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Aids Memorial Quilt

Angels in America: On World AIDS Day - Susannah Indigo (12/01/03)

Read an update on what's happening around the world, and how thousands are honoring the day.

San Francisco from Porn to Poetry - Bill Noble (11/18/03)
"At one point, the narrator, in a frenzy of gluttonous foreplay, dresses his lover's cock as a submarine sandwich."

Thirty Thousand Days - Susannah Indigo (10/29/03)
"Personally, I'd like to think that somewhere around day 30,001 we all get evaluated on just the basic things -- how many days did we really listen? How many hugs and kisses and gentle caresses did we squeeze in? Hours of kindness? Moments of passion? Or maybe it will all come down to just how many really good dirty stories we read...."

Keeping Watch: Twenty Years Later - by Susannah Indigo (12/01/01)
The theme for World AIDS Day this year is "I Care, Do You?" I don't doubt for a minute that every single Clean Sheets reader cares. The question then is, what can you do?

Love Is Not a Pie - by Susannah Indigo (07/04/01)
"I do believe it's always good practice to say I love you to yourself right after you masturbate."

Props and Crops - by Nola Summers (06/06/01)
"I do remember very early on in our relationship, watching him walk up the driveway from his car. He was carrying a plastic bag, and I thought, how nice, he's brought me a gift, the wrapping sucks, but still, it's the thought that counts. Inside were four neckties. The look on my face was question enough. 'They're old ones,' he said. 'So you can tie me up.'"

Raindrops on Roses and Whisking the Kitten - by Susannah Indigo (05/02/01)
"Has there ever been a more pleasurable and useful celebration invented? -- no gifts, no feasts, no flowers to be sent -- just sex and more sex."

Pssst...Wanna Write a Dirty Story? - by Bill Noble and Isabelle Carruthers (04/11/01)
"Bring your libido into the light. Send us a story! Clean Sheets is open again for fiction submissions."

April Fooling Around - by Ruby West (04/01/01)
"Beefcake takes on a whole new meaning when you serve your meatloaf in the shape of a cock and balls. Smother it with gravy, and don't forget to lick the plate."

Somewhere I have never travelled Somewhere I Have Never Travelled - by Susannah Indigo (02/07/01)
"The high is continued, and the sex is other-worldly, and there is a soulful, ecstatic, pleasure zone that I have entered that is not on anybody's list of things to do before they die, but should be the first, middle and last item in every single life as we travel through our days, welcoming the erotic, the exotic, the ordinary, and the incredible realm of the unknown."
Somewhere I have never travelled From the Travel Edition

So Are Erotica and Porn the Same Thing, or What? - by Gary Meyer (03/07/01)
"We could impose a hard and fast limit, just like Mayor Giuliani does in New York City with the porn shops: only forty percent of their merchandise can be sex-oriented unless they want to be subject to zoning restrictions that generously allow them to relocate next to a sewage treatment plant in outer Queens."

The Best American Erotica 2001 - Press release (01/17/01)
"Clean Sheets Magazine is honored to announce that three of our published stories have been included in Susie Bright's The Best American Erotica 2001 anthology."

The Future of Sex - by William Dean (01/03/01)
"The future of sex lies in your mind as deeply as it does on your skin, in your nerves, in those machines."

Dance Naked - by Susannah Indigo (12/21/00)
"Dance by yourself, with a lover, with friends, with the cordless phone to your ear laughing with someone long-distance, with your cat, maybe even with those racy reindeer."

What's Abstinence Got To Do With It? - by Jeff Beresford-Howe (12/01/00)
"What we care about is our kids, and the kids around them. We want our kids not to fuck. Not to fuck anyone from the opposite sex..."

The Simple Road To Ignorance - by Jaie Helier (12/06/00)
"I live in Australia -- land of sun-bronzed bodies, golden beaches, helping your mates and a fair go for all. So why write about censorship? Surely, in a healthy country like this, there's nothing to censor."

An Erotic Compass - by Gwydion McCarthy(11/01/00)
"So, there I am, thinking about what the bank teller would look like if she were bent, naked, over the marble counter (her nipples cold on the stone), and I'm smiling..."

Two Years of the Clean Sheets Mosaic - by Brian Peters and Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/04/00)
"This anniversary we present, as we did a year ago, a month long thank you to our readers in the form of short stories, poems, and non-fiction by our versatile Clean Sheets staff."

I BELIEVE: The Art of Sex & Storytelling in the City - by Susannah Indigo (9/6/00)
"Which brings me to Sex And The City. Yes, you know, that wildly popular show on HBO, the one with the babes in the fine clothes, the babes with professional careers who are completely neurotic and desperately seeking Mr. Right, while fucking their brains out and constantly wondering if they can 'have it all.'"

Erotic Feast BETTER THAN SEX: The Erotic Feast of Summer - by Susannah Indigo (7/5/00)
"And then I have my personal girl-slut standard: if Antonio Banderas or Susan Sarandon walked into my life and asked me to go to bed with them right that instant and I had to choose, which would I prefer, my better than sex moment, or mad lust with one of them?"
Erotic Feast From the Erotic Feast Edition

I Have a Colleague in Need... by Debra Hyde (5/3/00)
"Teens are hungry for sexual information and, in educating my own kids, I know they encounter a lot of misinformation and guesswork about sex before they get to the truth. Today, that's downright dangerous. So I'm glad there's site like Scarleteen out there."

Slim's Cellar and Susie's Boobs: Launching The Best American Erotica 2000 Bill Noble (3/1/00)
"As the evening wore on, the cloak fell farther and farther off her shoulders. If Susie's boobs had announced they were running for president that night, they would have swept the California primary."

Touch-Starved Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/6/99)
"I am touch-starved these days."

Got the Valentine's Day Blues? - by Mary Anne Mohanraj (2/10/99)

Behind the Scenes - by Mary Anne Mohanraj (1/12/99)
"Frankly, I'll be happy to relegate sex to where it belongs -- a pleasant, interesting part of most people's lives. Not the focus of their days and nights; just an important component"

Clean Sheets - by Mary Anne Mohanraj (10/7/98)
"Clean sheets. Fresh from the laundry, warm and dark and soft, piled on your bed, spread out ready for making."