fingers stroking the hair down there, wondering if it was downy or coarse. The motion of her fingers was slow and dreamy but my heart was in my mouth and I had to lower my own book onto my lap, hiding my growing erection."

Kowtow - Joanna Nelson (05/07/03)

"They spent the sweltering Houston summer escaping the heat in his luxurious air-conditioned apartment -- sleeping, eating, and fucking. Her best friend gave them a Chinese sex manual. For fun, they practiced the techniques described, like Nine-Shallow-One-Deep, Pluck-and-Nurture, and Drinking From the Jade Stalk and Jade Fountain."

Breathing Water - Bethany Harvey (04/30/03)

"We found a sandbar. I pulled her down with me, our legs trailing in the river. We peeled clothes off, our own and each other's, enough to get to skin, shirts bunched under our armpits, her shorts snagged around one ankle and streaming in the current as I bent over her. Sweat and water dampened her belly, and the hair guarding her cunt was coarse and wiry, holding water droplets at the ends, and long enough to catch my fingers in. My own cunt was swollen and drooling between my legs. I sucked her nipples, wore away at them with my tongue."

Simile - Alicia Housman (04/23/03)

"Touching his body is like pomegranate and mango and kiwi juice running through my veins. It is like speaking in transparent letters. It is like pouring soda water over myself and feeling the bubbles on my skin."

Uncle Ted's Big Send-Off - Bob Vickery (04/16/03)

"Al steps forward and then the others join him, and soon we are all smearing Uncle Ted's ashes over Casey, across the mounds of his pecs, the curves of his biceps, down the chiseled belly, over the smooth, twin globes of Casey's perfect ass. Casey is our canvas, Uncle Ted the medium."

The Virtuoso Performance - Ghajal Raipur (04/09/03)

"He was into blow jobs? I could do that. But so could anyone. As an artist, I wanted to do better. I wanted to conjure for him a night he would remember the rest of his life. Sure, it might take a couple glasses of wine, but I could try."

Newton's Laws of Emotion - Mike Kimera (04/02/03)

"Sheila knew what it meant for her. She had been at rest in her marriage, floating in calm waters with good fishing until she'd met Angela. She took her husband's large, warm hand in her own while she watched Angela steer the class. The contact, the strength of his grasp, warmed her. Maybe she hadn't been completely at rest, just at a point where she had passed the rapids of courtship and child rearing and was flowing slowly towards the sea."

All Things Nice - Lynne Jamneck (03/26/03)

"My stranger was starting to moan, the Southern in her voice now ringing, breathless and abandoned, through my whole apartment. And also out the front door that I now noticed I'd forgotten to close. When had the landlord said he was going to come round?"

Brontitis - Maria Dahvana Headley (03/19/03)

"At thirteen, I Lolita-ed my first Humbert. At fourteen, I'd drilled my way through three construction workers. By fifteen, five college professors had professed their love, and by sixteen I was sick of men altogether and onto women."

Moving Day - E. Cape (03/12/03)

"How tightly your hands gripped the armrests as I folded myself under your keyboard, pulled you out of your corporate-whore chinos, and wrapped my fingers around your thickening shaft for the first time."

Last Pan of the Season - Debra Hyde (03/05/03)

"I hate mornings like this, mornings where you wake up so horny that if your cunt was a hand, it'd be a clenched fist. I hate it because I can't relieve myself of the tension, even rising early the way I do. I can't afford to. I can't lose time to the sun."

A Lesson in Ethics - iBloke (03/05/03)

"An ordinary man gets a message on makefriendsonline. She says how much she likes his profile and invites him to look at hers. She is a visiting scholar at Oxford from the Czech Republic, a postgraduate in ethics. A feminist. Her profile is an enigma: a PhD who values honesty and integrity, looking for a short-term passionate relationship until the end of June, when she returns to Prague."

The Lessons - Nola Summers (02/26/03)

"I'm sitting here alone on the dock, waiting for Jacob, the heat from Lesson Two still warming me against the early morning chill. I've been good. I want Lesson Three; I want all the lessons."

Off Haifa - Richard Ennis (02/19/03)

"Geni reached between her shoulder-blades and popped the clasp on the bikini-strap. Then she flipped the two triangles up over her shoulders and pushed her breasts forward. 'A well-traveled girl of your age should know what to do now, if you want to pocket that stack of cash sitting on the mini-bar. I saw you staring at it. Give a little bit of teeth and lots of tongue.'"

Indigo White, Burnt Umber - Cheyenne Blue (02/12/03)

"This trip through outback Australia was supposed to reconcile those differences. Reestablish our common ground, rekindle our relationship. I liked to think it was working. Away from the petty annoyances of our shared lives and mundane routine, we would reconnect our friendship and our love."

One Last Night - N.A. Hayes (02/05/03)

"He looked into my eyes, and we realized we were the same. Of course, he rarely spoke, he had no language for it. Homosexuality was a hobgoblin of European decadence. It had no context in the village. Nothing changed between us after that night except that I realized we were bound together."

Sweetness - Simone Temple (01/29/03)

"You made me thirsty: the thumbprint shadow at the base of your throat, your eyelashes when you looked down, the three open buttons of your silky grey shirt. The nails of your pinky and ring fingers were painted green."

A Toda Máquina - Alejandro MurguŪa (01/22/03)

"Where would I tattoo her for life? I pressed my thumbnail just under her blouse into her shoulder, leaving a red mark like a half-moon. The air around that part of the valley must have been highly charged with electric particles, because touching her hit me like a live wire."

Black Coffee - Tori Siikanen (01/15/03)

"His cock sprang up, curving towards his belly. A beautiful erection -- any other time I'd want to feel that silky smooth skin, circle it with my thumb and middle finger to see where they met and get a really good look. But now I just wanted it and I didn't want to think too hard about what I was doing. I mean, I can't stand this guy. Right?"

Suds - Caralee Levy (01/08/03)

"She moaned and tried to push my hands back down as I moved on to caress the slight swelling of her stomach, but after a bit of light wrestling I persisted, finally working my way up to those wonderful hand-filling breasts with their hard, pink nipples. I rocked, my bottom sliding up and down her thighs while my hands massaged her breasts. She twisted beneath me, her legs alternately clenching and spreading."

34B - Simon Carraway (01/01/03)

"Nancy -- be on the flight from Baltimore to Portland: I've pasted the itinerary at the bottom of this email. Buy a ticket for seat 34B. I'll reserve 34C. I'm buying two tickets; I'll leave C empty until it's time."


Somedays - James Martin (12/25/02)

"A couple walked by under a frog umbrella. Everyone around Vessa's and my neighborhood -- which we called Summerville because we had moved in during a summer of optimism and adventure -- looked so hip. I was tired of being uptight. My therapist said I didn't have to do everything at once, that I had a long life, that things would happen someday. But when would someday ever come if I didn't make it come?"

Pretty Pleas - Adrian Hunter (12/18/02)

"Richard knew he was in trouble -- big trouble -- when she finally managed to get the third ring around his cock. Definitely smaller than the first two. And there were probably two to go. The judge had barely looked up when the foreman handed him the slip of paper. Not guilty. Shit."

The Language of the Bread - Judy Valenzuela (12/11/02)

"Gently massaging the oil into the long muscles of her back with his work-roughened fingers, he reconsiders his first choice of an apple turnover. Admiring her magnificent, plush buttocks, he thinks of a plum; firm, yet with a delicate skin, picked early in the season and placed in a bright kitchen window to be sun-warmed and ripened to lush perfection."

Reflections on Debussy's "La Mer" - Devon Strafford (12/04/02)

"One glistening cock caught my attention and, to the accompaniment of twinkling notes from the flute section, it drew me forward. I examined its skin, veined like polished pink marble."

Extremes - Nik Flandré (11/27/02)

"Renee was stretched out on the bed. Their marriage bed. Her toes were curled and bloodless white, her ankles and calves equally bare and pale. Rein took in each porcelain inch as his wife lay sleeping, one hand stretched downward, its long fingers spent between her spread legs, delicately cupping the thin honey hair of her sex. Her other hand grasped a half-open Danielle Steel novel. Both of her hands were grabbing at fantasies, Rein thought."

The Slender Threads of Fortune - Garan Wallace (11/20/02)

"She moaned again, so I gave her a little slap on her bare rump. She hurried to her bag. She looked so pretty with her bottom bare and rosy and her panties hanging just below it. From her bag, she took one of the finest wooden hairbrushes I have ever seen. It was an antique from an age when, clearly, the true purpose of hairbrushes was better understood."

I Have Been a Very Bad Girl - Ashley Albrecht (11/13/02)

"My body shudders with pleasure. I'm about to come. The thick tongue sucks my clitoris. A terrible rain of slaps lashes my bottom. I claw the cement. I cry for mercy. My body twists, trying to escape. Tears gush. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I'm not ready! The tongue accelerates inside me."

Why a Girl Needs a Boyfriend - August Jacobs (11/06/02)

"It's so much better if he kisses me in the cab. It gives us enough oomph to walk up the stairs to his apartment without the fumbling excuses and awkward lies. The best kind has gotten so far in the cab that I worry about leaving the seat wet and wonder who's going to have to sit there after I leave and then come out smelling like me."

Deserving Ruth - Mike Kimera (10/30/02)

"'My wife says you like to come in her mouth, David.'"

Mina - Nancy Kilpatrick (10/23/02)

"Verna handed Lucy the stark bouquet of birches, then wrapped the cord under her armpit and around her shoulder several times. Lucy circled me, swishing the branches in the air, a lascivious smile on her full lips. The entire time she ran a hand over my breasts, up the inside of my thighs, here and there."

But No Dogs - Max (10/16/02)

"'We could threaten them...' Max suggests, pouting menacingly, wrapping his little fishnet leg around Fifi's leather boot. 'Discrimination against dogs! They would hear us growl...and maybe they'd devote a whole month of stories to animals to make up for it!'"

If It Makes You Happy - Cole Riley (10/09/02)

"He knew the moment his eyes saw the woman that trouble would soon be on his doorstep. She was handcuffed, metal confining her wrists behind her back, silhouetted against a high white wall."

And Baby Makes Four - Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/02/02)

"Her eyes were still closed, but she knew that sound, that slick slide of hand on cock, the quick rise and fall of Gabe's breaths. She had heard that sound so many times in the last few months -- she had watched, fascinated, as Roshan's dark hand slid up and down the pale shaft."

Friday Night at the Adult Bookstore - Mike Kimera (09/25/02)

"So it's Friday night and I'm in Pornocopia, the big adult store out by the freeway, just across from the Lazy O Motel. I'm standing in the movie section holding a DVD in each hand, trying to decide between Keep on Cumming: Non-Stop Cumshots, and Head of the Class: See the Girls at Cumslut High Compete to Give the Best Head in the Class...when Carla Jones walks in."

Trés Grande Vitesse - B.M. Powell (09/18/02)

"You appeared to enjoy my derriŤre, Monsieur. And your foreplay with my foot was quite delightful. I notice that your penis has responded quite vigorously to my attentions, so if Monsieur would like to make use of his erection, I would appreciate sexual intercourse with him. Here. Now."

Ceremonies - Gary Sandman (09/11/02)

"Wrapped only in a creamy towel which coiled at her waist, her curly, black hair streaming past her shoulders, she arranged the stalks of dried sunflowers in a vase. She chatted with me in French. I crouched at an easel, painting her. She sat down at a piano and picked out a Laurie Anderson tune. She had stopped drinking."

I Don't Do That Sort of Thing - Edward Walrus (09/04/02)

"If you weren't itching to get me over your knee yourself, I might have a tiny, tiny, bit of sympathy," he said. "I mean, I put my ass on the line -- as it were. I have a pretty clear conscience."

Other Bonds Than Leather - Mike Kimera (08/28/02)

"'Good God.' She stares at the whips and collars and paddles hanging on the wall. Fucktoys R Us. Her eyes fall on the bench covered in dildos, buttplugs, restraints and gags. She's like a sleepwalker now: her movements slow, but her eyes go everywhere at once."

Beautiful Dirty Promise - Lisa Wolfe (08/21/02)

"When I'm talking to you on the phone, when I'm walking down the street with you, when we're eating, talking about books, whatever we're doing, what I'm really thinking about is teasing you, my tongue between your legs, what I'm really doing is fucking you, no matter what it might sound like I'm saying, that's what I'm really saying to you, that's what I'm really doing to you."

The Accomplice - Isabelle Carruthers (08/14/02)

"Maria's hands moved over Paige's pale thighs and hips, pushing the black silk of her dress up until it tangled around her waist, leaving her lower torso bare. In the dim light, Paige's body was a shadow play of curves and angles, the auburn fur of her pubis visible beneath white lace panties."

Wax - I. K. Velasco (08/07/02)

"The liquid drips down from the candle, dances on the mushroom-rubbery skin of his dick. Instead of shrinking away from the pain, his dick gets harder, twitching up proudly."

Erotic Feast Pick Me Up Cocktail - Shanna Germain (07/31/02)

"'So, can I get a Slippery Nipple?' she asks. I can feel my cheeks growing warm. I shake my head. 'Probably not even a Satin Sheet,' she says...'How about a Muff Diver?'"
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast The Naked Supper - M. Christian (07/24/02)

"A fragile young thing was brought to the table, fresh and untouched. She was delicate enough to tear under brutal handling, never to be whole again, but with enough spirit to allow a hold, a grip to go on to greater things. The salmon lay sublime on a cool platter, staring out with eyes of innocence, yet with a hidden, mischievous glimmer of wanton surrender; a quiet invitation to ravishing."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast Ice Cream Headache - David Bulley (07/03/02)

"The ice cream is melting and I want to show my trick. I hand her the cone and pull her legs over in the truck so I can pull her skirt up and her panties off."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Gods and Men - K.G. Morgensen (06/26/02)

"Just before I knock, the door opens, and a thin older gentleman, his skin the color of teakwood, welcomes me inside. These baths are over twelve hundred years old, swirling black and white tile surrounding a steaming pool, aqua walls inlaid with mosaics of unclad gods and men."

Chemistry - Ann Baillie (06/19/02)

"Kitty is not conventionally sexy. She's thirty-five and has had a baby, and it shows. Her breasts are full, but soft rather than firm."

Home from the Sea - Sacchi Green (06/12/02)

"My clit and my cunt were pounding. I wasn't sure which was more urgent, my need to fuck, or to get fucked. But her begging turned me on as much as her touch, and I hadn't got from queer hippie commune kid to Navy CPO without iron self-discipline."

Cactus Ass - Cheyenne Blue (06/05/02)

"She arched herself over the boulder again. Geordie Mick ran his hands gently over those white flanks, dipping around to curve under the crease of her bum. His thumbs met in the valley between her legs, lightly brushing the pale pussy hairs."

Things Fit Together - A.C. Koch (05/29/02)

"She looked at me through the rising curls of smoke. 'Well,' she said, 'there's never going to be any sex between you and me.' She punctuated this with a flick of ash onto a dirty plate. And she was right about that, one hundred percent. 'But you might talk me into filming something.'"

Summer Storm - Jamie Joy Gatto (05/29/02)

"I rub my clit harder and harder until I can no longer contain the feeling rising within me. I start to tense, my muscles go rigid, my belly feels light as a feather, and in my cunt the ache pounds at my soul until it rises within me, lifting me high up into the rain clouds."

Fuck Dying - by Maggie Gray (05/22/02)

"I fuck the dying. I work, quietly, through a visiting nurse agency, if you can believe it. The nurses send me emails with addresses, diagnoses, the specifics. I don't fuck heart problems. I don't want to kill them."

A Different Day - by Jamie Joy Gatto (05/22/02)

"As she touched herself, Trang remembered wearing a plaid, pleated skirt, a little Catholic schoolgirl's skirt. It was too tight, too short, she kept tugging it down, trying to cover her lean, bare legs, hoping her white panties did not show."

Threads - Tori Siikanen (05/15/02)

"He ties her with thread. Delicate, bright yellow loops of cotton thread, a sex toy for a few dollars at a craft store. She giggles at the lengths of it around her wrist and ankles that link to the posts at each corner of her bed. He pulls the thread tightly enough that she can't move -- or else the fragile strands will break."

Plastic Relations - K. N. Sites (05/08/02)

"Ed was cheating on his wife for the first time in years. Those years had once seemed contented and satisfying; now he looked back and was amazed at what he'd been missing. Now he was in love, or more accurately, lust. All he wanted was to throw the object of his lust down and fuck her, over and over."

Show Time - Julia Peters (05/01/02)

"Times Square is dying out of its decay, being reborn into safe, fake glory. Used to be you couldn't walk across Forty-second without getting your pocket picked or worse. Not that I miss that. But it's like the whole city got a boob job. It used to be less than perfect, but definitely suckable."

Bachelor Party - Rachel Kramer Bussel (05/01/02)

"I'm hiding behind a wall in a room filled with drunken guys, watching a stripper gyrate on the ground in her red bra and panties. How did I get into this situation? I hardly know myself. My friend Doug was going to his friend Sam's bachelor party, and since he has a predilection for pranks and also knows it's been a while since I've had any sexual action of my own, he asked if I wanted to come. I knew that regular chicks at bachelor parties is a big no-no, so of course I wanted to do it." (Excerpted from the book Tough Girls, a Lambda Literary Awards finalist)

The Diversion of Donna Fioretta - by Brendan Connell (04/24/02)

"Other slips began to descend, drifting like mammoth flakes of painted snow -- lubricous and always bearing the same inscription -- demanding the receptacle of her body for the gratification of heaven. Rainbows of twisted, lusting limbs, exposed pudenda and phallic compositions were there as the sky dripped angels and radiated glowing webs of copulation."

Struck - by Laurie Stone (04/17/02)

"I like fear. I like feeling where my skin ends when something strikes it, scratches it, tries to get underneath it. I like tension. I like the tension between what I want and what I need."

Geezer Love - by Tsaurah Litzky (04/10/02)

"Next day over morning coffee Iím still thinking about old lady porn. There must be old man porn too, but I've never seen any. I've never even been to bed with any old men. Actually, I've never been to bed with anyone older than forty-nine, and that was Louis Lanza when I was twenty."

More - by Cheryl T. Strauss (04/03/02)

"Girls I'd never have pegged as anything but straight, even man-crazy, were pressed together, in a slow bump-and-grind. This was a dance that the customers never got, no matter how much money they offered."

Dry Hearts, Dreaming - by Jay Lake (03/20/02)

"Katherine could feel her nipples like giant candied dates. She wanted Maggie, right there, under the falling water, in the pond, where she'd found the wedding ring. She wanted Maggie so she could bid farewell to David. Katherine wanted love to return from its drowning pool."

The Little Black Corporate Dress - by Paul Evans (03/13/02)

"'This won't work face to face. I'm too short, and my standing on a stack of books might end up frying us both. But kiss me once first. And use your hands. I didn't take that bra off just to sway in the wind.'"

Photographic Memory - by Mike Kimera (03/06/02)

"I glance around the auditorium, trying to guess which women Philip will allow to worship him this term. Perhaps the one with the pre-Raphaelite hair will be his Beatrice? Or the tiny Japanese girl? Or the tall slim one whose handsome face and upright bearing speak so clearly of strength? Or the wholesome blonde, who looks so much as I did when he first took me to his bed?"

Recent Reports on Progress Toward Fusion - by Bill Noble (02/27/02)

"Hannie Arenson was born one minute after midnight on April 27, 1969 in Mackinaw City, Michigan. So was Steve Arenson. Y'see, from the belly button up, Hannie and Steve are two separate guys; from the belly button down, they're just one."

Susan and the Ants - by Mitch Luckett (02/20/02)

"I was slowly bringing Susan to orgasm, when her pelvis froze and she whispered earthquake against my neck."

Dawn is a Feeling - by Susannah Indigo (02/13/02)

"Some days I think my life exists just to turn on men with my body. 'God I want to fuck you,' he says when I stand on the rail preparing to dive. I've heard that so many times in my young life I don't even know what it means some days."

Inventing the Bicycle - by Valery Saint-Garnon (02/06/02)

"She began to stroke his shaft, slowly at first then harder and faster. 'And I will do many things.' With her free hand she played with one of her nipples. 'But I will never consent to vaginal intercourse.'"

The Egg - by Orion Quinn (01/30/02)

"She couldn't focus. She wanted to turn and look at him, but wouldn't let herself. Was he watching her or the play? She thought back to the bedroom, only three hours ago, when it had begun over half-glasses of red wine."

Open House - by Zonna (01/23/02)

"Jean let her eyes wander lazily over the entire landscape, taking it all in. Many of the women had handcuffs swinging from their belt loops. Some had pets kneeling obediently at their feet, while others seemed to be unaccompanied."

English Lessons - by Lee Elliott (01/16/02)

"Kristi recalled the blunt proposals she received daily from drunken Japanese men who seemed to think that American women did everything at the drop of a fly. At least she could teach one guy how a get a Western woman into bed the right way."

Menage a Cart - by Adhara Law (01/09/02)

"I probably didn't need the Ding Dongs. Hell, I probably needed them less than I needed the economy-size bag of chips trying to hide behind the milk in my grocery cart."

In His Pants - by Lana Gail Taylor (01/02/02)

"Or did she rake her nails up his spine like I would, imagining her cunt alive and ravenous, eating his cock whole, coming and contracting -- labor pains, scream after scream after scream before birthing him back out on the sheets, all smiles when she saw her shiny new sexually experienced boy-man the first time?"


Sam - by Cheyenne Blue (12/19/01)

"I inherited Sam when I moved into my crumbling apartment. Most people find cockroaches under the sink or a stray cat in the back yard. I found a ghost who liked to fuck."

Give - by Alex Finch (12/12/01)

"It all hits me at once. We are two young people, barely out of our teens. We are standing in a yard. We are fucking, standing up, in front of a window. Anyone can walk by and see us. I don't care. I don't care at all. I'm alive, so alive that I'm sure I must die at any moment."

House Call on Beverly - by Thomas S. Roche (12/05/01)

"As Blake stood there breathing Vanessa's scent, he promised himself the first thing he'd do once he saw Donny the Sleaze was get himself up the youngest, sweetest callgirl he could put his hands on. Oh fuck, he thought. I cannot start thinking about this now. I have to get this bitch's jewelry and hightail it."

Fulfillment - by Daniel James Cabrillo (11/28/01)

"Joseph pushed; the head of his cock spread my lips and entered. Sid pushed; the top of his cock began to squeeze into my asshole."

Underneath the Clothes - by Rex Gordon (11/21/01)

"I was ready to tell her again that I usually didn't do this kind of thing, and the words were waiting on my lips. But instead, I just turned her in my arms and kissed her -- a light kiss, nothing insistent. The physical response was instant and surprising. It seemed that the fuse that had been lit at the bar now exploded in both of us."

Mari - by Ron Porter (11/14/01)

"Let me sit in the dark a while longer, like a stranger to myself. I cannot face the woman who lays sleeping in the next room. My hand flutters over the letter I have penned. Mari, I can't take this feeling of uncertainty. I have lost all sense of time, place and being. I am lost to all."

Dooley's Dick - by Simon Sheppard (11/07/01)

"I'd never been so close to a foreskin before. I'd seen a few in the showers at school, freakish-looking things. But now I was fascinated by it. I slid it silkily back and forth along his cockhead."

Past Tense - by Lawrence Schimel (10/24/01)

"Sean and I had had a brief fling about eight months ago, in the early fall, that ended because I couldn't deal with the fact that he was HIV positive and I was not. We'd met at the Chelsea Gym and fooled around in the steam room. He was maybe two inches shorter than I am, with a nice chest and arms. His cock wasn't especially long, but it was thick; it had a nice heft to it, and I enjoyed just holding it in my palm, squeezing its swollen girth."

Madeleine - by Zoe Constantin (10/17/01)

"Amy blinked, and found herself staring into Madeleine's face. The eyes were silver discs, the lips and throat androgynous. But it was Madeleine. "Kiss me," said the demon with Madeleine's voice."

God of Fuck - by Isabelle Carruthers (10/10/01)

"Reduced at last to the worst dialogue imaginable, I hear myself sob and gasp, moaning to the God of Fuck, moaning the syllables of his name, a torrent of sound as desperate and hopeful as any prayer could be."

Grizzly - by M. Christian (10/03/01)

"Then Rocky's jeans had been parted, his threadbare cut-offs pulled down and off -- revealing a great, purple-headed cock, already beaded with pearlescent excitement. 'Suck me' -- not a bark, but rather a rumbled tundra demand. Bear in appearance, bear in nature."

Passenger - by Sidney Durham (09/26/01)

"I was a careful, deliberate person, starting a new life. And I was being asked to drive my car faster than I ever had by a young, firm-bodied, impudent girl, who was rubbing her bare breasts on my arm. She would let me touch them."

Meditation Practice on Love - by Cody Dare (09/19/01)

"The massager hums. It looks intrusive, high-tech against my black underwear. I am not a romantic masturbator: I wear my watch, my shirt, my socks. I am, after all, just having a noontime tryst with myself. I open the book on Love."

TimeTunnel - by Zoe Constantin (09/12/01)

"He pulled me to my knees and kissed me strong, hard, and thoroughly, a five-minute kiss that obliterated my fear and pitched me backward into a free fall of ecstasy. When he released me, enough so we could breathe, the room had changed again."

Swimming Sweet Arrow - by Maureen Gibbon (09/05/01)

"Here is what they never tell you about being a girl. The lucky few will crack the nut after a time or two, but the rest of us will screw for a long time before we get it right. A long time. I screwed for four years before I came."

When Petey Met Yuri - by Shawn Culbertson (08/22/01)

"'You see, I want to -- I need to get fucked. It hurts, always, I never get used to it. I cannot hold you'll have to tie me up. Perform rape, really.' He stubs out the cigarette 'You, I think you would like that?'"

A Sexy Story - by Maria Gonzales (08/15/01)

"You want a sexy story. So let me introduce some characters I hope you'll find interesting. If not, maybe the storyline will draw you in. And if you don't want to waste time with characters and plots, I'll just tell you when the sex is coming."

Shadow Child - by Cheyenne Blue (08/01/01)

"She has always followed people, slipping through the shadows in their wake, pattering on soft-shod feet in and out of darkness and pools of light, daring them to turn and see her. When she was small, she would follow her mother, peering out of closet doors, spying under the shower curtain at her mother's dimpled and voluptuous figure shaving her legs in the shower."

The Three - by Cher Ladd-Vuolo (7/25/01)

"Her body was more exquisite out of clothes than in them. As I ran my tongue along the slope of her breast, kissing them, caressing them, I never realized how much I had missed being with a woman."

Erotic Feast The Chocolate Dream - by Susannah Indigo (7/18/01)

"The night she offered to paint my body with warm chocolate was the night I knew what I was going to do. My ethics were going to have to take a short vacation while I solved Allegra's problem. There was no way I was ever going to let her go. Ever."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast Rarebit - by Bill Noble (7/11/01)

"As she came toward the table, his eyes rose to her bosom. Smallish nipples, something whispered inside him. How would I ever know such a thing, he objected. Like fruit, it said, like berries. He flushed as she sat across from him."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast An Erotic Feast Trilogy: A Basket Full of Surprises, Mary for Breakfast and Mitsu at the Market - by Jamie Joy Gatto (7/04/01)

"Looking up from his paper at last, Jim found his wife masturbating with their breakfast."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

In the Alley With Angelo - by Bob Vickery (6/27/01)

"My mind races ahead to the routine I've worked out for myself once I get home: I'll kiss Carol hello, we'll talk for a few minutes, and then I'll excuse myself and go to the bathroom to jerk off while the images are still fresh in my mind. I sigh. I'm twenty-eight years old. Is this all I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?"

A Classic Rag in Summertime - by R. Cerf (6/20/01)

"'I don't know what century you're from,' she said. 'Sometimes I think it's the nineteenth. All I know is, your music made me come. It felt like being stroked by black orchids.'"

The Initiation - by Shivaji Sengupta (6/13/01)

"For a long time, Thakur teased her sex with the candle, heating it, spreading her thick lips with it. Anishua abandoned her body to him. Closing her eyes, she took in the sensations. For the first time in her life, something in her had reached a point of no return. She forgot everything: husband, family, everything."

The Back of the Store - by Nola Summers (6/06/01)

"Janice brought out some pillows one time and piled them up in front of the mirror. We had a little picnic there on the floor. We lay naked in each other's arms, giggling like children as we fed each other. I painted trails of melted chocolate around her nipples, over her flat stomach and down between her pouting lower lips."

The Minyan - by Lawrence Schimel (5/30/01)

"Simon felt self-conscious as he walked down East 10th Street. He wondered if everyone could tell that he was going to a sex party, which was a ridiculous thought, since it was a private party being held at someone's apartment."

Navy Guy - by Victoria Lowe (5/23/01)

"I rubbed the cock over his taut belly and bounced it idly against his growing erection. He took a deep breath, curling his fingers in response. My fingers wrapped around his cock and pulled him closer. I licked the length of the rubber cock, and then leaned down and did the same to him."

Two Palms Oasis - by Will Keen (5/23/01)

"I stroked faster, tingling, alive to the rare sensation of the sun warming my erection, fully exposed in the brilliant light. I gripped my cock with both hands, sculpting it with friction and heat. As I stroked and thrust, I breathed deeply, working the grit of the rock against the skin of my back and ass."

Go Large - by Mike Kimera (5/16/01)

"Lois has a substantial body and she revels in it. She knows that she looks much better naked than clothed. Her pale pink skin is soft and smooth. No bones are visible only bold curves and luscious folds of flesh."

Streetcar - by Murray (5/16/01)

"'Don't turn around,' I whisper. I continue holding the zucchini just inside her. I wait for a moment, wait for her to relax and open a little more, wait for her to trust me. I can tell she doesn't really approve, but I continue anyway.

Red Rain - by Budokan (5/09/01)

"She locked her soft mouth with mine, but her heavy breasts wouldn't let her get close enough. She broke the kiss and looked down. 'Damn these things. Always getting between me and what I want.'"

Blood - by Susan St. Aubin (5/02/01)
"I was both a vampire who couldn't die and an old woman who would die soon, a daredevil in a collapsing balloon. As I drank her orgasm I had my own, quivering like a baby as I sucked her."

Lights Out - by Jay Hughes (5/02/01)

"A hetero guy has impressions about lesbians that, no matter how well you know them to be untrue, still hang around in the back of your mind. It's as though you can't really imagine them doing regular things, like laundry and vacuuming. Like, do they just lie around all day, eating each other's pussy?"

Jake the Snake - by Henry Yates (4/25/01)

"His fingers rubbed my soaked crotch and I held my breath, gripping the steering wheel and peering into the light snow. How could he do this? I was married. We weren't college kids any longer."

Our Spot (4/18/01)

"There I sat, doing what I'd been dreaming of since I saw my first Playboy -- what the older boys at school called feeling off a girl."

A Festival of Fiction (4/11/01) Festival

Browse our Festival of Fiction at your leisure -- a total of eighteen new erotic stories that have been presented for your reading pleasure this spring.

The Beach Boy - by Rich Denis (2/28/01)

"Do they all feel different, and like Braille she can recognize them? If all the cocks she has ever known were lined up, and she walked slowly past them grasping and stroking each one, would she put a name to each?"

Romance of the Cosmic Wheel - by G. Saintiny (2/21/01)

"You can imagine the glamour as Tammy's pink tutu flutters, exposing white tennis panties with yellow raindots, alongside the prairie footpath."

Erotik Valentine 7.2- by W.S. Dean (02/14/01)
"Baby knew Cupid lived down in the jungle; where the Crazies reigned and the homeless preyed; down in the tunnels and the ruins; down where the Gods partied in chaos and madness and murder and money. Baby wanted luv real bad."

The Valentine's Gift - by Alex M. Quinlan (02/14/01)
"She holds a rattan cane, which matches the lines marking the white swells of her breasts. Her head bowed, she holds in her mouth a rose the color of the garnets in her hair, thorns thick along its length."

Pleasure Domes - by Kathryn Ptacek (2/7/01)

"One of the twins pushed a pillow under the third woman's hips, elevating them, then the other twin strapped a leather belt around her waist, and Sasha blinked when he saw that the woman had grown a phallus."

Rocking Horse - by Jennifer Footman (1/31/01)

"The reins, their silken fibre cool against their palms slipped through her hands and lay free on her thighs. She stroked and rubbed her thighs with both hands. This was bliss. Pure ecstasy. With one hand, she opened her lips and with the other teased her clit."

But With Onions - by R. Gay (1/24/01)

"I see a thin stream of tears falling from his eyes, down his face, quivering on his chin before falling to his shirt or running down his throat, and I feel a stirring between my thighs, faint at first, growing as he cries harder and harder."

In Medias Res - by E. Doyle-Gillespie (1/17/01)

"Cameron pulled the car over so she could come without killing us. In the darkness of the car, with Dad's music flipping to the B side, Cameron moaned and gripped down hard on the steering wheel."

Unravelling Emma - by Pam Huwig (1/10/01)

"As Emma eased her fingers between slippery, wet labia, Chaye's eyes clamped shut, and an ache surged through them both as Emma pressed her mouth to Chaye's."

Game, Set - by Eurydice (01/03/01)

"A week ago, coming back from a club where we had teased one enother to the meltdown point, heíd pinned me against a wall and run his hand up my skirt, brushing my panties aside and slipping a finger just inside me, bringing it to his lips with a smile. Iíd been in a state of constant arousal for weeks, and now he dared to say no to me? "


Monday's Child - by Tracey Alvrez (12/27/00)

"The library was peaceful and relaxing. Immersing herself in a book she could drift into fantasies of gorgeous men who worshiped her body with petal-soft kisses, or slide into the world of political intrigue and danger."

Heat - by A. Lee Halo (12/20/00)

"We become a giant smear of sex, thrashing in purple, wrestling in magenta, rolling in azure. Our shiny painted bodies writhe over every inch of the canvas that suddenly seems not big enough."

Farm Earth - by Mat Twassel (12/13/00)

"She does have a nice ass," Laura said. "You have a nice ass, too." She giggled. "We all have nice asses. Maybe we ought to join a nice ass club." She was standing behind me now, smoothing her hands over the back of the silky running shorts. "I wonder what the dues would be."

The Secret Life of Humphrey Milquer - by J. Hartman (10/18/00)
"Several team members lifted Humphrey to their shoulders and pulled away his towel, revealing his thick fourteen-inch cock in all its standing glory. Jack Ace stepped forward and licked..."

Undercurrent - by H.L. Shaw (10/18/00)
"I had to keep my voice level as I explained to her that during festivals people came here, stripped down, and covered themselves in mud before heading back up the hill and across the festival campgrounds to the showers."

Lhiannan's Fire - by Kris Hawes (10/18/00)
"She traced rings around his cock, spirals upward, each one drawing a thin line of blood

Knifeplay - by Alex M. Quinlan (10/11/00)
"This sets the pattern. With the point and back of the blade, he works in short lines -- while the knife is on my skin I don't breathe, gasping heavily when it is lifted, getting closer and closer to orgasm."

Esthely Blue - by Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/11/00)

"I look down the curve of my body, smiling, down the faint moonlit bed, down my thighs to knees and calves, looking for my toes -- they are not there. Ankle, heel, and emptiness."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica author
Fantasies in Rush Hour - by Brian Peters (10/4/00)
"Then meet their fantasy, within sight of each other: a fantasy of love, perhaps. The car door opens. 'I can't believe I'm here.' 'Neither can I, but I've wanted this for so long.'...'Who'd have thought it, all these weeks across from each other in traffic jams?'"

Infidel - by Isabelle Carruthers(10/04/00)
"This night spent with Stephan in his downtown apartment doesn't feel like sin, and it doesn't feel wrong. It just feels good, free of guilt, like eating an extra scoop of ice cream."

Cate's Eye View - by Jaie Helier(10/04/00)
"Within a moment, he withdrew from his lover and plunged his erect penis, deliciously wet with the girl's juices, into Cate's pulsating slit that she held open for him."

Susan - by Katherine Love (9/20/00)

"I feel her breath against my ear. 'I said I want you to take off your bra.' She steps away from me and I shiver. I don't move for a minute. I stare out into the audience, hearing their voices and imagining their eyes."
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica author

Blinded By The Light - by Stephen Dedman (9/13/00)
"She wore a short, tight black skirt that caught my imagination in a headlock and didn't let go until she was close enough that I could look up slightly."

Destinations - by Harry Tasker (9/06/00)
"And as the first surge of his seed splashes against her womb, her teeth rip into his flesh, tearing a deep, jagged wound, the hot blood surging into her mouth..."

Opening Ceremony - by Jean Roberta (8/30/00)

"'Do cocks turn you on?' she inquired coolly. 'Or couldn't you find a job doing something else? You really like earning money on your back, girl?'"
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica author

In Slumber - by Cindy Marshall (8/23/00)
"Perhaps she is having an erotic dream, because even in sleep she bends a little at the waist and pushes her ass back against him, trying to get him deeper inside."
Stones in the Creek - by Kate Brannigan (8/16/00)
"Aaron pressed the flesh of my lips open and pushed that stone between them, twisting and pushing it up in until it was swallowed."

The First Sign - by FireBird (8/9/00)
"She moved out of the shadows. The tiny cloth of her bright red string bikini just barely covered her full breasts. The bottom half was cut so close to her skin, it was almost invisible."

Blue ribbon Deathrocker, Sex Boy, and Fuck - by Thomas S. Roche (8/2/00)
"No one seems to know, in the stories they tell about Fuck, whether Fuck is a he-fuck or a she-fuck. But rumor has it that under that tight spandex Fuck harbors the yin and the yang, the princely pestle and the bearded clam, the pride and the prejudice...."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica author

Erotic Feast Labor Day - by Mat Twassel (7/26/00)
"'Love,' I said. 'Only that.' She smiled and closed her eyes and drew up her knees. She let me guide her legs apart. I took the cucumber from beside the bed and touched it to her inner thigh, one side then the other."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition
Erotic Feast Orange Peel - by Ann Davie (7/19/00)
"She imagined the soft flesh of his neck and belly giving way to her mouth. Her fingertips knew his skin, taut over his chest and thighs, would yield to her touch. She wondered what he would taste like, smell like. Each section she ate tasted less like an orange and more like him."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast Hungry - by Jamie Joy Gatto (7/19/00)
"When I'm with him, it's never enough. If I come I want to come again. If I see him, I want to see him again. When I'm near him, I want to be nearer. I want to be inside him when he is inside me. I want to have a cock so I can fill his holes with my appendage, fill him up with a part of me."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast Spaghettini Salad - by Laura Dee (7/12/00)
"Spaghettini hangs from your shaft, like tinsel on a Christmas tree, and I smile and look forward to the feast I'm about to enjoy. My tongue reaches out and wraps around the end of one of the long noodles and I slowly suck it into my mouth."
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

Erotic Feast The Lesson - by Debra Boxer (7/5//00)
"You tell me oysters are an aphrodisiac. I'm squirming long before you tell me this from the juice and the slickness and the folds and your hands -- one on the oyster, one on the knife -- ramming it into the black crack and twisting. How do I ask you to stop doing that? Or if you could take me home and do that to me?"
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

The Snow Demon - by Linda J. Dunn (6/28/00)
" He thrust one last time and the hills echoed with his scream. They landed, still locked together, in a snowbank."

One Night - by Daniel James Cabrillo (6/21/00)
"She remembers drinking more champagne. She remembers watching the young couple. She remembers admiring the boy's lean body lying on the girl, his tight round ass clenching as he pumped his fine young prick."

Blue ribbon Ropeburn - by Anne Tourney (6/7/00)
"With one graceful surge she lifted her body, cunt clinging as she rose, and whirled slowly in the pillar of sunbeam. The tips of her long, barley-blonde hair tickled the cleft of her buttocks, and my own skin tingled in sympathy. As I watched, she played games with the rope, made love to it, licking and caressing the cords."
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica author

Bahn - by Zoe Constantin (5/31/00)
"'Americans are ashamed of so much,' Kemal said. 'All day long, they scream sex, sex, sex. And yet, they are afraid when someone notices.' He ran his tongue over the lips of her sex."

Riptide - by Renee Carter Hall (5/24/00)
"The long tail lay half-curled against the sand, its glossy scales shimmering in the rippled sunlight. Its color ranged from light green to turquoise to emerald, ending in a translucent fin with delicate webbing, like the veins of a new leaf. The scales came to his waist and merged, almost seamlessly, with his skin."

When - by Gerard Houarner (5/17/00)
"'Don't like the boots?' she said, whirling around. She was over him, mashing the sole of a boot into his face before he could protect himself.'They're Marine boots. My boots. You will learn to love them as I love them. As a matter of fact, you will learn to love everything I love. Loving what I love will become the entire point of your existence.'"

Two Obsessions - by Daniel James Cabrillo (5/10/00)
"And here, I admit, I begin to have a problem. Yes, I want this man to fuck you. Yes, I all but planned it. Yes, I want you to experience this display of your own sexual power. Yes, I want to watch it all. But what I am watching is not happening exactly as I had expected it would."

Hands of a Slave - by Thomas Hsei (5/3/00)
"He covered Raul's mouth with his own, revelling in the rough texture of Raul's cheek and chin. His mouth was hot, teeth slick. Their tongues touched briefly, then, encouraged, delved deeper past one another's lips. Raul's mouth was not deep enough; Peter wanted to taste it all, feel the back of his master's throat with his own."

Submission - by Bethany Burke (4/26/00)
"She is standing in the corner. Her bottom is very red, hot and stinging."

Blue ribbon By the Winding Mere - by Catherine Lundoff (4/19/00)
"Soft her lips were against mine, as they were in my dream, and her tongue slid gently into my mouth, as I parted my legs to her questing thigh and hand."
Blue Ribbon Best Lesbian Erotica author

Woman Being Tongued to Orgasm While Reciting the Names of North American Capital Cities - by Mark Aster (4/12/00)
"Now her mouth opens in a long ecstatic gasp, and her head goes back. She leans backward, her body supported on her arms. 'Atlanta, Georgia.'"

Blue ribbon Do What You Love - by Susannah Indigo (4/5/00)
"'Lick Daddy's pussy, baby,' she said, and she was straddling me and riding my mouth and I was tasting her juices and she was hard and I was soft and she was completely in control of me and taking me down where all good Daddies take me."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica 2000 author

The Symbol for Intensity - by Allison Lonsdale (3/1/00)
"Fisting is a hell of a powerful symbol, though for years after I discovered it in the real world, it didn't become a part of my fantasy life."

Learning to Play Chess - by Isabelle Carruthers (3/8/00)
"I close my eyes to avoid his. I'm afraid he'll see that I'm in love. I'm afraid I'll see that he isn't."

Blue ribbon The Lady's Tutor - by Robin Schone (3/15/00)
"Lowering her gaze, Elizabeth studied the leather object nestled in a bed of red velvet. It was so shaped that not even a woman with her limited experience would mistake what it was fashioned after."
Blue Ribbon Excerpted from the bestseller

Night Train - by Zoe Constantin (3/22/00)
"At his touch, she moaned, almost collapsing with that immediate, electric touch. 'How can you do that?' she whispered. 'How can you know just how touch me?'"

Pig Heaven - by Jerry G. Erwin (2/2/00)
"She liked that. Me too. It was great, it was highly frictional, it was --- Snorting. Really loud. Oh, fuck. A goddamned pig in the house and it would only be a matter of time before it stuck its snout into the bedroom and right up my --"

Mid-Air - by Kate Trainor (2/9/00)
"Real names aren't important; there's too much baggage packed in your own name, all the nicknames, the insults, the endearments. Even so, we didn't use names much, not in that room where we met."

The Hairbrush - by Erica Napier (2/16/00)
"Her eyes would have been shut as she drew the brush through her long hair, soothing away the cares from the day. His hands would come suddenly to rest on her shoulders, warm and strong, and she would lean back against him, the brush slowing."

Emergency Room - by Kim Addonizio (2/16/00)
"He asks if I've been tied up before. I tell him yes, and he wants to know for how long."

Pique & Melissa... & Doc - by Daniel James Cabrillo (2/23/00)
"My husband and my best friend, fucking each other. Nothing ever made me hotter. Or happier."

Quiet - by Eleanor M. Brown (1/5/00)
"I shift again, the shiver of wetness, an actual drop, trickles down into my pantyhose, I pinch my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, nearly jumping at the pleasure-pain. And then there is a hand on my thigh and I really do jump."

Galette du Roi - by Paul Jensi (1/12/00)
"He enclosed the head with his pucker and, without releasing his legs, I knelt down to observe close up the sight of my husband sucking his own cock."

Face Dances - by Sephera Giron (1/19/00)
"Monica too was lost in ecstasy as she watched Dimitri suck Roger's blood in hungry gulps, his dick slamming into Roger's ass harder and harder."

Egyptian Massage - by Kazam (1/26/00)
"The type of massage, named after the poisonous Asp snake, involved the massaging of various herbal preparations into the skin. The base which was used to dissolve the herbal concoctions was, Christine told me without batting an eye, human sperm."


Troy - by Julia Peters (12/1/99)
"Troy is spread out beneath me, the bedsheets curled in a heap around him like a frame around a perfect photograph. The sheets were unmade when I got here and we're just going to keep unmaking them."

Milk - by Dawn Randolph (12/8/99)
"There isn't one damn thing maternal about it -- it is pure eroticism. My other breast began to protest its denial of his ravenous mouth by wetting the bed without any direct stimulation."

Sewing Forgetfulness - by Ursula Pflug (12/22/99)
"I had a sudden urge to climb up on stage with Ariel, bury my face in her satiny crotch, jealous of the sewing machine. Show them, it must be unheard of in a strip club, the second time in one day, real passion and not fake."

The Stroke of Twelve - Begun by the Clean Sheets Staff (12/29/99) . . . and finished by reader Roy Eldorado!
"The CleanSheets Millennium Reader Challenge!"

Blue ribbon Made in the Shade - by Debra Hyde (11/3/99)
"For one thing, he'd acquired a thing for public sex and he preferred doing it at Catholic or Catholic-looking places, thanks in part to the sisters of Saint Augustine's."
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica author

New House - by Daniel James Cabrillo (11/10/99)
" As the dress opens, she clamps her legs together and extends them straight out over the water and places her hands over her breasts, fingers apart, letting the pink nipples show through. I remain crouching and take more pictures."

Blue ribbon Exotic Hands - by Tara Alton (11/17/99)
"I loved hands. Anything to do with them. I had dozens of books on the mysteries of palmistry, and I owned handfuls of costume jewelry rings from antique stories."
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica 2000 author

Trilogy - by David Steinberg (11/24/99)
"Call me latex; call me bondage bag; call me, I suppose, python -- wrapping myself slowly and quietly around you and then tightening the enclosure with slow, continuous determination."

Blue ribbon Minal in Winter - by Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/6/99)
"She will blaze up like a goddess, she will strip off all her clothes and burst into flame and dance along the desktops, with a dozen arms spread wide and one on her breast and one between her thighs --"
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica author

Deep Vibrations - by Jaie Helier (10/13/99)
"Right now, though, I'm totally stumped for how to convert this tender caring to sex. Well, after all my own wife practically offered my services and, let's face it, the poor kid must be absolutely desperate to have pinched a vibrator belonging to Beth."

Blue ribbon On Legend's Wings - by Kristine Hawes (10/20/99)
"He leaned up, pulled off his robes and shirt; nothing seemed to stop the heat. Her hands moved over his body, stroking the flames within him."
Blue Ribbon Best Women's Erotica author

Blue ribbon The Beautiful Pizzle - by Bill Noble (10/27/99)
"As he reached the top of his leap, his penis -- his extraordinarily large, beautiful and uncircumcised penis -- arced up and out from his muscled thighs and slapped full-length against his belly. Its collision made a brief, succulent sound that only her ears heard."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica 2000 author

Tension - by Crykt (9/1/99)
"Chrissy, breathe. It's okay. I'm not 'like that' either, if that's what's scaring you. I'm not lesbian, and neither are you; I'm just as virginal as you are, so just take a few breaths and be cool. It's okay."

Women's Night Out -- Monique's Story - by Cindy Marshall (9/8/99)
"He entered the bedroom to find me lying beside his girlfriend on the bed. I had quietly and carefully snuggled up to her back, almost but not quite, touching her. She had on some tantalizing perfume and I buried my nose in her sweet smelling hair."

Our Reflection - by Lane Hakala (9/15/99)
"In the silvered glass, one hand slides up to the gold chain encircling my throat, idly twisting a finger in the little bit of slack. A nervous habit, but I don't worry about the chain coming loose. It was soldered around my neck four years ago...never to be removed."

Blue ribbon The Man Who Ate Women - by Damian Grace (9/22/99)
"I heard the rustling of clothing, and then the bed shifted sharply. Through the crack in the blindfold I could see she was wearing a short skirt which she had rolled up around her waist."
Blue RibbonStory selected for Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2001

Blue ribbon Expanding on an Idea - by Todd Belton (8/4/99)
"She likes my breasts because they're small. She says. I love her breasts because they're big."
Blue RibbonStory selected for Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2001

Best Served Cold - by Harry Tasker (8/11/99)
"As she watched the couple's lust build for the screen, a solitary tear spilled down her cheek, scarring her forever. She tried to reach for the camcorder, but her limbs ignored the jumbled signals."

Ogdee - by Kristine Jenkins (8/18/99)
"Everyone else goes home to happy houses with spouses, children or parents inside. I go home to my Internet buddies and my cat Joe. A far cry from living, breathing humans."

Shooting Romeo - by Willie Hewes (8/25/99)
"His eyes were half closed, but still looking at the camera, and then he opened his legs even more. It was driving me mad, but I kept talking to him, making my voice sound like I was going to come myself, which wasn't too far from the truth."

Two Lines, Red and White - by j.j. Daper (7/7/99)
"The first line was a deep red, running from the nape of her neck to her tailbone, a two fingered stripe applied under the approving gaze of her lover. Laura shivered and stretched slightly under my touch, and Rebecca chuckled to see her girlfriend's surprise at the coolness of the paint."

Lunch With Cathy - by Daniel James Cabrillo (7/21/99)
"'Too bad you can't do this, too,' she says, sucking the juices off the corn. She doesn't mean suck corn. She means jerk off under the table."

Three Desires - by Michael Hemmingson (7/28/99)
"He thought he'd never see anything as beautiful as this moment, in the semi-dark bathroom (the light was coming from the TV in the bedroom): Pauline opening her mouth, wide, receiving his stream of urine."

A Race for Maidens - by ennui (6/2/99)
"The stallion had his forelegs on top of the mare, who stood passively, trembling as the stallion tried to force his penis, massive, red and shiny with moisture into the opening beneath her flipping tail."

Tasting Butterscotch - by Mari Ness (6/16/99)
"My tongue moved in, trembling on her lips, then caressing them, taking every drop of butterscotch liqueor, until finally I could taste no more, and slowly, eyes closed, withdrew..."

For My Benefit - by David Steinberg (6/23/99)
"Your eyes are wide, almost pained, deliciously lost. 'I don't want you to come until I give you permission. Do you understand?'"

Blue ribbon At the Wane of the Moon - by Bill Noble (6/30/99)
"'It's such a warm night. I came down by Jason's. I...I watched Jason and Bianca make love. I sat on the hill for a long time, watching them.' . . .'The grandchildren?' His eyes fluttered open again."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica 2000 author
Mature Adults Only! The Sizzling Seniors Extra Edition.

An Unexpected Encounter - by Shivaji Sengupta (6/30/99)
"Mona, at sixty, was still very young looking. Somewhere in that quiet personality was a hidden sexual appeal, a lust that she was probably not aware of herself."
Mature Adults Only! The Sizzling Seniors Extra Edition.

Lessons - by Adhara Law (5/5/99)
"I reached behind, grabbed the silk scarves, and began tying his hands behind him. I had never realized before that the ladder-back chairs I owned would serve such a purpose; they were perfect."

Standing Up For Ice Cubes - by Joe Murphy (5/12/99)
"Her nipples hardened, crinkling up even as he watched. The glow reached out with the thinnest mist imaginable, caressing her skin, swirling around taut breasts, coiling down between her legs."

At the Movies - by Jan Bailey (5/19/99)
"I couldn't very well ask for another napkin with all that cum and a dick in my mouth so, being very ladylike, I demurely swallowed everything that wasn't pure cock."

Carmina Burana - by Shiloh Foster (5/26/99)
"Rachel's pale beauty and dark hair was only enhanced by the blindfold, which served the same purpose as the blinders on a horse. It kept her vision focused on the will of her master..."

April Fool Gwendolyn Splits a Fingernail - by Schone Lakens (4/1/99)
"She leaned close to his ear and purred, 'Now it's time for creme!'"
April The April 1st Extra Edition

Cocoa - by Charles Anders (4/7/99)
"He ran the brush along the underside of my penis. It beat a light tattoo on every nerve ending. I was already crazed with sensation when the ring and clamps started up again. The ecstatic wail I heard didn't sound like my voice."

Kolymbythres - by Simon Hasleton (4/14/99)
"A path winds from the village to the taverna, where it divides the 'family' beach to the left, the beach of the shameless visitors to the right."

Our South Pacific - by Daniel James Cabrillo (4/21/99)
"And why shouldn't she bare them? Pique's breasts are without question her most nearly perfect physical feature; they are to her what eyes were to Audrey Hepburn, what skin and smile were to Ingrid Bergman."

Trust - by Mary Maxwell (3/10/99)
"'I like knives,' she said. She cast off the sheet and sat up suddenly, turning so that she faced him. She was naked, sitting Indian style on the rumpled sheets. 'That's all. I like knives.'"

Blue ribbon Rocker Bruce - by Bob Vickery (3/17/99)
"Joe looks at me in mock shock. 'Jesus, Mike!' he says. 'We got a couple of live ones tonight!' They all laugh, and I force myself to join in. My heart's beating like a goddamn piston."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica 2000 author

The Salon - by jj Daper (3/24/99)
"I feel the touch of cold steel on my hip and hear the snip of scissors. I pull away reflexively anxious. Again, the touch of steel and snip of scissors, this time on the other side, and my underwear are pulled out from under me."

Pandora's Box - by Adhara Law (2/3/99)
"Pandora likes her lipstick the shade and depth of freshly drawn blood. She applies it slowly, first along the bottom lip, then methodically layering the heart-shaped peaks on top."

Blue ribbon Maryann - by Marc Levy (2/10/99)
" was one thing to sit in the company of this older woman, quite another to...still, she had well-proportioned, near Venus de Milo breasts. And it had been so fucking long."
Blue RibbonStory selected for Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2000

The Oblivion Seekers - by Shiloh Foster (2/17/99)
"Once she was naked, her body glistening with sweat and perfumed with the smoke of the room and the dust blown in through the curtain-covered windows, she turned to face one of the poles which supported the roof and the men began to tie her hands above her head."

Blue ribbon Big Hungry Woman - by Bill Noble (2/24/99)
"She barreled along the beach like a locomotive, the imprints of her feet stretched far back along the edge of the Pacific. Matt couldn't take his eyes off her."
Blue RibbonStory selected for Susie Bright's Best American Erotica 2000

Blue ribbon Isle of the Dead - by Thomas S. Roche (1/19/99)
"Tight black rubber dress, laced up the front, strapped down in back. Tight across the crotch, not quite showing what everyone wants to see. So short that you'd almost think you could get a glimpse of her cock if she had one, which is what keeps everyone wondering."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica author
Blue ribbon Lip Service (an excerpt) - by M.J. Rose (1/6/99)
"I was still overwhelmed by the bluntness of what I had to say. Not just the flat out words like 'cunt' and 'cock' and 'fuck,' but having to describe what it felt like to have a man inside me, to have him touch me and turn me on."
Blue Ribbon Excerpted from the bestseller


Slowly, Languorously - by Mykle Hansen (12/2/98)
"You slide seductively farther away on the tan print sofa, shuddering slightly as you do the clasp on your brassiere, slide into your dress, your boots, your galoshes."

Cafe of the Joyous Women - by Mary Maxwell (12/9/98)
"Jennifer was finding it difficult to speak. She knew she should stop this, but she said nothing as Maria's fingers delicately caressed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh just above the stocking's edge"

Midsummer Night's Interlude - by Gerard Houarner (12/16/98)
"He had become a thing of mere flesh and bone, raw desire and clouded thoughts."

Triptych - by Diane Kepler (11/04/98)
"Jacyntha starred in a sepia-toned film that I directed. It began with her, naked, on a brass bed draped in white."

Blue ribbon Driver - by Bob Vickery (11/11/98)
"Pull out your cock, Lloyd. Let me see it. Since we're negotiating a deal, I want to check out the merchandise first."
Blue Ribbon Best American Erotica author

My Young Painter - by Lores Steblur (11/18/98)
"After every class I'd get weird ideas about following you home, like some lost puppy. It seemed like a safe fantasy. I guess that proves what they say about how you should be careful what you wish for."

Repentance - by Elf Sternberg (11/25/98)
"'It is bodies like yours that drove the Grigori mad,' he chuckled as he touched her skin. Her red flesh glistened with suggestions that, truthfully, had tempted many angels over the years past."

Blowjob Triumphant - by Daniel James Cabrillo (10/7/98)
"I meet Lorna while I'm waiting for a marriage to fail. . . . Lorna is perfect for waiting."

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